SaLuSa: First Contact Requires a Minimum Level of Vibrations from the Collective

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco


Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. This is our first question:

“Greetings from Florida! I have only 2 concepts I wished to have cleared up. The first one is, on the topic of ascension, I understand this is a planetary event, yet from what I see, not many know of it. Are disclosure, first contact, and perhaps actual guided education on ascension to occur BEFORE THE EVENT to ensure a fair equal chance at ascension?
The 2nd question is “do the genetics of our families affect our personalities? Like if one parent came from a very loving and expressive family, while the other parent stemmed from a strict and rigidly suppressive family, would these two very different histories conflict inside the mind or field of that child?”

SaLuSa: Good evening. Indeed many of you are unprepared for Ascension on many levels. By this we mean that you are under the influence of negative beings, you are not free, you are stuck in a world of materialism and mechanicalness, and you live in a constant state of anxiety, completely unaware of your own divinity. I do not speak of lightworkers here, but of the state of being of the majority on your planet. As we have said previously, Ascension only requires love vibrations from you, as well as your to desire to ascend. However, the resonance of what you perceive as love now, is different from what Ascended Beings perceive as Love. True Love is free, unselfish; it wants only the highest good for others. What many on your planet refer to as love at the moment, is different from one person to the other. There exists the actual act of physical love, which some of you mistake for lust. There is also the feeling of love, with some of you mistake as emotional dependency. And there exists conscious unconditional Love. So you see dear friends, even when we speak of love, there are in fact several levels.

The most favourable vibrations for Ascensions are the vibrations for conscious unconditional love. At the moment, it is a difficult thing for your societies to envisage such a thing as conscious unconditional love. Those of you, who had loving conscious parents, know this kind of love from their childhood. It will be a matter of reconnecting with this part of your heart which has closed as you were growing up. The living conditions on your planet are closing your hearts as you grow into your adult life. Others will have to learn and experience conscious unconditional love as a total novelty, because they have never experienced it before in this lifetime. However, they will understand with our help very rapidly. You have all been Ascended Beings in the past; therefore once you will recover memories of yourselves as Ascended Masters in the past, the feeling of unconditional love will flow naturally for you all.

This of course, will be true for those who choose to ascend and who will be willing to be in our company and receive our gentle guidance. As we have previously said, we are not here to force any of you on any path and we help only when we are asked to help. You will always be treated with the respect and love you deserve, dear friends. You are spending hours in traffic; you must do unfulfilling jobs in order to pay the bills, while others are worried of not having a job and do not know how to survive another day. Most of you are living in your head all day long; you are unconnected to the rest of yourself. The connection with your body is missing and you have no idea about your own feelings most of the day. We do not say these things as a reproach, for none of the above are in fact your direct fault.

These conditions have been created by yourselves and your ancestors since the Fall of Atlantis. Ever since that time, you have been living in duality. Ever since, you have been cut off from your true self, since that time, Man on Earth has a double nature. Dark entities have taken control of what is taking place on Mother Earth for ten thousand years, dear ones. With the return of the Golden Age on your planet, there is now need for all of you to get rid of what has served you and your ancestors in the past. This process of transformation is done through generations indeed in usual circumstances. As you know, you do not have this path. Since your Fall from Atlantis was due to an accident initially, and you and Mother Earth have both asked for help, in order to raise your level of vibrations to the required level for Ascension, Creator has indeed granted your request. You are to regain your previous status as a Galactic Civilisation and we have been authorized to help you to this intent.

As you know, we are working with Divine Beings, such as Angels and Archangels, in order to help you through this difficult time for you, as well as for your planet. And it is Divine Decree that we are to help you cleanse your no longer desired baggage. Indeed we have been sent to help you prepare for Ascension as you put it. However, you also have your share to do. We are only here to show you the way, but you are the ones who will have to walk the path to Ascension, dear ones. This implies that in order for First Contact to take place, there is a pre-required level of vibrations from you as Collective Consciousness. This is what we are waiting for. Once this pre-required level of vibrations sets permanently on your world, the rest will follow automatically. Disclosure will follow, Free Energy will be common knowledge, and people will no longer feel greedy, afraid, jealous, possessive, and aggressive or feel lonely. Once this settles permanently on your planet and is understood enough in order to become common knowledge, love and unity will inhabit your world again.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and am glad to see that this level of collective vibrations is rising exponentially on Mother Earth. We are monitoring the rise in your conscious levels daily, dear friends. From the higher realms, we do have a good perspective on your progress. As we often remind you, you are receiving help as no civilisation or planet has received before. There is no room for failure and Ascension is assured for all those who chose it in their path. Be at peace and carry love in your hearts.

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