Saul: Emotions Sweep Through You, Over Which it Seems You Have No Control at All

Saul via John Smallman

As the moment for humanity’s awakening moves ever closer, you are all finding yourselves dealing with “stuff” or “issues” that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time. It can be quite a shock when something arises that you thought you had dealt with years ago.

Do not be alarmed; the ego is a master of disguise and deception, and to protect itself it hides from you fears and doubts that if adequately addressed by you would loosen its hold on you. It wants to remain in control and have you react emotionally when your buttons are pushed, and so it attempts to convince you that you have dealt with something which if you did deal with it would weaken its hold on you, and so it buries it deep in the unawareness of your subconscious mind where it will fester until it demands your attention, encouraging you to find and release it.

Part of your reason for being human is to deal with and learn the lessons that the illusion provides. No one on Earth is without “stuff” that prevents him from being totally loving, however saintly he may appear to be, and for awakening to occur this has to be dealt with and released. Previously, this could be done at leisure, when you felt moved by situations or events in your lives to address and release issues that were troubling you.

Now, however, the push is on to release any remaining stuff, hidden and seemingly inaccessible, that is in any way unloving, judgmental, blaming, projecting, or non-accepting, and that continues to anchor you in the illusion.

For awakening to occur, you must release this stuff. Sometimes it seems to you that it has nothing at all to do with you, as it rises up into your awareness with a sudden and intense impact. “What is this?” you ask yourselves in amazement, as emotions sweep through you in disordered confusion — emotions over which it seems you have no control at all.

Relax. Release your need to understand what is happening, and watch as these issues play themselves out as they pass through your minds and bodies. You do not need to do anything; in fact, if you do do something they will just take longer to pass through you on their way to their dissolution into nothingness.

The mass collective consciousness that you all share has vast numbers of issues that have to be released before your awakening, and each one of you has chosen to work with some of them to ensure that they are all are released in good time to enable the awakening to happen. Consequently, many of the issues and situations that you are experiencing are from an indeterminate source, which is why they seem so strange and unrelated to you. They are just part of the great release that humanity is involved in and allowing, so that the present Earth cycle may come to completion.

The New Age will be completely new and so, all the issues, doubts, conflicts, and self-serving agendas that have plagued the illusory environment in which you have been experiencing your existence, need to be dissolved back into the nothingness from which you brought them forth. This release and dissolution is proceeding apace because you have all agreed to play your essential parts, and the fact that in your severely limited present state of consciousness it seems to make no sense to you is of no consequence.

You are all following paths to awakening, and if it is your intent to awaken – and that is the case with the vast majority of humanity – then nothing will prevent you from doing so. Your rate of progress along these paths is continuing to accelerate as you become increasingly aware of the need to release all attitudes and behaviors that exclude unconditional love for all beings, knowing, as you most definitely do, that all are divine children of God, infinitely loved by Him, and that they are therefore one with each of you.

There is no separation, and finally this is dawning on you consciously, enabling you to offer love to all indiscriminately. And this is the key to your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul

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