Archangel Michael: An Hour With an Angel (12-12-11)

An Hour with an Angel, 12/12/11

Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m delighted to have joining us special guests Archangel Michael and Linda Dillon, who will be channeling Archangel Michael, and as the channel for the Council of Love. Also joining us is Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario. Steve will be asking questions for Archangel Michael to answer. My name is Graham Dewyea, your host.

Because of the nature of the program we will not be taking callers, and the chat room will be closed tonight. However, we invite you to join us live each Monday evening at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, and the show will be archived for free at Blog Talk Radio for your reference and enjoyment. And now I’ll pass it over to you, Steve. Steve, are you there?

Steve Beckow: Lord, thank you for making yourself available to our listeners. I’m very pleased that everything has come together and you’re able to be with us. Let me just review what I plan to ask you this evening. I’ll be asking you questions on NESARA, which is also called the Abundance Program, the Bridge Project, disclosure, and President Obama. And to begin with, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to make any introductory comments you’d like to make on this 12/12 day as we approach the final year of 2012.

Archangel Michael: Welcome.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Yes, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, warrior of love, bringer of truth. And I welcome all of my beloved friends this night, this time of unfoldment upon the planet of Earth, of Terra Gaia, and Nova Earth. Let us begin this way.

This unfoldment that you have been in has been in process for some time. But I wish, before we even start, [to] ask each of you to ignite with me the blue flame of truth that I have embedded in your heart, the blue flame of truth that I have embedded within your third eye, within your throat. Take this moment with me, that you will hear not only the truth of my words, but the love of the messages that we share together this day.

I have given you this. We have travelled together through dark times and through brilliant times, which you often refer to as darkness and light. Often you think that now you are in a time of chaos, that you are headed towards the darkness, and that’s simply not.

And so I want you to know this. Everything is in divine order. We did not simply pick a year in Earth time for this unfoldment, for this plan. And your plan with us has been in place for eons, and certainly for thousands and thousands of years that you have known and inhabited this Earth. You have gone through the clearing. You have gone through the integration of the fullness of your soul design. You have anchored your divinity.

So I begin tonight, in this time of miraculous change, asking you, my brothers and sisters, why do you doubt? Doubt is of the old way. It’s of the old paradigm. It’s of fear. It’s polarity and duality. And it does not serve you. If there was one thing I would ask you to do with me, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, with your own guides and friends, with your own human circle, it would be to point yourself, steer yourself, aim yourself towards the light.

And you say to me, Lord, how do I know it’s light? And I laugh, because this is within you. It’s within your heart, it’s within your mind, and yes, my beloved ones, it’s even within your ego. You have done the work. Is there further yet to go, as we approach this time of massive change, this time that we’ve all been waiting for? Yes, of course there’s. And we will talk about that tonight. But as we start, listen with your heart, listen with your flame, and prepare yourself to step forward in peace, in truth, and in the wholeness of who you are.

We have never asked, required, or even wanted you to be anyone else. For each of you are unique, and part of this mosaic. Each of you are necessary. That is why you are listening tonight. This is not simply about the Company of Heaven, the Higher Realms, as you so often call it. Applying the unfoldment of Universal Mother’s plan, it’s the divine partnership that we’ve with you, that we’ve with our beloved sister Gaia, that we’ve throughout the Omniverse, of what you think of as the Galactics and the Inter-Galactics. All of it’s of a piece.

So as you enter this time, think now with me of 12/12, of this day in your time and in your history. Feel the wider opening of the energies of unity, of balance – for this is the key. This is not something you need to seek hither and yon, running around. It’s what you find when you stop, when you align, and then move forward.

I do not wish – none of us do – for any of you to look at this unfoldment of what you have thought of as 2012 as a drama. And we’ve been hearing plenty of drama around this issue. And, my dear ones, much of it comes from the light-holders and light-workers. So I say to you, let go. This is not a time to be involved in that fray. It’s a time to rise above it. Yes, you have talked about Ascension. And this is a time that has been talked about for years and years and years. It’s not doom and gloom, it’s you assuming your rightful role with us in this time of love, in this golden age of peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Do you want to say anything to our listeners specifically on what has happened on this 12/12 day?

