Cosmic Awareness: SaLuSa and Matthew Channelings Require Discernment

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Questioner: We have a question from Yvonne Olliver, in Calumet, Michigan. She asks, “Michael Quinsey is a Brit who channels a source that calls itself SaLuSa. It claims to be a Sirian source, the communications are pretty lightweight, they seem to say all the things we love to hear. It could be considered encouraging most of the time, if vague, no harm right? But I’m sometimes put off by elements of the messages. The source often seems far too stuck what it says is its role in uplifting mankind, it takes much credit to itself and it ignores or plays down the active role that humanity itself has in its own change of consciousness. I wonder if Cosmic Awareness can tell us whether SaLuSa is actually a Galactic Federation source or a psi-op out of Tavistock or another such Institute or if it is an off-planet source that is trying to get us to rely on it for leadership rather than on ourselves and each other?” Your comments please?

Cosmic Awareness: The first thing that this Awareness would say is that if any were to rely on an outside source as the ultimate truth of their individual lives then they would be making a grave mistake. They would simply attach their lives to another wagon that pulls them in a direction that they think is a good direction, but they have not realized that they need to pull their own wagon. Generally speaking the information of this entity SaLuSa is positive information meant to guide one in positive directions, but the apprehensions this individual Yvonne Ollivier has are such that it is in accordance to what this Awareness has always said: that one must be willing to filter such information, question such information, and not simply jump on board because it is “feel good” information but rather to deeply work it, seeing whether or not this truly abides by their own inclinations, their own feelings, their own thoughts, and their own emotions on the matter.

It is seen there is something of a discordance around this being and it is not as genuine as it seems. There is indeed some level of manipulation, although it is seen the channeler, Michael Quinsey is basically intent in his purpose, and pure in his desire to channel information. It could be understood therefore that there is some manipulation of the information through the psy-ops operations of the CIA. Therefore, it would be prudent of one and all who read the SaLuSa channelings to take it with a grain of salt, and to question most definitely what is being given.

What this Awareness can recommend is the positive nature of the channeled works, the uplifting bits and pieces that are in accordance to even what this Awareness is saying. It must be remembered that the way that psy-ops works is not simply to close down all, to implant total bogus lies, but it does indeed work with the truth, and it does indeed work with even the higher energies, allowing some of it to filter through. There are most definitely genuine parts of channeled information from an extraterrestrial being known as SaLuSa but there are parts that are then manipulated, deconstructed and reformed into a slightly different message.

Thus it is that many are attracted to SaLuSa’s messages for there is an energy here that is positive but once hooked in it is then very easy to manipulate that into something else. It is this that Yvonne is indeed speaking of and she is absolutely accurate in her perceptions and her thoughts on the matter.

SaLuSa Is Part of Galactic Federation Energies

Questioner: Is SaLuSa of a Sirian source?

Cosmic Awareness: This is seen as so, it is part of the Galactic Federation energies. It is known even by the Galactic Federation that this is occurring but they are hoping, and SaLuSa in particular is hoping, that the positive energy that it is sending (for it is also sending that which could be understood as a subliminal message that is not being filtered by  the CIA – for they do not recognize it is in the message) of hope and well-being, is for the individuals who read it.

On the whole this Awareness would say that this individual Michael Quinsey and the channeling of SaLuSa is worth reading as long as one remembers the warnings of this Awareness and as long as one filters it and asks the questions and is open to the possibility that some of it is manipulated for mind control, for character control, that then one can throw away the pieces that feel wrong, and that are abrasive, but one can allow that which is the positive, even inspiring motivational energies, to come through to uplift one. Thus it is that this Awareness can still support listening to these channelings but being aware that there is a double-edged sword here.

Matthew Channelings Also Somewhat Manipulated

Questioner: How would SaLuSa then compare with the Matthew channelings?

Cosmic Awareness: The Matthew channelings are also seen to be somewhat manipulated but not as extensively. The Matthew channelings are seen by many of those who are in charge of such things as simple feel good information that they do not worry about. Thus it is that they let the Matthew material largely through, thinking that it will not cause that much harm. Furthermore, certain attitudes and positions held by the Matthew material work are in alignment with the purpose of those controllers.

