Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 139

By Aisha North

Let us just start todays missive off by saying that we are indeed very proud of your accomplishments dear ones. You have managed to take it all in your stride, and we do applaud you for your never ending efforts. This is a mighty undertaking indeed, and even if you yourselves cannot yet see the end of it, we do, and that is a beautiful sight indeed. Yes, it is a sight, not a mere apparation, as in so many ways the end product is already manifest. You see, we operate on simultaneous timelines, therefore we can see what you can not. And what we see gives more than reason to rejoice. As some of you might be aware of, multiple timelines means multiple choices, and you have, by your actions, chosen well. You have chosen the brightest of them all, and that will be apparent to you all in a not too distant future. This might sound complicated, but for those of you with some knowledge of quantum theory, you know that you inhabit a world where every second, every decision you make send you off in a new direction. You are literally swimming in a sea of possibilities, and now, enough of you have made a conscious decision to choose at the lighter end of the scale to make that option feasible once more on your planet.

For a long time, humanity has chosen the darker end of the spectrum, hence the fear based civilization you have all created. But now, you have tipped the scale in favour of an alternative world view, and as this is what you have chosen in your hearts, this is what you will get. So, endless possiblities and endless choices have been narrowed into two: either to stay on in the version created by old minds, or stepping into the new one you have chosen for yourselves. You made a wise choice dear ones, and you will certainly more than reap the benefits from this.

As you have already ascertained, this choice did not come lightly, and it will not manifest all by itself. No, it is by your actions alone that it will come true, and believe us, it will. Not for you to continue living in your dreams only, those dreams are now well on their way to become reality for all those who have chosen to step into the light. Not long to wait now, so rest assured that even if your patience is starting to wear thin, it will be able to endure the remainder of this creational process. We think you will find yourselves eagerly awaiting the next step, as this will indeed be bringing it all so much closer to home in more ways than one. Take a deep breath, and release some of the tension this watching and waiting has created, maybe it will help you see  some of your creations up close already.

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