Crash 2: 76 Years On, Spain Once Again Holds the Key to the Future

By John Ward

For all kinds of reasons (entirely family, nothing to to with GCHQ etc) my posts will be briefer and more sporadic for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, stuff like this puts one’s life back into perspective… but also hones one’s ability to see the key points of significance on a bigger canvas.

The significance of what’s going on in Spain is a case in point. The Spanish Civil War in 1935-6 was a portent of what we could expect from the Nazis after 1939. Once more, 76 years later, the country represents a pivotal stage in the world’s drift into mute acceptance of the will of a tiny group of diseased minds.

Spain holds the key to whether we are going to be a planet of 3% masters and 97% drugged, half-educated serfs thirty years from now.

Chiefly, it is a question of non-compliance.

If Spain refuses to comply with the demands of Bedlam’s inmates, Francois Hollande in France will be encouraged to do the same. Sarkozy is losing ground in the polls: but if Hollande is elected and finds himself surrounded by enemies while stepping over landmines left behind by the bastards, he too will buckle. That’s the way it is with the current crop of politicians.

We are approaching the point at which the future is about to veer one way or another. Just as with 1930s Spain, one doesn’t have to be a Communist to fight on the republican side. I am not a socialist, but if enough Sovereign States say no to the bankers, the globalists, the Bilderbergers and the ISPs, then Orwell’s haunting prophecy need not be fulfilled.

The Troika and their terrified backers are demanding ‘discipline’ on the basis of a rewritten past that is almost complete bollocks. Now is the time for those supposed to be in power to say “Bollocks”.

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