Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 144

By Aisha North

As we have discussed earlier, now the time for acceleration has come. Many of you have already felt this very strongly in your physical body, and we can agree with those of you attesting to the fact that this can not in any way be likened to anything you have experienced before. And rightly so, as this quickening of the pulse is something that will have many manifestations, not only in your physical body, but also in everything you have around you. And we refer both to the seen and the unseen realms here, as this magnificent new tune as it were, is playing out in all the harmonics, and therefore it touches to the core of everything. At first, not much will be apparent of all of this, but after a while, everything will become attuned, or rather entrained, and as such, much will start to work, or sing, together. This will have many, many beneficial effects, but remember that some things may look less beneficial than what they really are.

Let us explain. You might not be aware that different frequencies can work together in different ways. Some are very compatible, whilst others seem to be very disruptive, and when you bring them together, disharmony ensues, and the result can be very dramatic. It is like the collision of different wavelengths, much like the chaotic pattern that appears whenever waves of different sizes meet in the ocean. A slow, steady rhythm will be disrupted by a crossing pattern of faster and shorter waves, and then everything will be thrown out of sync until it merges into a harmonious pattern yet again. So too will it be like on your planet in this upcoming period.

Not only you, but all that exists here, indeed the planet herself, have been undulating to their own steady rhythm for eons, but now, thanks to these new, incoming and ”disruptive” energies, this pattern will be broken, and a period of chaos will erupt before everything settles into the new –  and may we just say healthier – pattern for you all. You have alrady felt the effects from this on your body as we mentioned earlier, and it will in may ways be a somewhat confusing and mayhaps unsettling feeling. This will also affect your emotional body, as everything is so closely linked you cannot separate one process from the other. Therefore, you will in many ways feel like you are floundering in the crosscurrent of intersecting waves at the moment, and it will be like you are being tossed and turned about without any seeming forward motion. Just like flotsamt bobbing about in the wake of passing crafts, you will be feeling like you are being tossed around with no sense of direction, and this will indeed be very unsettling to most of you. Just remember dear ones, even if you cannot feel any sense of direction at the moment, there is a strong surge of current pushing you in the right direction, and soon, you will all be able to feel this slow and steady push onwards and forwards.

So do not lose faith in yourself or this process, and keep in mind the fact that you are only being swept up in this maelstrom of cross currents, and that it is in fact the best place to be. After all, you all want change, and this feeling of discombobulation is a clear signal that change is not only imminent, it is already starting to take place.

And if you feel more than a little bit unsettled by this process, do not forget that the rest of the world will be reeling even more by the impact of these new powerful waves, pushing against that old and staid rhythm you have all been so mesmerized by as to almost fall asleep at the wheel. As we stated earlier, the time has come to switch off the auto pilot and take a firm grip on the steering wheel. Otherwise, you might get more than a little bit floundered by the effects of these great waves of energy that will literally blast their way through the wall of unchanging swell that has been pushing you all in the wrong direction for such a long time. And just as hardened sailors, trust that your vessel is more than capable of weathering out any storm that comes in your way, so long as you do not lose your head and do silly things like falling into fear. Then, you might be tempted to try to outrun the storm and keep doggedly going in the same direction as before. That would not be advisable, as your vessel will be far more adept it if can be allowed to ride out the storm by bowing to the wind instead of trying to fight against it. That way, you will be spared the risk of capsizing, and when the skies finally clear again, you will see that although you might have suffered a small tear in the rigging, you will still be able to complete the journey.

The situation will be different indeed for those literally turning a blind eye to the storm, refusing to give any leeway to the thought that a change of course might be more prudent. They will literally be blown out of the water, as their vessel is not sturdy enough by far to outmaneuver these winds of change. So batten down the hatches dear ones, you are about to witness the biggest waves ever hitting your shores. You are made of strong stuff, and you are smart enough to know that keepimg up with the old guard and disregarding the signals coming in will only spell disaster. You will all manage to keep afloat, at least as long as you do not let any of the old drag you down. You have already jettisoned sufficient amounts of unnecessary cargo so you will be well equipped to keep a well balanced buoyancy in these churning waters. Others will not be as lucky, as they have stocked their vessel with too much plundered goods. Well, let us just say that they will certainly pay a hefty price for their riches, and the more greedy they have been, the faster their topheavy ships will be sunk by the onslaugth of these stormheavy seas.

Do not fear the winds of change dear ones, even if they might make a mighty roar when they come crashing in. You will not be caught unawares as so many others, and we think you will all give out shouts of joy when you feel the first gusts of wind whipping in your face.

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