Saul: Before the Illusion Dissolves Completely, Moments of Doubt and Anxiety May Occur

Saul via John Smallman

April 11, 2012

To awaken is your destiny and nothing can prevent you from achieving it.  Some of you may be going through periods of doubt and anxiety, when it seems that you have no connection with the spiritual aspects of yourselves during these last few moments before your awakening.

Do not be worried by this feeling of separation; it is just your becoming aware of the fact that in the illusion you do appear to be separate from one another and from God, and that is painful.

You chose to play the game of separation, and you have played it so well that you forgot that you are eternally and unbreakably connected to each other and to your Father.

Now, as you approach the moment of your awakening from this intense illusory state, you are remembering the rules of the game and experiencing an intimation of what the pain that separation from God would feel like, if it could happen.  It is indeed unsettling, but it will pass.

You are eternally one with God; no other state is possible.  Nevertheless, before the illusion dissolves completely, as you allow the glory of the divine Light of God to enfold you, moments of doubt and anxiety may occur.

They are unreal, imaginary, and they distract you from living in the now moment.  When that happens you can and should effectively add strength to the awakening process by focusing on moments of joy and happiness that you remember in your lives, and when doubt or anxiety arise, remind yourselves of those moments, reconnect with the feelings that were then present, and make them real now.

The energy you encourage by focusing on pain and suffering from the past draws you back into the illusion, because it is only there that it is possible to experience those feelings, and that is something you do not want to do.

You are never alone.  I keep reminding you of this because as you struggle with the daily issues of life in the illusion, it is almost impossible for you not to keep forgetting this.

When you feel down, depressed, anxious, take time out (just a few minutes will do – even a few seconds will help), relax your mind by focusing on your breath, your love for someone dear to you or some other peaceful state, and ask your guides, angels, or God Himself, to help you release the feelings which drag you back into the nightmare where it seems that Love does not exist in any meaningful way.  And youwill be helped.

Never forget that you were created in Love from Love, even though in your illusory state that does not appear to be the case.  Without Love there would be no life, no existence, because Love is All there is; It is God expressing Himself through His Creation.

Knowing this then, and deep within yourselves you do know this, let go of your doubts and fears by reminding yourselves that this is absolutely and irrevocably true.

What you are seeing and experiencing all around as pain, suffering, betrayal, insufficiency, and conflictis illusory.  Your worldwide collective cultural belief systems have convinced you otherwise as part of the unhappy game that you have chosen to play, and now is the time for you to refuse to play it any longer.

And now you have more help than has ever before been available to help you do this, so engage with your faith that this is indeed so and accept the loving assistance that is being offered to you constantly and enthusiastically in every moment.

You are going to awaken.  You have been asleep and dreaming for long enough. It is God’s Will and yours, as it has been since the moment of your apparent separation from Him, that you do so, and His Will will not be denied or prevented.

Turn to Him in your faith as you ask for help because He cannot refuse you.  You are His children, eternally beloved, sinless and guiltless, and just having a horrible nightmare.  His one desire is for you to awaken into the joy of His Presence and know yourselves once more as you truly are.

With so very much love, Saul.

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