AAM: Yes. I do. For you know me well. I would always want to make comment on pretty much everything, [chuckles] so, on this time, in this period known as 12/12, which – as some of you understand, and some of you may not – began many, many years ago. And it’s the time of the re-establishment and the coming of balance, of balance within your human collective, within yourself, upon the planet, for Gaia, in concert with the rest of this Universe, and even universes beyond. You say to me, well, that’s nice, but what do I feel? What do I know? And, yes, how do I know?

Well, the floodgates are wide open. And they began, as we say, many years ago – 92, 93. They have opened even wider, just on this past 11/11, and now they open even further, on this day. On 11/11, the quality was more for the human collective. It was in many ways a jump start – of your hearts, of your minds, of your beings – for this process that you think of as Ascension, that sometimes we will speak to you of as shift.

On 12/12 there’s a deeper opening. Think of it in this way. When you are in a new relationship, whether it’s with a child or a loved one, a partner or friend, there’s the beginning, and there’s the excitement and the electricity – and a little craziness. And that’s what many of you felt on 11/11.

Now, with 12/12, feel the relationship maturing, deepening into that sense of trust and knowing that you are genuinely in a partnership. And in that relationship – with us, with each other, with yourself – there’s a deeper anchoring of balance and of inter-connectedness to all, to all forms, not just your human collective, to all elements, to all elementals, to your Star Brothers and Sisters.

This is how a shift happens. It’s when trust and love are restored. It’s when the heart opens enough and is balanced enough to begin to move into living in trust and in beingness. Now, I use that term and it doesn’t mean sit still. Often I have asked you, find your joy. And that’s also what 12/12. is about. It’s about an enormous increase in what you can think of as your quotient of joy. Remember, my friends, you live in an infinite, ever-expanding universe. That means that the joy, the love is also expanding.

Many of you say to me, but Lord, I have never really experienced joy. So I ask of you, with my sister Gabriel, to sit in your heart, to feel my blue flame, and hers of gold, and allow the joy to penetrate you. How it demonstrates in real life is a greater sense of being anchored firmly, two feet on the ground, but a sense of well-being that may have eluded you for years, a sense of knowing that even if it doesn’t seem like everything is in order in your life, or in the greater cosmos, that you are all right, and that you are in that place of oneness. You are joined in love and light.

Now, many have ascended this day. Yes, and most of them are coming back, just as they did at 11/11, and earlier. They come back as gate-keepers, as showers of the way, to assist in this process. You say, well, how can it happen in the space of about a year? Well, it happens because there are so many volunteers, above and below.

SB: Is there anyone we know, Lord, anyone that would be known to the readers of the 2012 Scenario or other related blogs?

AAM: Yes, there are. And here I am going to practice – and share with you, my friend – discernment. Because I do not wish to bring attention to these people.

SB: All right, thank you.

AAM: Understand, they are – like you – they are part of the legions of light. And they are doing a job very specifically that has been part of their contract and part of their heart’s desire and promise. There are those, still, that would not wish to see this shift be complete, even though it’s already underway. And now I talk about the human collective, not Gaia or the rest of the Universe. The human collective, much of them, many of them, like the status quo. So I do not want attention drawn. There is enough attention being focused.

Now, it’s either ironic or, can we say, idiotic that in many cases those who believe – and I emphasize that word, because it’s still their belief system that they are caught in – they believe that they are still in control. And they dismiss, overlook, minimize, often, the power that’s coming together in this undertaking of the light-workers and light-holders. And I tell you, that’s just fine with us, because the energy is accumulating and growing. The movement is stronger. It’s, to use your word, viral. It’s catchy. It’s communicated in the air that you breathe, so that even those who are believing and trapped in their own illusions are breathing the truth and the change. And they are being affected by it.

So we’d rather they be breathing than trying to affect the lives of those who are working as the gate-keepers. But each of you – and I guarantee this – each of you listening this night knows at least one being who, you may think in your mind or in your heart, they’ve really changed in the last couple of months. I don’t know what it’s. Maybe it’s availability, maybe it’s a change in their patterns, their personality, the light that they radiate. Take a moment and look at them, really look at them, and you will see who has gone and returned to help, and who has simply gone.

SB: It’s amazing to contemplate, Lord. Can I ask you – I know that our listeners will want to know about NESARA and disclosure. And I’ll just mention to our listeners that NESARA stands for National Ecoomic Security and Reformation Act, which is an act of the American Congress, but it’s also called the Abundance Program, the Wisdom Economy, and it’s the new economy that’s coming in. And disclosure stands for or represents the arrival of the Galactics who are currently around our Earth in cloaked space ships and who are here to help us with Ascension and to prepare Mother Earth. Lord, would you care to comment on both of those?