Therefore, they do not feel they need to manipulate that which is already serving them. Again, this Awareness must always add that as long as one takes in the positive, and takes in the possibility that what Matthew, for example, is saying is possible, one can hold this as a belief, and this Awareness has been talking of the importance of belief systems. As long as one stays positive but holds onto common sense, and is able to filter this information, is able to see the failings as well as the virtues of this channeled source, then one can always gain from this experience. It is not to say that the Matthew material is incon- sequential or should be ignored for there is much about it that uplifts the spirit, that gives one a true sense of hope, and in the times where hope is being denied and removed and restricted, every chance there is to be uplifted, to be inspired, to be motivated, is indeed important. It is for this reason that this Awareness can most definitely support entities such as Matthew, Abraham Hicks, SaLuSa and others who bring a positive message. This Awareness tries, of course, to bring a positive message as well but It also will deal with the darker side of issues. It does not always bring forth a feel-good channeling, for sometimes it is more important to see the whole truth, even that which is the darker layers, but this is how Awareness does it. However, It does support others who bring a positive twist to things.

Questioner: So basically the bottom line to all of the channelers then, is to make up your own mind and take what is worthy and what resonates and discard what does not?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed this is so, but this is based on the asking of questions, of being open, of taking responsibility for one’s own journey and not just hooking your wagon onto someone else’s star and say, “This star will now take me where I want to go”. If you do not check out the matter sufficiently you may be hooking your wagon onto a star that is actually a falling star and will not take you away but will crash you into oblivion.

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  1. I’ve been suspecting and realized this as well. There are channelings, no matter how positive, sometimes you cannot give your power away and say “oh, that’s what is DEFinitely happening, or OH, now that’s going to happen because ______ says so”. No No!

  2. What occurred to me after reading the Salusa messages awhile, is that if you were to take this strictly as programming, it is a similar approach that all cults take and even the Awareness messages often take. You say things to the “programmee” to the effect that that they are special, that if you follow the message you will be “saved,” and that the source is unique is its knowledge of what is occurring or what will occur while being reassuring about the individual and his or her future (of course this takes different forms and can be very subtle . . . like saying “don’t believe what we say, trust your own experience, follow your “heart,” etc.).

    When you disagree with the message or the messenger however, or challenge it, you are often persuaded to doubt yourself, renounce your beliefs, or to drop out. Since we are social creatures, this can be very powerful in its effect.

    It is the same approach whether the source is a Guru, spiritual cults, political cults, channelings, military cults (as I would call them) or whatever. What is generally left out in many of these channeled messages are the specifics regarding how something is going to take shape or how the individual or group or society is going to achieve certain goals, or what the “costs” might be.

    The messenger generally never addresses the real debate, for example, socialism vs. capitalism, etc. . . . issues which continue to vex humanity with their complexity. Engaging such a dialogue would raise questions, empower the questioner relative to the messenger, etc. . . . which is a challenge to the power of the messenger and the control over the message. Broad exhortations are provided such as “just believe,” “we will make it happen,” “don’t worry,” “we have the inside story,” “we have the big picture,” etc.

    Worst case scenario, if you take a paranoid view, perhaps the entity providing the message has a goal of enslaving you or using you in some manner. Wouldn’t it make sense to first get you to believe and suspend your own critical analysis if that was the goal? What if some entity claiming to be a member of a “Galactic Federation,” for example, was just a sophisticated programmer setting you up for “harvest.” Might that not be as possible with “spiritual” entities as much as “earthly” entities? How do we know that just because someone represents themselves as a channel and sends affirming messages and “higher wisdom” they are not really a malevolent being hiding underneath a manipulative pose?

    That all said, I do find upliftment in these messages and cultivate the positive elements within my own expectations and desire for the future. It has helped me to not feel all doomy and gloomy about the extreme unfairness and negativity that shrouds the lives of most of us (if only on the level of politics and world affairs) even as we try to stay positive. And I sure hope to hell that there are more beings working toward positive goals than little ol’ me 🙂

    Ultimately as the old axiom goes, I believe we should never trust absolute authority absolutely, never fail to ask questions, never fail to retain a certain amount of skepticism . . . even while giving yourself opportunities to trust authorities and to thoughtfully examine what is presented for possibilities of truth and knowledge and wisdom. I think the questions to ask at the end are: “Do I feel empowered myself? Do I feel recognized and affirmed (both good and bad, as none of us are perfect)? Am I required to suspend my doubts? Am I asked to make sacrifices and commitments beyond what I feel ready for, or are conflictual with other responsibilities, goals and commitments I’ve already made to other people, or the planet, or my own spiritual practice?

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