SaLuSa: As if by Magic, the Coming of 2012 Will Lift You Up

SaLuSa via Mike Qunisey


The financial saga in Europe is far from finished , and its repercussions shall travel far and wide. We hold no particular desire as to the outcome, but we see the opportunity arising to put forward the final plan that shall release you from the old paradigm. It will manifest one way or another, as there is no going back to the old ways of managing your affairs. As if by magic the coming of the year 2012 will release more energies that shall lift you up more rapidly than any previous period. Even those amongst you that have given little thought to its significance, will sense that dynamic changes are taking place. Rumors will fly around, with both acceptance and denial causing some dissension, but eventually the truth will come to the fore. It cannot be suppressed indefinitely and will always remain regardless of attempts made to conceal it. The problem is that you have lived in your illusion for so long, that it is difficult to see the truth that must replace it.

It is imperative that you enter the coming period with few fixed ideas, but allow for changes that will clearly point out the direction that your civilization is going in. It is of course Ascension but its path will meander somewhat before it is clearly laid out before you. Allow it to unfold in its own good time, and we will be on hand to direct you in the right direction. Most of the Lightworkers haveĀ  a good idea of what will happen, but not necessarily the finer details. We of the Galactic Federation are as you might say, on the edge of our seats as the pressure to go ahead is almost unbearable. However, we will say time and time again – that there is a right time for what we are here to do and all will proceed far better as a result. In one sense there is no urgency, given that regardless of what happens, you will reach Ascension as intended. On the other hand, we know that the sooner we can start, the quicker we will have your support.

So we ask you Dear Ones, to please concentrate on where you are going and let anything of the lower vibrations pass you by. You have been entering the higher vibrations for quite some time now, and they support you in your quest to rise up. Each souls journey can be somewhat different to another’s, but in principle you are all looking for a way forward that takes you out of your present predicament. Short of being too fearful to face change, there is no reason why you should not welcome upliftment out of your present experiences. We detect the tiredness and lack of motivation that holds some of you back, but the answers are coming very soon and will give you a lift out of the gloom. Have faith in what has been planned for your civilization to end this cycle of duality on a high note. You are going through the final days now, and if you change track to one that is full of promise for the future, you will be actively involved in the changes that will delight you, and bring peace into your life.

It is time to share your knowledge, as many questions will arise once the truth of our presence is announced. We can of course speak for ourselves, but at the grass roots level your assistance will help clear the way for the greater truths to be told. Bear in mind that not everyone has access to the Internet, and many are quite oblivious to what is coming. Your elderly people are mostly affected and also come from generations that usually have a totally different mindset, and need your help. Be gentle with them and give only as much as you feel they can comprehend, and make sure they realize that all will be well.

Let us emphasize that everything is going to plan, and the best is yet to come. At different stages leading up to this time your leaders have been given an outline of our role in the world changes. So the announcement of our presence will not be such a surprise as you might imagine. They will have had time to accept that our part in your lead up to Ascension is not negotiable, as we answer to much higher powers than those on Earth. In any event without us the end times would have been quite different. We are your assurance that nothing can alter the divine plan that we are carrying out at the Creator’s request. This is why we constantly implore you to keep your eyes on what you have been led to expect. The sequence of events is more or less established, but we have our own desires where they are concerned. Changes are easily accommodated, as we have each aspect clearly defined and planned in great detail.

Even as we prepare for our mission to start the various projects in earnest, we note the deterioration of the worlds population as hunger grows unabated. Can your leaders really accept it is right that the problem can go unattended for so long, as the numbers grow to unmanageable proportions. We realize that without intervention, the deaths from malnutrition will reach record levels. That is not to mention the consequent sickness which also goes largely untreated. Dear Ones, the problems are already beyond your capacity or willingness to solve them, which the dark Ones ignore because of their desire to reduce the population of Earth. We are ready to deal with them, and we have ways of providing nutrition that will quickly overcome the hunger.

We want you to see what can be done with the natural resources of your world, of which there are sufficient to feed the whole population if handled in the correct way. Naturally we will introduce advanced technologies to make the best of what you have. These will be passed onto you, but the need for them will be short lived as once you ascend an even newer concept for food production will be introduced. On board our ships it already exists, and our Mother Ships are self contained farms if you wish to use that description. Naturally because of the higher vibrations of our bodies, our needs for solid food is very limited but we can enjoy the fruits similar to yours. In fact, we also cater for the needs of different Beings to ourselves who serve with us. The ultimate provision is from a Replicator that will provide anything that you may desire, which is useful for Earth Humans on the occasions that they stay with us for a while.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look forward to this time of the year, when many of you have kind thoughts for those less well off than your selves. If shows the deep love within that stirs at such times, and shows you true selves.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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