Archangel Gabriel: Weekly Message December 1st, 2011

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Sweltishoff

December 1, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as consciousness. This quality brings forth the power and will to invoke into being the higher attributes of the Divine into play within yourselves, within the World around you and it reaches far out into the Omniverse to affect the whole of Creation. To be in consciousness means to walk in the awareness that One is more than a physical body, that One is a Being of Divine majesty, and as such are, in One’s every action, a true emissary of the Light of God.

This Light is the result of the many lifetimes lived upon this and other planets throughout infinity and the efforts and discipline that you have manifested and shown which reflect the purity, beauty, honesty and integrity of your whole Being. To be in the highest consciousness means to be in wholeness and perfection of Being as you were at the moment of your Creation. Many have come throughout the ages who had a greater awareness of God’s Divine Plan and with this consciousness were able to, or attempted to, raise the awareness and consciousness of Humanity upon this Earth by their courageous and loving words, thoughts, intentions and deeds in an effort to help all upon this planet move back to a higher order of life where all the qualities of love prevail.

This consciousness is now being manifested with greater intensity within the minds and hearts of all who live upon this planet and many changes are occurring because of it. It is this consciousness that is love in action. This quality of love entails taking total responsibility for the energy that you carry and emit from the radiance of your Being and realizing that you are in fact, a unique part of the Creator and in this uniqueness, bring your own special gifts and talents to further open the consciousness of all life upon the Earth. This quality of love requires courage and honesty with yourselves and others, to see through the illusions that have kept you trapped in limitation and to understand that you have the power to create changes within yourselves to become of greater consciousness.

When this quality of love is present, One sees through the eyes of the Divine, and wishes to be a greater blessing to those around them and indeed, to all life around them. As this quality of love develops to ever greater levels, One understands that there is a vast and divine order to all that takes place within One’s life, within the lives of those around you and within the order of the Universe in which your planet moves. All moves according to Universal Law and encompasses far greater reach than can be understood at Humanity’s present level of consciousness but this quality is changing at a rapid pace, for this quality of love called consciousness is increasing in concert with a greater Plan that reaches beyond Human comprehension at this time.

It is incumbent upon each person upon the planet then, to develop their qualities of love to a greater and greater consciousness of service to the Divine, for when One realizes that One is a part of a greater consciousness, there is a great desire to assist in bringing that consciousness into full use by everyone and everything around them. Also, when One continually strives to raise One’s consciousness, it automatically raises the consciousness of everything and everyone upon, within and around the Earth and in this way, each person, by intending and making the effort to raise their own consciousness, facilitates the raising of the consciousness of all upon the Earth. All is One and connected through the energetic fields.

I leave you now to ponder on these words in the desire to raise your consciousness to a greater level of love.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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