Benjamin Fulford: Cabal Resorting to Desperate Tactics as they Try to Prevent Reboot of Financial System

By Benjamin Fulford

There are many signs available in both the corporate propaganda media and the people based independent media that some sort of end-game crisis is approaching for the criminal cabal in charge of the G7 countries and their shrinking coterie of slave states. With the Pentagon and the Russian military aligned against the cabal, their downfall is close. For that very reason the cabalists are attempting to stage some sort of game changing atrocity, probably in either the US or Europe.

One of the main battlegrounds is now the French banking system. French banks are the biggest lenders to Greece so a Greek default would also bring down the French banking system and hence the Euro. It is no wonder French banks are under speculative attack.

We are also witnessing, again available in the propaganda media, the spectacle of the IMF asking for and being denied, financing. Remember, the IMF was supposed to be the lender of last resort in the post-war financial system. There was supposed to be nothing above the IMF and yet here they are begging for money they will not get.

The fact of the matter is that the Khazarian cabal that attempted to start World War 3, kill 90% of humanity and then set up a totalitarian world government, is being increasingly isolated. The world is no longer accepting dollars or Euros printed by banks under the control of the genocidal cabal.

The battle over control of the financial system has become such that I can witness it first hand. Two personal acquaintances have gone to Japanese banks with US dollars in cash. One is a freemason, the other a legitimate businessman. The freemason had the serial numbers on his dollars checked and rejected while the businessman was able to exchange his dollars for yen after they checked the numbers.

Then there is the bank card for the White Dragon foundation. It is not accepted at Mitsubishi or Citibank ATMs but it is accepted at Mizuho or Sumitomo Bank ATMS. In theory all of these banks should accept it.

There has also been increased harassment directed at this writer. Last week he got a call from Paypal saying I could not access my account because two readers could not see the newsletter. Then the company in charge of IT for my Japanese language subscription blog refused to put up the blog or pass on subscription payments.

Also, once again, several of my associates report being approached by Cabal members with requests to make false testimony against me. They have also set up a system at the US airbase in Misawa, Japan, that automatically alerts monitors any time my voice, or that of a few White Dragon members known to the bad guys, are detected on a phone or on skype. Anybody using an internet café in my neighborhood now has to be fingerprinted as well. Too bad for them the White Dragon operates mostly on an analogue and not digital basis.

In Japan, meanwhile, the top agent for George Bush Senior and his genocidal cabal is now Deputy Finance Minister Eijiro Katsu. He is now the top cabal power broker in Japan and Prime Minister Noda is his slave, according to Japanese military intelligence. Katsu is allied with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa and his fellow traitors in an attempt to loot the vast funds controlled by the Sokka Gakkai Budhist lay-group. Sokka head Daisaku Ikeda is in a coma and as a result there is a huge battle for control of his empire. Ikeda was a charismatic and powerful figure and all potential rivals for leadership have long since left his organization. The result is that now that he has become incapacitated, there is a battle for a headless but rich and powerful entity. The Nichiren Buddhist Temples will be contacting Sokka Gakkai leadership in an attempt to persuade them to return to the Nichiren fold following a schism in 1995. The Nichiren Buddhists support the White Dragon Society.

Also, the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for immunity. Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Gerald Curtis take note, you will go to jail soon unless you agree to testify as well.

There are also several senior members of the Bilderberger group who have now promised to work with the White Dragon Society in exchange for promises of immunity. These include Bilderberger head D’Avignon, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former “black pope,” Peter Hans-Kolvenbach, Baron Thyssen and others. Dick Cheney has also put out feelers offering testimony in exchange for immunity.

This week promises to be eventful as the September 30 accounting deadline arrives and senior cabalists scramble to make payments. As always, we warn people not to under-estimate these snakes. They will do all they can to destroy the world rather than set humanity free. THEY WILL BE STOPPED.

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  1. I just want to say thank you to thehealersjournal for posting BF’s blogs for free. I Am a big fan of David WIlcock’s, and supporter of BF too. Thank You

  2. Posting someone else’s work from their PAID subscription blog without their knowing lacks integrity.
    I heard him on an interview the other day that he doesn’t mind if you send it out to friends/family, but reposting it on the internet was something he didn’t sound fond of.

    • Jen,

      I understand what you are saying and I agree. However, after reading Ben’s copyright statement, I felt that the way in which I was using the content was not at all in violation of his terms– after all this is my personal website.

      The nature of Ben’s material is such that it has the power to transform lives, and hence, society as well. Therefore it is extremely important to get it out to the widest possible audience, as soon as possible. I think it is a disservice to humanity to only offer the information to those who can afford it. Should someone be denied the opportunity to grow as a human being because they cannot afford a subscription?

      Obviously there are moral and philosophical considerations at hand.

