Annular Solar Eclipse/New Moon – May 2012

By Patricia Liles

Dear Friends
New Moon and solar eclipse are not until Sunday, May 20th, but I’m sending this out a little early for a variety of reasons.  I hope you can take advantage of this alignment to relax, release and realign your intentions with Spirit.  Lift your heart to the Sun and reaffirm your path for the next cycle.
Peace and blessings to all

Sun and Moon in Gemini 0º

Sunday, May 20, 2012 4:48PM Pacific Daylight Time/11:48 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Get ready for Shift Time! The cosmic energy is creating some major energy portals now until the end of June.  We’ve been enjoying the grounded comforts provided by a Grand Trine in Earth signs this spring (Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus, and Mars in Virgo) getting things accomplished on our material-world list.  But that restful time is history.  All things Gemini are going to see a major emphasis.  On Sunday, May 20th (8:15 AM PDT) the Sun is shifting to Gemini followed by the Moon’s movement into Gemini just hours later; then the Sun and Moon conjunct for New Moon and minutes later we have the annular solar eclipse visible in South Asia, the Pacific, and North America (No. Calif. towards New Mexico and panhandle Texas is the center path).  This is the first eclipse visible in the USA in 18 years/ten years until the next one.  Two weeks later we have the paired Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius (June 4) and the next day the Transit of Venus in Gemini.  And let’s not forget the transiting Nodes are in Gemini/Sagittarius reminding us that our evolutionary goals have been along that Gemini/Sagittarius continuum since last March 2011.  Did I mention Jupiter moves to Gemini on June 11 for a year or so? That’s a whole lot of Gemini!


A solar eclipse is always at New Moon, and it occurs when the Moon, of perfect size and distance, passes between the Sun and us here on Earth and blocks out the rays of our Sun.  Almost every indigenous culture honors and worships the Sun our source of life-light, heat, energy.  The very electro-magnetics of our Earth and our bodies are connected to the Sun, so when there is an interruption of that communication flow with an eclipse situation, a brief opportunity for a reset of our entire system is experienced.  Upgrades take place, frequencies shift, the past is easily shed; we can step rapidly through to the other side newly unencumbered.  A completion and a new beginning simultaneously unfold.


Gemini is an air sign, mutable and ruled by the messenger planet, Mercury.  Together their energies are masculine, mental, objective, quick, perceptive.  Gemini wants to communicate, inform, make connections, network.  It rules thinking, speaking, writing, listening, your intelligent mind, language, learning and reason. Gemini’s symbol is ‘the Twins’ – duality.  It rules the organs of perception-our senses and all paired parts of the body, the eyes, the ears, nose, the respiratory system-the lungs and the breath, the shoulders, arms and hands.  It rules the central nervous system and all the connectivity that takes place there.  Mercury-ruled Gemini rules our perceptions.  Our senses bring us information about the world we experience; our perceptions help us organize it.  Our perceptions constantly shift, change, adapt.  We learn a new word, have a new experience, drink a little alcohol, – AND SUDDENLY everything changes – our perceptions shift –the invisible that was always present becomes visible.


That’s what we can look forward to with the eclipse in 0º Gemini.  It’s a time of new beginning.  Energy can shift on a dime.  With the right use of intention, we can make good use of this portal for perceptual shift to take place in our old ways of thinking – about our self, our world, the past, the future.  Let’s keep in mind that this eclipse at 0º Gemini is aligned with the Pleiades star system that source of ancient wisdom with which many of the most powerful temples on the planet are aligned.  (the Pyramids at Giza, Teotihuacán, Tikal, Palenque, Stonehenge, the Parthenon, …have we built anything lately?)  Put yourself in a powerful place, get quiet, empty, and centered and avail yourself to some of the most focused energy of the times.


Our Gemini thinking/communication systems are being further upgraded to realize the direct link between our thoughts and our creations.  We break free of old thought forms and our old story by greater awareness of our own spiritual connections and by taking the longer, big-picture, philosophical view that opposite sign Sagittarius provides.  You cultural creatives who have been consciously accessing the quantum field in your lives for some time may feel great joy at the quick magic at your mental fingertips.


Gemini has a tendency to speed things up because it becomes easily restless.  The less appealing side of this airy, shape shifter/trickster brings impatient, scattered, nervous energy to the forefront.  Sometimes its inquisitive, talkative presence gets a little tiresome as it seeks stimulation for stimulation sake.  Watch for increased anxiety.  At least Mercury isn’t retrograde (until July 14) and is still in an Earth sign until May 24th when it moves into – you guessed it – Gemini!  What would it be like if our minds just went blank and we started all over?


The Sun and Moon at 0º Gemini are riding with the South Node 5º.  South Node represents what we have brought forward from the past to resolve and complete in this lifetime because we are ready.  The luminaries, Sun/Moon are turning the spotlight on the issues of how we think and use our minds to keep the old hurts and stories roiling in our heads.  A strong square from Neptune (through August) points to our addictions and says, ‘Enough!’  Yes, we may have been through some tough collective lifetimes through the age of Pisces, but the Age of the Martyr has had its day, and we need to forgive and release those experiences collectively.  The masculine played an important role in the dance of the patriarchy and it needs now to be healed and brought into balance in all of us.  Embracing spiritual practice and focusing one’s creative intelligence (same thing) couldn’t be more important at this time.  It’s a time of the West on the medicine wheel where we need to let go and dream a new dream.  Lift your hearts to the Sun on this powerful eclipse and expand your relationship to All That Is.


06/04 Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini – SuperMoon-Eclipse 4:13 AM PDT

06/05 Transit of Venus, paired with Transit of June 2004

06/11 Jupiter enters Gemini

06/19 New Moon Gemini 28º 8:02 AM PDT

06/24 Uranus Square Pluto 8º- first exact square of seven, two a year until spring 2015


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