High Council of Orion: Energies and Chaos are Increasing Across Planet Earth

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan

May 30, 2012


Welcome dear ones, we come to guide and support at a time when the energies across planet earth now begin to increase. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to explain in order that you are able to move through the unfolding of these energies with grace and calmness. The new world is being born around you and through you and it is this new world that asks for the new energies.

We are aware of many of you who are now in a state of what is termed “chaos”, this chaos is necessary dear ones to take you out of patterns that have enslaved and contained you during this your life experience.

The chaos will continue and we guide for you to look beneath the apparent chaos, it is chaos that is the forerunner to new experiences and new ways of BEing. We guide for ALL to see the chaos for what it is and to become the observers to the chaos that begins to manifest within your human life experience.

There are many realms and races who are now guiding through channels on planet earth and we guide for you to process the words through the heart. There are those who claim to be of the light who are but attempting to wrap the light around their words, we guide for ALL to be aware of this and process the words. As the energies begin to heighten then those skills and natural abilities that you have been denied in this life experience will begin to return to you.

We have guided previously on the ability that ALL humans have for telepathy and connection to ALL that IS. These skills will now increase dramatically. For many of you this may be a trying time as you realise that you are more than able to “read” anothers mind and their intentions without them having to say a word. This ability is needed for the new earth is founded upon the LOVE that IS, the ability to move in the LOVE that IS calls for a purity of heart that is not available to those who have a closed heart.

The closed heart and lower vibration of those who walk with those whos intention was to contain and suppress the human race will be the indicator needed for their decision to remain firmly fixed in the 3D world that was created for them. The abilities that we guide to you will increase but as they increase we warrant caution, it is entirely possible that those who are of closed heart are able to wrap light around themselves to APPEAR of the light initially. Until you have honed the skills of telepathy then we ask humbly for YOU to continue to process the actions of those around you and their words through the heart.

The heart KNOWS TRUTH.

It will start to become increasingly obvious to those who are ready to move to the new vibration the intentions of those who have chosen the 3D life and all that was made for it. The ability to withdraw from the rituals of this 3D life will increase as the skills that you have a human BEing return to you.

It is to be noted that these skills are affected by what is consumed by the human vehicle. It is no coincidence that certain foodstuffs and fluids are promoted as “healthy” on planet earth when their vibration causes a lowering of the energy signature and vibration. The symptoms associated with this dramatic lowering of vibration will begin to show for the distortion that they are in TRUTH. We guide for ALL to become aware of what they consume and the physical and emotional effects of those foodstuffs. As you become more and more sensitive and return to the natural state of BEing these foodstuffs will be tolerated less and less and will become very difficult to ingest at all.

Once more dear ones we guide that the helm of this boat that you sail through the human life journey is governed by SELF. Bow to no one and do not allow others to sway you into beliefs or ways of BEing that no longer resonate. As the old world dissolves the last attempts of those energies will be to pull those who are not aware back down in vibration. The resulting symptoms should be enough to highlight what is happening but many who are in the chaos and the anxieties that may arise during this transition period may be at a loss to fully comprehend what is happening.

This is but a transitionary stage, this stage is the blending of ALL energies and the harmonisation of your energy system with the realms and races around you. For those who are connected deeply already it will be akin to an upgrade for others who have not embraced the concept of “other life” then the transition stage may be more of a challenge. We ask for those who can hold the space for them to do so. The briefings around this have gone out across the world and various contact has been made.

The human race is now coming together as the family that it is in TRUTH. There will be periods of adjustment to this new vibration and as the vibration heightens then more will be revealed to the world in general. It serves no one for an “overnight” reveal of all that has been kept from the human race. The resulting shock would lower the very energy signatures you work hard to raise and to stabilise.

We ask for you to be in FAITH and TRUST of SELF. For the SOUL has made the decision whether or not to move to the new earth vibration. All of this dear ones is on an energetic level, all has been chosen and all is perfect. We guide for you to be wary of the channels who state that a physical shift to a new planet is on offer. This is done to lower human vibration as the anxiety of “leaving” loved ones comes to the fore.

We guide for ALL to be in TRUST of SELF, why would you choose to come to a timeline and dimension to abandon those who you love? Why would you choose to come to a planet in human form if not to harmonise that human form with all other forms? We ask these questions to help the process that is starting within you. For you are in control of this at all times, it is what you dream dear ones that is creating the new world. We ask for you to dream in technicolour and open your heart to that which sings within. Only by following the song that resides in your heart will you reach the new earth for it is born for the new dream.

We will guide as requested and we will guide across the planet. Our channel is but one of many channels that we guide through. Know this ability will increase across the planet and the need for channelling as it is termed will lessen as TRUTH is revealed across the planet. The human consciousness increases dear ones, as it increases then more and more will be remembered by the SOULs who have incarnated to help move the human race to where they will BE.

This is an exciting time to be on planet earth, this level of consciousness has never been reached in human form in any other timeline and dimension. Instead of allowing the anxiety to gain root within you we ask that you pour the LOVE that IS through you, that you realise the amazing experiences that you are creating from your heart and that you will create from your heart.

The birth of the new is now dear ones, we ask for you to embrace the new energies and allow them to fully flow through you, cleansing the veils of distortion to allow a clarity of vision never before fully experienced. More will be revealed across the planet as the days go on and more and more will reveal itself as you move fully into the heart.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are with you as you now move back to you. We ask that you have LOVE and compassion for ALL as you begin this harmonisation process. Welcome home dear ones for ALL ARE ONE.

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