Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 141

By Aisha North

Let us begin this missive by commending you all for a job well done. You have no idea how important the events you have just been through were, but we wager that for many of you, today will seem to be a brand new day in more ways than one. You see, this last tuning have installed a new frequency in you all, and you are now playing a very different tune from the one you were able to produce only yesterday. So cudos to you all, you have indeed successfully installed a whole new ”driver”, if we could use a word you might be familiar with from your computer world. You see, now the old system that used to govern all aspects of not only you, but the world around you, have been overwritten, or rather, erased, and as such you have finally garnered the freedom you have been waiting for.

As usual, on the outside, much will look the same, but on the inside, everything will feel so much lighter, and we mean that in every aspect of the word. And as usual, your physical body might have a hard time adapting to this new frequency, but very soon, that too will fall into step with the rest of your being, and you will feel just how much lighter you have become. At the same time, you will feel so much more substantial, as the strength that has been buried deep inside of you now finally can rise to the surface yet again, and you will be able to face the real you after such a long separation. This may introduce itself to you in many different ways, but we think you will all have some sort of interesting ”conversation” with your inner self in the days ahead.

That is all we have for you today, dear ones. Take some time to thank yourselves for the hard work you have just accomplished, and know that you have not only managed to liberate yourselves, but also your beautiful planet. Even if your eyes cannot yet see the full scope of the effect this new frequency will have on you all, rest assured that the time for mismanagement and fear has now been relegated to the past.

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