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Cosmic Awareness: SaLuSa and Matthew Channelings Require Discernment

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff http://www.cosmicawareness.org Questioner: We have a question from Yvonne Olliver, in Calumet, Michigan. She asks, “Michael¬†Quinsey is a Brit who channels a source that calls itself SaLuSa. It claims…

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Cosmic Awareness: On the Andromeda Council and Their Actions

http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/breaking-astral-news/state-of-ascension-report-26theascensionseason111111isstillopened Rayelan: Okay, I’ve got one more question here about the Andromedan counsel. ¬†Do you know the Andromedan counsel? Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is aware of the Andromedan counsel. Rayelan: Now I don’t…

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You Must Use Discernment When Reading About Ascension

Beings From Beyond and Before time via Karen Doonan http://www.crystalline-sanctuary.com Beloved brothers and sisters we come to communicate with YOU at this time to reassure YOU that all is perfect. The unfolding of…

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Circle of Seven: 11-11-11 and Those Who See

  Circle of Seven via Chris Maurus http://1111prompt.blogspot.com/ Teacher Ophelius: Today we will talk about who will see the 11:11 time prompt and who will not. Most all of you reading this message…

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