St. Germaine: Recognize the Signs of Your New World!

St. Germaine via Ute

If  you would know thoroughly the place I am speaking from! But how could you, as you live and exist in a place of low vibration, so low that your senses perceive appearances you call “matter” and “objects”, all being things, seemingly solid and and heavy, and thus most of you perceive your world altogether. Most of humanity truly still believes that life is a continuous steady and almost non-changing reality, they believe that what was yesterday will undoubtedly be tomorrow. They tend to assume that things only change very slowly, so that you need to look back perhaps some hundred years to notice that you actually changed in the way how you understand now your  world and yourself, and your way of life and your societies and how they function now differently in a way.


But now a change is underway which will not just alter your world a bit from outside. The change ahead will profoundly change your whole experience of life from inside out, because the old  fundaments of your world are breaking down and are being replaced by a completely new basis, which is Divine.


Through the internet it has been possible for many of  you to connect on a great scale, and this was very important for your rapid change of consciousness recently. Because now you only need to look back a few years to realize  how much you all have changed. Many of you are able now to understand their nature on a deeper level and they consciously practice to be good fellows of humanity.


However there is still a vast majority who is not aware that  there is already occurring a major change in your society, and they believe that not much has happened and they see the future as a continuum of the past.


But in fact, humanity at its core has come together already on their level of heart in a way which has not happened before! When you meet strangers in the streets, you all will notice that you are able to connect joyfully with your heart and feel close, even if only for a moment, although you have never seen this person before!


Such is the power of the incoming light and the power of the Divine universes which are radiating now unobstructed their highest energy into your solar system and onto your earth. What has been the usual way of life for those higher civilizations in the universe, a way of life based on love and mutual respect and the knowing of unity, has now been initiated on your planet as a force which cannot be stopped anymore.


I ask you to consciously look for these signs, because when you do you support them and it helps you to actually feel that these signs are real. Dear ones, this will to a great degree fill you with joy and an ever growing sense of unity with your brothers and sisters. If you allow this  new force fully enter your life, a force which I call Divine, as it is of higher inspiration, you will allow it to become reality on a grand scale on your planet, with great impact on the still sleeping masses, which helps you to rise your vibration and to diminish ever more the old energies of separation, egoism, hate and false dominance.


Learn to see with your heart the truth of the New in your world, and do not continue to hold on to the hollow face of the old world, which is already fading away. Your joy and unity with your brothers and sisters can become a mighty wave of unstoppable power which overrides and makes obsolete the old structures of your world.


Your new world is taking already shape, dear ones, recognize the signs! When it is full you will understand the joy and the love we are living in the higher dimensions! Indeed, we are never, what you call ‘serious’. Yes, we mean what we say and our intention and determination are sincere and straightforward, but we are never serious!  This is a way of living in lower densities, where light is missing. Where divine humor is missing. We are in constant joy and our heart dances with deepest love and absolute lightness. And we wish that also you join us to share this way of Divine Life. Therefore it is so important that you look for the signs of the sparks of light and love  and the good intentions in the hearts of your fellow humans, and in fact in all your animal friends and plant friends, and feel the joy of Mother Earth. Look for these realities, my friends and empower them even more by this choice! Evoke them with the passion of your heart to continue to create your new world!


It is already here, it is already yours! I thank you!


I AM St. Germain


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