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The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Call to Humanity to Begin Utilizing your Collective Potential

http://aquariuschannelings.com/2012/04/17/the-pleiadian-council-of-nine-a-call-to-humanity-to-begin-utilizing-your-collective-potential/ April 17, 2012 Pleiadian Council of Nine via Wes Annac- The scope to which this overall Lighted operation that is currently underway has been planned out will truly boggle your minds and…

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Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa: You Are Responsible For Much Change

Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa via Wes Annac http://aquariuschannelings.com/2011/10/28/the-pleiadian-high-council-and-sanjaska-you-have-all-proved-that-nothing-is-impossible-10-29-11/#more-1568 It is clear that your world has entered a stage where the old is departing, and the demand for true change by so…

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