Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 136

By Aisha North

Let us start todays missive with a few pointers as to how this process will continue to evolve. Already, some of you have had the opportunity to delve into memories that have survived the transition between the different states you currently occupy, or in other words, you have been able to recall some of the things you witnessed or maybe even participated in whilst being in a state far removed from the so called ”normal” one you currently spend most of your time in. It will in many ways be both uplifting but also somewhat disheartening for some, as the return back to the daily grind might seem to be a bit more than what you can bear at the moment. The comparison might seem to be a bit inaccurate, but for some, it will be like going away in a beautiful dream and waking up in a nightmare. This nightmare seems to be pressing in on all sides, as the collapse becomes more and more apparent, whilst the much heralded new dawn seems to be more distant than ever.

We understand this, because it is in many ways like standing on a scaffolding that is being dismantled literally beneath your feet, and all you can see is a gaping abyss below you with no hint of anything solid that might dampen your fall when the last bit of this flimsy structure is taken away. That is a very good simile to the proceedure you are currently in the midst of, as all you can see, except for a few short glimpses into the other world at times, is the disappearance of the very ground beneath you, as everything and everyone seems to become even more set on running over the cliff by becoming more and more panicky in their reaction. This, coupled with the fact that all of these much talked about sightings of what is to come seem only like some sort of mirage, will turn all but the bravest into falling deeper into despair than before.

After all, you already KNOW what paradise is like, therefore, the world surrounding you seems to become darker by the hour, and you cannot fathom how you will be able to hold your beacon of light steady throughout all of this upheaval. It seems like you are literally running out of fuel, because you have yet to see anything definitive that will help to sway your persuasion for good. What you are all waiting for, is a sure sign that the new dawn is more than a veil of smoke and mirrors too, as you cannot yet see anything but through the illusion created by those set on keeping mankind forever in the dark. Now that you have seen through this illusion, it becomes very, very difficult to find any meaning in staying on in it. You want something better than this, and something better is indeed looming on the horizon. But where is it, you cry out in desperation, and the cries are becoming more and more insistent as the times goes by and all you see is more suffering around you, and what you feel, is a body that is struggling harder and harder to be able to cope with all of the hardship it has to go through in order for you to be able to reach that fabled destination. Well, let us just say that you are in for a nice surprise dear ones, something that will put your hearts at ease, and that will dispel much of the doubt that is still lingering within you.

We talk not of a world event such as often described in your films, where people stand agape as massive ships descend from the sky. No, we talk about a personal invitation to something else, to a space where you will be shown what your dreams are really made of, and where you will be able to see, touch and feel the manna you have craved for so long now. As always, we speak in parables, because this is not something your vocabulary can describe adequately. Therefore, all we can say is that heaven is indeed waiting just around the corner, and your cries for solace have not gone unheard. We know you all need just a little bit more reassurance, and we will do our utmost to make sure that you get that in the very near future. That is all we want to share with you today dear ones, at least in this manner. But please make sure to open your heart in any way you can in the upcoming days, and we will do our best to slip in and say hello and take you over to greener pastures as it were. At least, to give you small glimpse of what you have in store once this charade you still have to be a part of each and very day has outlived its stay and you can finally relinquish the hold this dense underworld has had on you for eons.

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