The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Call to Humanity to Begin Utilizing your Collective Potential

April 17, 2012

Pleiadian Council of Nine via Wes Annac-

The scope to which this overall Lighted operation that is currently underway has been planned out will truly boggle your minds and have you wondering how such an organized and carefully planned out effort was not discovered or known about, even by the very dark souls who have been trying to stop this plan.

The dark on your world are just as perplexed as you will be as to how these operations have been and will be panning out in favor of abundance and Joy being returned to your world, and the reason that we are able to bring forth such complex and intricate plans without the knowledge of the dark on your world who have thought themselves to be all-knowing, is because there are many ascended beings whose intelligence and understanding far outweigh any of those of the souls on your world still attempting to get their way and win every ‘battle’ through any despair and any conniving means that they could think of.

More than anything, these souls need Love sent their way and this is a topic and truth that has been discussed in previous messages. These souls cannot thrive without the density and hate manifested continually on the surface of Gaia, and if they were to be sent pure Love unconditionally it would disempower their dark agendas and moves substantially, which is why we make the call now for you to begin to collectively beam these souls as much and as pure Love as you can.

We recommend you all begin to get together in organized discussion groups, perhaps through the power of your internet which spans countries and continents. You cannot move forward on your world without making the collective effort and seeing the resulting progress play out, and we can feel that many of you are quite connected with each other through the realms of the astral and through previous experience with each other.

The internet has rekindled many strong and Loving relationships between awakened and unawakened souls alike, and it is with the internet that we recommend the startup of various forums and discussion groups related to not just the beaming of Love to the dark souls on your world who are clinging desperately to power, but related to other issues that have needed discussion as these things have been ignored for the most part by those in power and influence.

We will focus on the aspect of beaming the dark cabals Love and of your working together to achieve such means in this communication, as we want to stick to specific facets of this discussion that will lay the foundation for further discussion. This is how many ascended souls choose to give our communications forth; by laying the foundation for a very grand and informative discussion by first setting the stage so to speak.

You all have the power now with your internet, to Create many different types of discussion groups to begin mapping out your various activities for the Light.

We recommend a planned mass mediation session in which you focus and beam your beautiful Kundalini energy to the souls who need it most. By this we mean not just the dark souls on your world clinging to power who need this Love to transmute their own long held darkness.

We speak as well of the various areas of Gaia’s surface that are still experiencing suffering and densities, the likes of which cannot be fathomed and understood fully by the many souls Living in more prosperous countries.

You have all played each and every role that the Earth experience has had to offer, which has included roles in the countries and as souls who are experiencing despair rather than prosperity. Deep down within for each and every soul who will be led to this communication, you all hold and carry memories of your own difficult experiences toiling in such low density for so long, which is why we ask you to give your energies of compassion to these souls [experiencing such poverty] en-mass upon a large, planned out and organized meditation session.

There are numerous areas of Gaia’s surface that could use your Loving energies as a collective, and while many of you have been personally and individually beaming Love to various souls and areas on Gaia’s surface and this power is very strong and has served to help and uplift, the power you carry individually is not as strong and pure as the power the that you carry collectively and this is because that at its heart and at its core, individuality is an illusion as we are all soul-fragments of our One Infinite Creator.

We are all aspects of the divine Mother/Father being who Created us and allowed us these dimensional experiences along various octaves and planes of reality, and we will all eventually reunite in a Grand display of Love and togetherness, as all of Creation shoots blissfully back toward the pure dimensions and realms of our true home, wherein resides our beautiful and Loving Creator.

The coming together of humanity that is to occur when the most noticeable changes pick up are simple preludes to the mass awakening, remembrance and reuniting that is taking place throughout your entire Universe with each and every planet and soul all taking place in this reunion, remembrance and ascension.

Indeed, your whole Universe is ascending at this point and this is a process that the ascension of Earth will serve to kick-start greatly, and the various actions performed as a collective by each and every one of you staring with your organization and hopeful meditations for Light and Peace, will see the ascension of Earth be a marvelous boost for the ascension of various other planets, Galaxies and Star Systems in this beautiful Universe that we all have the supreme pleasure to enjoy and inhabit.

There is so very much to be done on your world, in both physical terms and in etheric terms. The sooner that the many of you who are attuned to the energies of the Earth and the streaming-forth energies being given to you from the higher realms, begin to come together and use your higher dimensional abilities and powers as a collective for the good of the world, the sooner that the physical manifestation of many changes which involve the healing of your world will begin to come to fruition.

Those areas of your surface that are experiencing lack, turmoil or any other form of lower vibration that keeps one in a state of unhappiness, will be sent the energies that you all as a collective manifest and bring through yourselves whilst in mediation.

Many of you have been planning out trips in the dreamscape to the various Light Ships which are common throughout this Universe, and we say that this is a wonderful first step in the realization of your collective power and ability to find the higher realms and many aspects of the higher realms by simply getting together and planning out such endeavors.