AAM: I would be pleased to. And, as you know – Nésara, Nesára – it has many opponents, you know.

Yes, indeed.

I’ve wondered what the delays have been, and part of that delay is those that I have referred to, those who believe that they are still in control, those who do not wish, in their hearts or in their minds, to share. Now, I also tell you – and it will be a theme throughout what I say this night – do not doubt that this will go forward regardless. And many of you think that’s outrageous: “This will never happen!” Dear hearts, it’s part of the change of your planet! I have spoken to you many times about freedom and equality, about fairness. That is what this is about.

Now, we’ve emphasized that NESARA and disclosure are not co-dependant, one upon the other. But they are so closely related that it’s good that you have asked this question in conjunction. So what I am going to do is speak about disclosure, and then come back to NESARA.

There are many beings that have already agreed – above, in the inter-galactic council, below, in your halls of state, in your governments, and in your power structures, which are very different than your governments – they agree that it’s time, because they cannot hide it any longer. The information about the presence of your Star Brothers and Sisters has been known for a long, long time. But there has been this very strong wave of denial. But now there’s an eagerness in the air. The difficulty is the governments who would make such announcements are wondering who is going to be the first. And it’s because of some of the economic ramifications.

It’s that’ssue again of economy and control, the desire to maintain power over the human collective. And I use this word in the sense of enslavement. And I know that that’s a very strong term to use. But can you imagine, from our perspective and from the perspective of your Star Brothers and Sisters, being kept from your family, that bear gifts – technologies, science, wisdom, commerce, trade – who come in peace to assist, and that you are kept from them? Because that’s exactly – except for a handful of you, it’s exactly what has happened.

But even despite that, the man on the street looks at the stars and sees the ships, and wonders, what’s that? And there’s a growing eagerness. It’s like years ago when people began to talk of angels. Now they talk of their Star Brothers and Sisters as if it’s a given. Because of this, and because the economy is a factor, disclosure will come very soon.

And let me tell you about the fear with the economy. It’s because when they come, when that announcement is made, or when they simply appear and we say, oh, my, we’ve visitors, they know the technology and science that was required to get here. They have known about these gifts for a long time. Now, some of those gifts have already been implanted in the human collective by Star Beings who have volunteered to anchor and to come, what you think of as first wave. But when they come, your global economy will shift. Because things that are valued today will assume a different value.

There will be new technology, new uses for resources, new understandings about cleansing the Earth, getting her ready for her journey homeward. And so it’s, again, back to this issue of NESARA, and those who do not wish to have this go forward but see the necessity as an incentive for the humans and the collective to remain loyal, to not panic, to not fall into anxiety, revolution, civil unrest.

And so, in that way, your global economy doing not so well, shall we say, is a boon. It’s a benefit. Yes, even now we know that even many of you who are with us tonight have suffered. And we will get to that, as well. But this sharing of the resources is not just part of the Mother’s plan, it’s also the way of inter-galactic peace, of participation, of fairness in distribution.

Gaia is one of the most diverse, abundant planets anywhere. Yes, her purpose is love, but she was created so that there would not be want and need. If you come to have a physical experience of joy, it does not in any sense make sense that there would be want and need. So there has to be this equalization. And it will come from various sources. It will come through government. And you have seen some of the beginning of those aid programs. It will come when the banks are infiltrated more fully and the compassion is introduced.

So those of you who are working as bank managers and tellers and middle management, know you are there holding the light! It will come from all kinds of sectors. Because there will be a fresh breeze that blows across the globe.

SB: If we’ve time this evening, perhaps you could address the impression that people have that it’s going to be little green men, or little gray men who are going to come down off those ships, which of course is a mistaken impression.

AAM: No, it will not be. First of all, I tell you that as of last October – well, there have been infiltrations for many years – but as of last October, many troops since then have been put on the ground. And when we say troops, I mean it in the same sense as I call you my legion and troops. I do not refer to military might and power.

And they will appear humanoid. Yes, they might be slightly taller, they may have distinct features, but by and large, because they also have this capacity, they will appear much like the humans that are listening. And this is also because there will not be a panic. So it’s not that they are so different. They will assume different forms. So no, you will not be seeing little green men running amok.

