Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 117

By Aisha North

Todays missive will be charting more unknown waters, as we would like to delve exclusively on what is going on behind the curtain at the moment. In other words, we would like to give you all a sneak preview behind the veil, as you are at the moment at times almost certain that there is nothing but emptiness there. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as behind that thin membrane obscuring everything from you a whole lot of activity is going on. You have mayhaps a hard time believing this, as there is no sound or movement discernible on your side, but believe us when we say that it is literally a beehive of activity on our side. Although you might feel that you are the ones hauling all of the load on your own backs at the moment, the burden is more equally distributed, even if it might seem to be more like a spectator sport from our point of view. And make no mistake, we love watching you all at your labour, because you are doing so much beautiful work on behalf of us all.

You have mayhaps already come to the conclusion that your work, even if it feels very solitary at times, is indeed a toil taken on for the whole planet, and that is very correct. As we have delved into earlier, Mother Earth needs you as much as you need her, therefore your work is indeed essential to her – and to us – as well. But in order for your work to be a success, we will have to do our part of the bargain as well, and our job is to make sure that you get all of the tools and all of the assistance you need in order to fulfill your part. So let us just give you a few examples of the work we are doing on our side, maybe that can help assuage some of the anxiety on your side of the veil.

As we have delved into earlier, we are indeed a huge force to be reckoned with, and that pertains to every connotation of the word. We are almost like an army, but an army that has been set up to liberate, not to conquer. And what we have come to help liberate, is the force that has been kept away deep inside each and every one of you. So you see, even if this liberation campaign requires a lot of ground support to call it that, the true freedom fighters are yourselves, and you are indeed the bravest of the brave, because you came in knowing fully that you would be operating behind enemy lines as it were. So even if we can be of assistane in so many ways, you will be exposing yourselves to the fire from your opponents merely by the fact that you choose to open the door to your own freedom.

Let us return to the subject of our role in this powerplay or show of force. As we were saying, we make up a mighty army, armed will literally all of the knowledge in the multiverse, and we have all of the power in the multiverse at our disposal as well. As you might know well by now, we, unlike you, have maintained that all-important connection to All there is, therefore we can call upon help from literally every corner of creation, and we do so fully in compliance with All there is, as this is not an isolated skirmish located to a small part of creation. Therefore there is much vested interest in the outcome of this battle of wills, as the results obtained here will ring out all across the web of filaments crisscrossing your universe and beyond.

You see, we are here to help restore balance in a place where much imbalance has been created, and this imbalance has been tainting so much else, and in order to restore this imbalance, you the ground forces, have now been formally reconnected to the outside world yet again, and therefore our task of assistance can be and will be more visible than before.

We have come from many parts of creation, and we all bring special talents and have different designated tasks in this. Some have come as specialists in treating your physical bodies, as this is the weakest link so to speak in your defense. As you know so well by now, this physical body you inhabit was originally designed to withstand so much more than the current edition of it, so since you will all have to be restored back to your former glory to call it that, it is essential that this is done in the most advantageous way. Many of you will have some lingering memories from visiting one of these healing chambers to call them that, who have been set up all around your planet, and some of you also have memories of encountering some of the medical staff working there. Remember that although some of these procedures might be perceived as uncomfortable and maybe even unsettling, all that is done to you whilst you are visiting one of these facilities is done with your wellbeing in mind, and you must remember that what we do is to restore your strength, we are not taking anything away from you. Or rather, what is removed, are things that have been programmed into your system in order to ensure a short lifespan. These can be manifested in so many ways, from a controlled onset of a debilitating illness to a mental trigger that will undermine your will to live, so there is a long list of procedures that you will be put through in order to correct all of these malfunctions that you have been set up with from your controllers. Remember, you all have different programmings, therefore every procedure is carefully tailored to serve your needs. Some need extensive work done, some have a lighter load that they carry, so each and every one of you will have a very different case history to call it that at the end of this processing.

In addition, we have set up a whole host of deprogramming centers, where you are taken to be ”re-minded” of your own capabilities. In other words, a training ground where you get to recapture all of your ”lost” abilities. Remember, you all carry the seeds of your greatness inside, but it has been well hidden for thousands of years. Therefore, you need our help to gain access and indeed regain your own faith in your abilities to use these talents yet again. Hence, the recurring dreams for some of you of learning how to fly, moving objects at will, time travelling and other things that seems to be ”out of this world” as you might call it. We venture to guess that for so many of you, these dreams are hard to let go of once you reenter your awakened state, and that the temptation to reenter your dreamstate is strong indeed. Do not fear dear ones, as the novelty of these first fledging attempts of remastering your old skills will wear off, you will discover that these things will start to seep more and more into your consciousness while awake, so in the near future, you will not have to go to sleep to experience these seemingly impossible endeavors. But that is still a little bit off into the future, as you are nowhere near completing this ”crash course” in re-entering your original state of being, so again patience is called for. Hopefully, these nightly encounters and endeavors will linger more frequently in your mind from now on, thereby assuaging some of this longing.

