Pleiadian High Council: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

In light of recent astonishing developments, I feel the need to lay my energetic vacation down and connect to our Pleiadian friends so that they can inform us further on these very important matters. Take it away friends!

Dearest souls, you have reached a critical time in your evolution. As you have been informed of, very recent developments have occurred that have been in favor of the Light. There were certain key events and capitulations that we were awaiting before we could have you take the very last steps needed to ensure our safe arrival. Of course our arrival on your world has always been assured, but now we and you are taking the final steps needed to really bring this (arrival) about.

Imagine what it is going to be like dear souls, when you hear the announcement coming through your media. Yes it will be a short announcement at first, but it will be repeated (so you can) soak the message in. There are many unawakened souls on your world who will not at first know how to react. Despite our initial message of Peace, there will be those unawakened on your world who may feel a bit paranoid about the very idea of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

This is because of the constant messages of fear that have been pumped into the heads of humanity for so very long concerning us and our intents toward you and your world. Yes, there are the negative alien races who would wish to harm you and steal your planet for its resources, but they have had their day in the sun so to speak and we are now taking over the presumed positions of authority they have carried on your world through their interaction with their minions, those elite on your world.

People may be in quite an uproar for a little bit, but the beauty of humanity as a collective is that you are all carrying much Light within your collective soul, and this Light will serve to uplift and almost telepathically quell the fears of many who would be afraid of an extraterrestrial First Contact event. Those who Live with the many on your world that are awakening will be experiencing such calm, as when this message is initially broadcasted the Light in those awakened will shine to record proportions as they realize that their struggling and hardships are finally over. Their growing and expanding Light will reach out to those unawakened around them watching the very same announcements that may have led to fear had they (those unawakened) not been associating with you who are awakened.

Those unawakened will feel very hollowed out, very exposed to the fear they have held inside of them for a very long time. They will interpret this fear as fear of us and what our intents may be, but the fear they will be feeling has been built up in them and in you as a collective for so very long. As they feel more hollowed out, the excitement and utter Joy of those awakened around them will serve to lift them up and help quell their fears. Many may feel a deep sense of Peace and a need to sit back as they realize that they will finally get to heal their world in much more direct ways than they have been. The time ahead will be very busy indeed, but the utter Joys that will result from our working with you will quell any worries of being too busy. Many of you seem to be quite bored or tired of your current earthly Lives on a daily basis, and what you are to experience will far outweigh any negative happenings that you have been growing away from.

There is a very important aspect of some of the more recent messages you have been reading on your internet about the coming announcement in relation to the capitulation of the most powerful of the dark: mainly that while you and we can now see the Light at the end of the tunnel, you still have a few, just a wee bit more collective steps to take to reach that Light, to embrace it fully and have it absorb the darkness and the very tunnel you are climbing your way out of. There is still work to be done before this announcement hits your TV sets, radios and computers, and this is work that will have to be done by you. As always we will be doing our parts in assuring both safety and a timely coming forth of the announcement, but this is now the time where you all directly step up and demand what you already know to be disclosed.

Take every action you can, collectively and individually. Your governments have shown you just how far they will go to keep truths and revolutions under wraps, and now it is time for you to stand up and let them know that they can no longer bully and suppress you into oblivion. You will no longer fall under their submission. This has been made very clear to your dark, and the recent attempted clearing-out of Occupy encampments all throughout the United States were their last-ditch attempts to cause mayhem and to make you all think that they are in control.

They have had their final round of mayhem-causing, and now they are being taken aboard to spend time in their holographic realities while you and we clean up the mess that has been made on Earth. We are very near to being with you. The time has truly come for you to step up and demand us to be with you, as anything less will dim the power of you as a collective. We are with you assisting you, as are the energies of the 11.11.11 that crept up on many of you and then hit you like a ton of bricks. These very energies that have been turning you upside down are the energies that are serving to help you bring us closer.

Treat yourselves and others with much Love dear ones.  Avoid personal conflict that is vibration-lowering at all costs, but at the same time do not let yourselves be trampled all over because that will serve to equally lower your vibrations. If you feel the need to treat yourselves and show yourselves that you care, do it! You have always been meant to Live happy Lives, and it astonishes us how difficult a lesson that actually is for most of you to learn.

You have been used to the lower vibrations, been used to being unhappy. As the final moments leading to disclosure are upon us all, take the time to step back and reflect on what you have accomplished and what will be transpiring on your world that is to change the entire fabric of what you as a collective have seen as normal. We Love you all so very much, and as you bring us closer to you, so do the dense realms that have kept us in your skies and away from your ground begin to fade away, to be sucked into your spirit complex where they are transmuted and turned into a whole new template for the Light. Take these templates and fill them with your Violet Flame expressions of Love, and we will be with you in a jiff!

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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