SB: Well, in truth Lord, the Sirians, Andromedans, Pleiadeans and others, don’t they look like us? Are they not our forebears?

AAM: They are. They absolutely are. Now, they’ve evolved somewhat. But the humanoid, what you think of as humanoid features are all there.

But let me suggest to you that should someone from Andromeda be on a mission to another Universe or place, they also have the capability to shape-shift. As do you. You just haven’t realized it.

SB: So you say. [laugh] I’d like to shape-shift younger.

AAM: That’s part of the plan. You know, it’s a package deal. And the rejuvenation – that’s another way you can also see who has gone through the portal and gateways, to the fifth, to the seventh. And you can see that they look and begin to look younger and younger. But that has already been part of what’s going on with the human beings and the human race. They are being rejuvenated. Now, many of them are kicking and screaming, but nevertheless, it’s happening.

SB: Well, I have two questions that I want to ask before we run out of time. One is I’d like to hear from you your own impressions of President Obama. And if you could explain to us why this wall of criticism is happening, and whether we should be believing it, that’s one.

And the second is if you could double back at some point and tell our listeners a little bit more about the Bridge Fund or Bridge Program. So those are the two questions I hope to get in before we need to go.

AAM: Let us speak first very briefly about the Bridge Fund – what we’ve referred to as the Bridge-NESARA Programs. And these are monies that are coming – hmm, can I say – from private sources, though there will be some public funds, what I think of as industrial funds, that will also come forward. But basically it’s private monies that come to begin that sharing and that spirit of freedom, of not being under the yoke. Because that has been a difficulty for so many light-workers, and it’s something that has need to be addressed.

But one of the things that this does, the Bridge funding – which begins pretty much right away, by the way – is that it begins to put in the air, in the very fabric of your societies, the understanding that it’s important to share, that the light-workers, and I mean those who are truly doing that work, both covert and in the limelight, and somewhere in between, need to be supported.

These have been unpaid jobs in many ways, and many have made financial and personal sacrifices in order to do it. And so this is the beginning of the acknowledgement of that value. It’s the encouragement to keep steering for the light.

Now, let us turn to Barack Obama, whom you know as a Star Brother, and he – no, he is human, but he would be what you think of also as starseed. But we would not encourage that, because he has already had enough confusion about where he was born!

The wall of criticism that’s aimed at him, it’s twofold. First of all, use your flame of truth, your discernment, as you look at these criticisms, because there’s a great deal of lack of truth in what’s being said. Now, that’s not to say that he has accomplished and gone forward with everything that not only you hoped for, not only that we hoped for, but that’s also part of the plan, a very key part of the plan.

This country, and in fact we know that there’s distinction, but when we look at North America, it’s a place of freedom, it’s a place of liberty, it’s a place where you are free to express truth. And that was the hope for Barack Obama, that he would re-establish that.

Now, in his desire to be conciliatory, in some cases he has not lived up to his potential and to his promise of change. He has been weighed down by the politics, and, yes, seeking the truth and the balance. But he has also guided, as you all are – but let us be very clear about this, it’s like a strategy that’s in unfoldment. And yes, there’s much criticism. So we say some of it’s legitimate.

But then I ask of you – because I spend much time walking those halls – where’s your heart? When you look at this situation, where’s your hope and your dream? Do you abandon those you love and cherish so easily, or do you rally behind them and help them, if they’ve lost their way or mis-stepped? Do you encourage them, as we encourage you, to go forward, to hold that line, to go forward with things that would be in some situations unpopular – such as disclosure, which will happen very soon, by the way; such as NESARA; such as the Abundance Program. Because it starts in North America and then it sweeps the planet.

There are many cities of light that are being activated all over the globe. And yes, you know where they are. You are probably sitting in them.

But understand, it’s not time to believe anything and everything that’s leveled at Barack Obama. So where he has erred, encourage him to correct. And where he has done well, speak out.

SB: All right, Lord. Two quick questions on – supplementary. Was he born in Hawaii, and where was George Bush, Senior, born?

AAM: Yes, he was born in Hawaii. George Bush, Senior, does not give permission for this to be disclosed publicly. [inaudible]

SB: Yes, yes, okay. Thank you. I don’t want to have anything disclosed that’s not permitted. Okay. All right. Let’s see. Let me just review the questions I have here. I usually have a lot of questions to ask you, and then you answer most of them in your answer, so…

AAM: So let us talk then about the dream!