Another important subject is of course your ancestry, so we have made sure to have representatives from each and every civilization that has members living as human beings on hand. You see, it has been important to make you feel at home once again, so even if it might feel lonely down on Earth, you will all start to have a much freer access to likeminded spirits. In other words, communicating with others that harken from the same ”place” that you do will certainly help to strengthen your resolve, and this work is also intensifying now. We know that for many, so much of these encounters are still going on behind closed doors as it were, in other words, you will not have any clear recollection of them once you return to an awakened state after a nightly sojourn to your ”relatives”. That will in some ways be taken as a confirmation that they are not able to secure this contact, but please do not think that anything is amiss if you are amongst those seemingly ”un-contacted”. Trust us when we say that not one of you have been left out in the cold, and that there is a very good reason if you cannot recollect any of these meetings.

Again, everything we do is with your best interest at heart, so when you are ready to remember, trust us, you will. And please, to not berate yourself if these memories still elude you as it is not because you are doing anything wrong. This process cannot be speeded up more than it currently is, therefore you will always get exactly what you need at exactly the right time. We are well aware that this will inevitably lead to frustration, but be that as it is. All in good time, as they say.

As we were saying, you have all been working more than hard lately, and although the bad news is that your workload will not lighten anytime soon, let us just say that the assistance you get on your way will continue to strengthen. We can already hear the groans of desperation emanating from all of those already staggering under a seemingly impossible burden, but let us just hasten to add that you will in no way be burdened by something you cannot carry. This will sound like puffs of hot air to some, but let us just remind you that you have still not tapped into that never ending reservoar you all carry inside, so let this be a small reminder that this journey is all about finding that power within. You can and you will take another step forwards, even if you feel about ready to fall flat on your face, because we have every faith in all of you that you can manage to rouse yourselves enough to be able to push through this haze of confusion and exhaustion and see yourselves for what you really are: creatures of such a magnficence you can literally burn through any thickness of dampening energy that is trying to hold you back.

And never forget, now the biggest part of this sticky goo trying to hamper your progress is seeping out from your old ego trying to convince you once again of your inability to raise yourself up from the mud and strive forwards with confidence. In other words, most of the resistance you encounter will come from the inside, not from outside forces, so this is in every way a battle of wills. Never think that you are unable to conquer and win back yourselves dear ones, because you are so incredibly more powerful than the outside layers of yourself are currently signalling. Deep inside, you are more powerful than the mightiest of mankind’s power generators, and although your physical body is apt to lag behind in this amazing progress you are making, it too is more than capable of housing this powerhouse of yours so you will be able to utilize all of your strength from the moment you really start to tap into it. Therefore, do not despair even if you do feel more than burdened down at the moment. Realize that it is all a puny show of strength from the forces trying to make you turn a blind eye to your own magnificence and slink back into the slimy sea of discontent and disempowerment so many of your fellow men are bobbing around in. You, on the other hand, have been destined to recharge and reboot that dormant powerhouse again and wrestle yourself free from these in som many ways self-imposed thoughts of inadequacy.

Stay upright dear ones, even if the ground seems like the best place to be at the moment, because you really belong up in the clear air, breathing freely and flexing your new found muscles in any way you can. Again, the pressure will not lift anytime soon, but you will start to push back with so much force you had no idea you even had it in you. And we are on your side sweet ones, giving you a hand and refilling your flasks whenever you are in need of some extra supplies to keep you going. We will not abandon you, not now nor ever, and hopefully, you will not abandon yourselves. You are more than strong enough to fight your own battle, never ever doubt that, but it is indeed a privilege for us to be allowed to take part in your fight. And we are truly honored to call ourselves your allies. After all, you fight this battle on behalf of us all, and you do so in the best possible way. We salute you all brave soldiers! You feel battle weary at the moment, but you will soon find that your real strength will start to make itself known to you in so many ways, and then the thought of laying down your arms and surrender will never ever enter your mind again.

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