SaLuSa: The Fabric of Society is Rapidly Shifting

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey Oct. 5, 2011

In next to no time you will be reaching that magical 11.11.11, when each soul will be lifted up whether they are aware of it or not. It will help calm situations that are causing concern, as we do not wish to see the Middle East conflicts accelerated. What has been happening is the result of people waking up to how they have been manipulated and used to support the lives of those who rule over them. That energy for change is sweeping the world and, with the intent of the people, it is going to be like a tidal wave washing away everything in its path. In the West such movements are gradually gathering pace, and the authorities are trying to stem their impact. They cannot be ignored for long and the people will win this battle.

Not everyone likes the idea of demonstrating, but it is the type of energy that is found with the younger generations who are fearless where it is concerned. They are the ones who understand that the old ways are no longer acceptable, and will continue their protests until they achieve success. Many are those souls who have incarnated for this purpose, but also carry the answers to the problems having higher levels of consciousness than most people.

It is all part of the greater plan for your release from the dark Ones and their hold on you. For some time you have been learning of what the future will bring, and it will change the face of your societies beyond recognition. However much some prefer to remain in the 3rd. dimension, once they become aware of how much they will benefit from the changes, they will realize that they have so much more to gain rather than lose.

Everyone desires to live a happy, joyful and peaceful life, and that is what lies ahead for you, as eventually those souls who are not ready for Ascension will leave the Earth. There will be an unavoidable parting of the ways based on a soul’s vibration, and that will allow those of a higher vibration and consciousness level to come together. They will be the ones who have rightly moved out of duality because its lessons have been learnt. As we have informed you quite often, it is you who determine which level you reside in whether you are directly aware of it or not. You will understand from this that you will be following a path that is absolutely right for you. There would be no gain if you were to find yourself at a level that you could not cope with.

We know that some of you who are kind decent souls are worried that for some reason you may not be ready for Ascension. Our answer for you is that if you are living a life where you avoid being judgmental, and can find it in your heart to be loving to all souls you have nothing to be concerned about. It is not about being religious, taking courses or buying your way into heaven. What counts is what you are inside, and if you are living your truth as far as possible you are well on the path to Ascension. Remember that your Guides know the real you, and if it is your aspiration to ascend they will be helping you to do so. Heaven rejoices each time a soul turns to the Light, and there is no turning back once you reach that decision.

It is hard to understand that life on Earth is an illusion, but if you can view it that way and see it as only a passing phase of experience it will have less impact upon you. It really is like the Holographic Deck on Star Trek, except that very few of you realize the truth. Before you entered your present life, you knew what your objectives would be as does everyone else who is part of it with you.

Freewill is still yours, but you are unlikely to avoid opportunities that come to you that are part of your life contract. Your aim is to experience in a way that speeds up your evolution. Therefore they are carefully chosen for maximum benefit to you. When it is a family karmic situation you can help each other through your experiences, and that helps create a strong bond between you all. You travel through life with little awareness of it, but your lives are carefully planned so that you gain the most out of them.

After such a long time in duality you are feeling the mental tiredness, and drag of the lower vibrations. To us it is extremely heavy and cloying, and we understand the effects upon you. That is why we have so much admiration for those of you who are able to lift yourselves up out of it. You have an astonishing degree of intent, and your resilience against all odds is well known. You are truly the heroes of the hour and your rewards for such a powerful stance are soon to manifest. You are wonderful souls, and we kneel at your feet in recognition of your Light and Love.

Regardless of your beliefs, there is no doubt that the changes are being felt by virtually everyone. There is also an anticipation of what lies immediately ahead, and as time speeds by you know that it will not be much longer before a major event occurs. Then you shall experience a whole series of events that will quickly carry you forward into the “promised land”. By now you have a good idea of what to expect, but even so it will pleasantly surprise you by its scope. We talk of worldwide changes as every soul together with Mother Earth is involved.

You will undoubtedly note that unlike the predictions of the gloom and doom merchants, Mother Earth has been relatively quiet and there has not been the worldwide destruction of catastrophic proportions. However, there are physical changes necessary and when they occur we will monitor them with a view to keeping their effect to a minimum. For those of you in areas that are noted for earthquake or volcanic activity, follow your intuition as to when and if necessary you feel you should move. The first signs are often noticeable in Nature and animals have a more sensitive reaction to changing energies. They will leave in advance of the actual event so their actions are worth noting.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation are poised to back our allies on Earth when they push ahead with removing the Illuminati and their minions. We all need to know that they along with their power have been removed before we can work openly with you. The critical period approaches and we look to make our move without further delay. Stay firmly on course for Ascension and you will have nothing to worry about – all is as well as ever, and we are with you all of the way.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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