Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 143

By Aisha North

Today we would like to delve a bit further into the ongoing changes. Although they on the surface may not be as visible as some of you wish, rest assured that this world has indeed taken a giant leap towards a new tomorrow. Let us explain. These last days have seen a heightened activity in the influx of energy being beamed onto your planet, and we wager that for most of you, this has taken the shape of additional physical symptoms such as bodily pains, distrupted sleeping patterns and mayhaps a heightened feeling of urge, like you cannot just sit down and relax no matter how tired your body feels. And just like you, the rest of this planet has become almost compelled to keep moving. Nothing can be allowed to rest passive and inert now, as the time for shaking loose in more ways than one has arrived.

For many, this may show itself in an urgency to shift things around, either in a physical sense like moving furniture around and rearranging you surroundings, by doing extra exercises such as running or other strenuous activites, or by breaking up old patterns such as the place you reside, changing your work or maybe even your partner. You see, everything is being pushed about so much more now that these new energies have come in and stated their presence, and as such, nothing will be left untouched by these ”interrupters”, if we may use such a word. So if you take some time to ponder this, you might be better able to see the consequences of this, not only in your life, but also in the world around you.

Remember, this means that you can not any longer take anything for granted, so do not be surprised if something strange and unexpected should happen. Because believe us, it will. Everything is under scrutiny now, as all of the old contracts have been declared null and void. So take a good look around you, because what you see around you today may not be the same that you see around you tomorrow, and we mean that both on the personal plane but also on the global one. No one will be allowed to just keep going in the same old rut, and people will be pushed about in all sorts of directions.

This will have many interesting consequences of course, as there is nothing that man fears more than having to change anything in their lives, whether they are an elected politician, a surgeon or a regular citizen just going about their daily lives. But now, everyone will be facing changes in their lives, whether they are big or small, they will be a constant companion to you all in this upcoming period. Again, you cannot take anything for granted any more, and you can no longer navigate by using your auto pilot as it were. In other words, everything you have in your life will be taken up for review, and you will find yourselves navigating in a much more meticulous manner from now on. You simply can not just do it on reflex as before, as that option is no longer available. Not to you, nor to any other, so be prepared to see some interesting about-faces in the time ahead, as now the steering wheel needs to be gripped firmly by you all in order to assert control in every aspect in your life. No more just sailing along in the same old rut. It is time for everyone to wake up and see where they are going, as going blindly ahead is no longer allowed.

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