SB: Sure.

AAM: Can we do that for a few minutes?

SB: Absolutely. I’d love to have you do so.

AAM: Let us talk about the unfoldment of the plan.

SB: Please.

AAM: When the Earth – when Gaia volunteered to take this form of planet, it was intended to be a place of love, of joy, and of physical experience. That is the definition of the realm in which she had come to occupy known as the third dimension, in your terms. It was for beings, angelic and otherwise, to come assume form, have that experience, and come and go.

This is what the stalling part is for so many on Ascension – the freedom to come and go as you please, or shift form. If you wished to try out what it was like to be a tree or a mountain, you could do so. If you wished to be human, you would do so. Now, as you know, through all the illusions that were constructed by humanity, this was not laid upon you. This came to be lost, this dream of love, and every now and then, as you know, Masters would come. And they would still spread this message of love – in the East, in the West, in the North, in the South. And often these messages, these understandings, also included the fact that the human race and this planet was also part of a bigger family. And that’s also something that was lost with this building up of illusions.

So now we come, after a very long time, to a time of shift, because I want you to know the promise, to be in love, to know that absolute connection in Unity, not only with me, but with All. And to be in human form, which is glorious! It’s one of the unique creations that you participate in. You get to choose what you look like, where you go, how you operate. But it will be in societies of light, hubs of light, what you used to think of in the Greek times as city-states. And these will be places of equality, of compassion – of qualities that have been forgotten. Prudence – that’s a rarely used word on your planet these days. It will be where all thrive, and where all are welcome. And in this time as Gaia, understand this process and this unfoldment. It’s the process of Gaia, as she ascends. She is already well underway. And of course, you are accompanying her.

We mention that the human collective is the slowest to join in this, but now it has started, and everyone has already begun rushing for those doors. And the doorway is peace. It’s a world without struggle. That does not mean from time to time you will not have tiffs or irritation or frustration, but then you will go back to your heart because you know how to deal with it. And you will see the truth of either the person or the situation.

You will welcome beings from other worlds. You will share. You will walk with Masters. You will have the wisdom vision. You will see and hear, and you will not have this belief that has been so deeply engrained as separation. It was never intended that you would be stuck here, on Earth, with the inability to hear us, or to see us, or to be with us. That is the plan.

You say, how does this happen in a year? And it happens by will, and alignment with will, and heart, and mind. Do not underestimate each one of you, your power to effect change simply by building your field. We have noted that, as the portals for Ascension open, there are many who come to the door and then turn around and say, wait a minute, I’m not quite ready to leave the third. And that’s absolutely all right. And I tell you why. Because many of them say they are fearful of leaving those they love and cherish. When the reason is love, the fear can dissipate.

Some have not made peace with the third. They have not blessed it, thanked it for the lessons and released it. It’s not about escaping the third reality. It’s about making peace with it, whatever that means to you. And what it feels like is joy and serenity. So, as you make peace, you are free to go.

This is the plan. It’s a plan that we are all awaiting, that’s well underway. We know sometimes you are tired, and you feel as if you have been run over and defeated. When that happens, turn to me. Let us restore you. Let us lift you up and gently remind you who you are. Let us wrap you in the Mother’s cloak and coddle you until you are healed. That is what we are here for, not only to show the way, but to assist and take care of you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I think that’s all my questions, and I think we probably have just a minute or two left. Is there anything, any comment you want to make in closing, Lord?

AAM: Yes. Look for your inter-galactic, galactic, Pleiadean, Arcturian, Andromedan brothers and sisters. Look for them in your neighborhood, for they are among you. Welcome them. When you look at the sky, see how it shifts and changes. When the announcement comes, as it will, hold the center of peace. Do not engage in the drama. Be the voice of reason, be the anchor. Never before has it been so essential that each and every one of you anchor firmly in the heart of Gaia. And in this way, as you are anchored, you are free to fly. So we invite you to fly with us. We invite you to soar into your dreams. Go in peace.

SB: Thank you, Lord. That’s such a lot to mull over, and listening to you brings a great deal of joy to me. Thank you very much for being with us here tonight.

AAM: It’s my honor. You know I have never really been on the radio before! [laugh] Our inter-galactic transmissions are somewhat different!

SB: [laughter] Well, thank you for joining us…

AAM: I’ll join you happily.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And I will have questions for you as well!

SB: Very good, I can’t wait. Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

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