SaLuSa: Events Are Finally Coming to a Head

SaLuSa via mike Quinsey


There is no doubt that matters on Earth are now coming to a head, and it should eventually lead to many of the changes that we have been telling you about for quite some time. By and large your faith has stayed strong, and now you will begin to see some positive action taken. There is after all a divine date that still stands as the final one beyond which we shall no longer tolerate delay. If need be we shall take direct action, but one way or another we will soon commence our plan for your final release from the dark Ones. The European crisis could yet see a number of countries default on the payment of their loans, and that has put other countries in the European Group at risk. It is also putting other countries outside of Europe at risk, so you have not seen anything yet compared to what the outcome is likely to be. If you continue

to see these as exciting times, you will not be pulled into the panic that is likely to occur.

It is obvious that whatever happens now no particular adverse situation will last for too long, as time speeds by and you are almost in the magical year of 2012. See events as a means to an end, and it will be one that is totally satisfactory and bringing the welcome changes that will alter your lives forever. It has been a testing journey, and that was the object of it so that you could evolve out of conditions that were liable to pull you down. As we see it, you have done exceptionally well particularly since the turn of the century. It was expected because as time passed more Light was being beamed to Earth. It has been grounded through those of Light, who in many instances came to Earth especially for that purpose. It is not just the dark Ones who planned their goals well in advance, as we of the Light have done so for millennia of time. Our advantage has come from the backing and support from great sources of Light Beings, who have even been prepared to send an aspect of themselves to Earth. Perhaps even more important to the outcome, this cycle was always planned to ensure victory for the Light.

The Galactic Federation is ready to act at very short notice, and in the meantime continues to closely monitor all activities on Earth. We have no hesitation in showing our superiority where technologies are concerned, and make it clear to the dark Ones that opposition to us is futile. Yet they stubbornly refuse to give in, knowing that any engagement with them requires us to obey the rules. We respect all life, whereas they have none at all even when it comes to fellow humans. Life to them is expendable, and they will use it to gain over anyone who gets in their way. We on the other hand will remove our “enemies” to safety rather than kill or wound them. You may therefore be assured that we removed all personnel prior to destroying underground military bases. Anyone who says otherwise is untruthly reporting events, and out to paint a false picture of us.

Some of you will wonder why in view of what we have said about ourselves, why we do not save lives in any other circumstances such as catastrophes. That is an expected re-action and the answer is one we have given previously, and relates to a souls life plan. The souls that leave in such circumstances have desired to leave, and chosen a situation that fulfils their needs. Understand that there no such thing as an accidental death, and what you call natural deaths are also planned. If you think upon it, there would be little purpose in planning a life to expand your spiritual understanding, if you could accidentally be prevented from experiencing it in full. It is however true that because of your freewill, you can shorten your life expectancy. However, that would only be after you carefully considered the implications of it.

There will be others amongst you who will pick up on lives shortened by suicide, and even these souls are given a last minute opportunity to change their minds. They are met by their Guides who are aware of their original life plan and shown the outcome, and how it would affect their family and friends. We can assure that because of it many souls are grateful to have had the chance to change their minds. Generally speaking in any one lifetime you do not undertake anymore than you can handle. In these end times there are however many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed their life full of experiences.

Of course when you rise up into the higher levels, you have a simple transition from one life to another without going through death. You do it through your own choosing, as you decide when it is your time to move on. You can literally step out of your old body into a new one as you desire. Along with the changes in your body cells that keep you young and healthy, you have none of the illnesses or disabling features experienced on Earth. Whatever you are called upon to do to achieve Ascension is obviously very worthwhile, as it might be a long time before it comes around again. It is up to you, and it is certainly not impossible to ascend from any one lifetime, but you would have to achieve it through your own endeavours. That is why your Ascension now is considered to unique, as it is on offer to every soul and endless help is being given to those who decide to take it.

If you are one who is just awakening to who you really are and beginning to understand the purpose of life, be assured that you are already surrounded by loving souls who are eager to help you. There is still time and once you set your sights on ascending, you are halfway there and you will find your consciousness levels rising. To be on the Earth and not of it, is very useful advice as it allows you to concentrate on the future and allow the old ways to pass you by. It is those who cannot release their hold onto earthly things that are struggling to break free, and as we often point out it is usually fear that is at the root of it. Come from fearing the changes to welcoming them, and see their necessity if the Human Race is to progress from the old cycle to the new one. However slow changes may take place where some of the massive cycles are concerned, everything is on the move even if it appears undetectable.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who are sending us your love and invitation to join you. We could not come without it, and we now know that the time is right for our open contact with you. We love you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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