Continue on in these efforts and again, find it in yourselves and with each other to begin the energetic enactment and alignment of what you as a collective were and are truly meant to do at this time.

In doing so, you will find many hurts and pains in yourselves individually that will come up to the surface faster for review, transmutation and release back into this beautiful Creation of ours.

You will be given the choices as to how these pains and fears manifest before you, but the more energetic and ascension-based work you perform for yourselves and for your world as well as everyone around you, the faster and more intensely the most difficult events in your Lives which serve to give you difficult lessons, manifest.

This is why many souls who have been especially advanced in their ascension process thus far and this includes many souls who are incarnate starseeds, have found so very much difficulty and pain along your ascension paths, in your current Lives and in many past Lives as well.

We hope for and would Love to see the collective coming-together of humanity take place before and during the initial disclosures and announcements, which is why we are making the push for you to begin coming together as a collective in much more solid ways than many of you have thus far.

There is a certain complacency that can still be noticed amongst many on your world, even many awakening souls, when it comes to the enactment of various changes in their own Lives and in the overall play of events on Earth.

There truly is no more time to collect one’s thoughts and continue to run oneself through the grinder about whether or not all that you have heard about is real. There has been solid evidence given in abundance that everything you have heard and read about is real, and you are to see proof in the times ahead that is so real and pure, that you will be wondering just how you did not know about all of this before.

We would recommend you aim your attention less toward the ‘takedown’ and defeat of the dark souls on your world as it is proceeding and will continue to proceed until their fair trials, and rather at this time we ask you to turn your attention and energies toward Loving and forgiving these souls for all that has been done to yourselves and to your world.

Forgiveness will underlay and unlock many hidden aspects of your own personal and collective ascension processes, which is why forgiveness will be a very crucial test when it comes to the trails of the dark souls who have done so very much to you and your world.

You will be given the full decision as a collective as to how you wish to feel about what has been done, as we cannot tell you how to feel but at the same time we would never recommend holding a grudge toward anyone, no matter what they have done and how bad it seems because holding a grudge will only keep and continually reproduce similar energies as those of the souls one is holding a grudge against.

The energies and perceptual blocks in relation to perceiving the higher realms that are held onto when holding a grudge serve to hold one back exponentially. Imagine being held back so far on a collective level, dear souls. We can feel that many of you will choose forgiveness and Love toward these souls and many of you are already coy to the idea of sending these souls Love, and the failure of many of their recent attempts has proven this.

It is now time to turn away [for now] from all that has happened and from the exposure and takedown of those who have perpetrated such acts, and begin instead to heal and rebuild your world as you know and can feel that you will be.

There is no reason to wait for disclosure announcements that will not manifest until you as a collective have shown the willing intent to be a part of the cleansing of your world on a grand scale, and one of the reasons that things have not manifested sooner is because of the unpredictability and instability in much of humanity when it comes to not only absorbing many paradigm-shattering truths, but when being given back control of your entire world.

You will be in control of your world as a collective, and each and every moment will be a big job that you will eventually get used to and enjoy quite a bit, but there may be many who are not quite yet ready to take responsibility and will instead choose to revert, perhaps deciding subconsciously to leave this world before the most noticeable changes begin or even during such times.

For some, the mere shock of everything you will be let know will take them some ‘time ‘to recover. The healing energies that will be given to you and absorbed by you upon fathoming our forms in your physical reality will ensure that any perceived trauma or exponential shock is mitigated and you are all helped to feel the wonderful, pure feelings and emotions that you deserve to feel upon our arrival on your world.

Some of you will choose to come work on the many Motherships and Starships of the Galactic Federation or those of the various Councils of races making up the Galactic Federation, and some of you may choose to Live on one of our Motherships for lifetimes to come as you will find a wonderful and amazing home within our ships.

While inhabiting any of our Motherships based on the specific designs and form of each one, you can use [holographic] simulation to manifest whichever types of environment one wishes to be in. One can manifest any type of higher vibratory environment that one wish to inhabit, and you are certainly not limited to rooms and halls as your traditional perceptions of [our ships] may entice.

Indeed, there will be so very many things about us and about your reality that you do not remember one bit at this current moment and that will surprise you but we know that the sheer Loving energies being given by us and our technologies alike will see an opening, a remembrance in many of you who have been with us so very much before your incarnation on Earth.

Your release from the grip of those on your who have maintained control is fast approaching and the collective action needed to be take a this time will ensure the success of many events that have needed to come to fruition, if only the effort is made on the part of humanity.

Each and every one of you can play a strong hand in bringing these changes about, and it only starts with the collective efforts to begin to visualize such changes on a mass scale. We will be with you so very soon, assisting you in these endeavors happily.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

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