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Action: Spanish Bailout “Imminent… Unavoidable”

By John Ward The Slog ACTION….Spanish bailout “imminent….unavoidable”. WORDS: “The G20 wishes to express its alarm about the eurozone crisis” (Opening statement) “We can see that the markets are not convinced. We must draw…

Spain Caves, Admits It Needs European Bailout

by Tyler Durden on 06/05/2012 07:32 -0400 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/spain-caves-admits-it-needs-european-bailout And so those lining up at the bailout trough are now 4: remember all those lies Spain spoon-fed the gullible press that it didn’t need a European bailout as…

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The Week that Europe Stopped Pretending: The Euro Has Essentially Broken Down

The euro has essentially broken down as a viable economic and political undertaking. The latest rush of events reeks of impending denouement.  The debt markets are pricing in for a global deflationary bust….

Spain Faces ‘Total Emergency’ as Fear Grips Market

Spain is facing the gravest danger since the end of the Franco dictatorship as the country is frozen out of global capital markets and slides towards an epic showdown with Europe. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International…


Run on Nationalised Spanish Bank Sees Customers Withdraw €1Billion… as French Government Slashes its Own Pay by 30%

By Daily Mail Reporter – May 17, 2012 http://tinyurl.com/7cmp8wc • Shares in Bankia, Spain’s fourth largest bank, fall 27% after media reports • Greece forms government, but will dissolve it tomorrow for new…


Spain Crisis: Deloitte Reports €1bn Overstatement in BANKIA Savings & Loan Division

By John Ward http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/spain-crisis-deloitte-reports-e1bn-overstatement-in-bankia-savings-loan-division-13/ Spanish crisis moves up a gear as doubts grow about Madrid bailout resources Sources in troubled Spanish bank Bankia confirmed to leading Spanish newspaper El Mundo yesterday that auditors…

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Crash 2: 76 Years On, Spain Once Again Holds the Key to the Future

By John Ward http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/crash-2-76-years-on-spain-once-again-holds-the-key-to-the-future/ For all kinds of reasons (entirely family, nothing to to with GCHQ etc) my posts will be briefer and more sporadic for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, stuff like this…

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Euroblown: The Grisly Necrophilia of the Mad Elites is Merely the Overture

By John Ward http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/euroblown-the-grisly-necrophilia-of-the-mad-elites-is-merely-the-overture/ ‘Lagarde praised reform efforts by Italy’s government and said market confidence had improved since Rome agreed to enhanced surveillance by the IMF. She also saw progress in Spain.’ (Reuters website…

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Euroblown: ClubMed Money stampedes Northwards as French Lay Plans to Cut the Bond Market’s Throat

Capital flight from the eurozone is accelerating at an alarming rate. But the real figure to look at is that for money heading north within the zone. It is absolutely unprecedented. In March 2012 alone,…

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