Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 134

By Aisha North

As you have already ascertained, much is going on at the moment, both on the surface, but most of all hidden from view. You have certainly felt the stirrings of the new energies already, as they are not shy in announcing their arrival. This was only the first of many visits, or rather, encounters, as these visitors certainly aim to stay permanently in your system from now on.

Let us explain. As we have already stated, these intermittent bursts of energy that will arrive on your shores during this period are certain signals of a revolution that has finally started to arrive after much awaiting. It has been a long wait for many of you, but let us just say that the waiting is not all over yet. We hear a sigh of exasperation from so many, but let us hasten to add that this is indeed a total aboutface of your whole setup, and as such, this will not and can not be finished in one setting. In other words, this is the beginning of a very, very thorough reset of your whole programming, and although the first and certainly most important step has been taken by this initial insertion of energy, you have a whole lot more coming your way, and you will not have to wait long for the next round to arrive. In fact, we are talking only a few hours, then you will once again be on the receiving end of another important and mayhaps somewhat forceful new round of energy updating that will leave you all a bit reeling as it were.

In other words, utilize this small breather as best as you can, and be prepared for another shall we just say shock to your system. And again, we use the word shock to imply an intense shake up of your energyfield in many ways, but it will be a shock you have all been well prepared for, so it will not take you unawares. In addition, always remember that even if these jolts of energy in many ways can feel very unpleasant and unsettling, they are not harmful per se. Only by giving in to your fear can they harm you, as then you leave yourselves very open and vulnerable.

Your body is more than capable of handling anything that comes in its way in this upcoming period, that is, as long as you do not allow your mind to interfere with its niggling comments designed to lower your threshold for maintaining your composure. In other words, try your best to keep it together, and all will be well, and do not let your mind convince you that you are falling apart. You are not, you are only being rebuilt in a much stronger version than you currently can claim. That is all for now, we leave.

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