      Ultimately the deciding factor for me is this: if reposting the information would in any way compromise Ben’s ability to support himself and/or continue to be able to make said information available, I would immediately stop. To be totally honest, the only reason I bothered to post it because there were other websites with far, far more traffic than mine that were posting the articles for free, so I figured that it must not be an issue…

      Either way, your comment has made me reconsider if I should continue to do so. I really am of two minds on this. As you can see, @milosz seems to be grateful for the reposting. I would love to hear more opinions from readers…

      I will e-mail Ben as well and see what he says, maybe I can work something out with him.

  3. I definitely appreciate your postings!!
    I’m on a fixed income–
    I hope that you will continue!
    Many thanks to Ben for his work!

  4. I’m also very appreciative. I was driven to this site for a reason. I was searching for a site that discussed the Law of One and recent channelings to see how the galactic federation felt today rather than 30 years ago.

    In addition I’ve been enlightened by Wilcock’s latest book and in turn that led me to his website where he talks about Ben and the Cabal, which opened my eyes that conspiracies are real and the threat against conspiracy theorists is a conspiracy (lol).

    I hated the fact that I had to pay to get further information about the Cabal at Ben’s site because I just lost my job (coincidentally right after I read the Source Field Investigations and the Law of One [so why do I need money again??]).

    So thank you again for posting this. I will be glued to this website reading articles all day lol thank you.

    • @Drix

      Glad to have you around. Happy to be of service. Spread the word.

      Be Well


  5. In order to clarify the judicial Due Process of Law t is imperative to be familiar with the applicable statutes effective under legal JURISDICTION of the United States Code. Thus the legal action, civil or criminal may proceed without offending the Due Process requirement for a MENS REA. (Knowledge that harm and personal injury would result from the criminal conduct in violation of Federal Racketeering statutes under RICO title 18 U.S.C. 1961 (1). Any act or threat involving MURDER. S verbal TERRORIST DEATH THREAT would automatically qualify for illegal, threatening, intimidating of abusive criminal conduct. Threatening another persons LIFE can be a clear TERRORIST DEATH THREAT by threating to use a side-arm by handling it in such a way as to indicate the threat of use of FORCE AND VIOLENCE, ESPECIALLY IF THE EVENT WAS RECORDED IN THE AUSTIN, FBI OFFICE IN Oct. 1999. When I asked the interviewing FBI agent if he was a member of the World Zionist Organization. The FBI agent responded BY CLOSING HIS EYES and talking to be with his eyes closed indicating DECEPTION and responding “NO” and obvious FALSE STATEMENT. : then asked if he remembered what was the fate of the WAR CRIMINALS THAT WERE CONVICTED AT THE NUREMBERG WAR CRIMIES TRIALS. I mimicked being HUNG BY THE NECK WITH AN IMAGINARY ROPE AND STICKING MY TOUNGE OUT ON ONE SIDE OF MY MOUTH! The FBI Agent, (I swear he looked like a young Adopt Hitler. But without the moustache.) went into a VIOLENT PANIC and began pounding the table with his hands and standing up suddenly assuming a SHOOTERS STANCE with his hand on his sidearm unlocking the strap and then moving around VIOLENTLY like he was DODGING BULLETS! I WAS UNARMED AND ON TGE OTHER SIDE OF TGE TABLE BLOCKING MY ACCESS TO HIM and another female Res headed FBI. AGENT standing on the wall facing the camera window between the table end and the wall, also blocking my access, they both had sidearms the male on his belt and the female in her kangaroo pouch. I had no choice but to retreat because I was clearly under ASSAULT BY A BELLIGERENT ILLEGAL ALIEN ENEMY COMBATANT THAT HAD INFILTRATED INTO THE FBI IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. I then traveled immediately to report the incident of ASSAULT AND TERRORIST DEATH THREATS I RECEIVED IN THE AUSTIN FBI OFFICE. It is all RECORDED ON VIDEO. TAPE WITH SOUND RECORDING THAT WILL PROVE THE VERACITY OF MY CLAIM FOR PUNITIVE MONEY DAMAGES under RICO CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE LAW title 18 U.S.C. 981. In the precedent case (Austin vs. United States) the Supreme court ruled that asset forfeiture does NOT SERVE A REMEDIAL PURPOSE, a FALSE PREMISE espoused by Chief Judge George P. Kazen that claimed that the RICO filing was made to “REMEDY PERCEIVED WORLD DISORDER” clearly in CONFLICT with the precedent ruling of the Supreme court case cited in the COMPLAINT FOR TREASON at the Laredo Federal Courthouse. Before I filed the legal COMPLAINT for GENOCIDE AND LIFE INSURANCE MONEY FRAUD BEFORE 911 on April. 23, 2001 that was DISMISSED ON AUGUST 23, 2001, I interviewed with FBI Agent Ton Coleman in the Laredo FBI office FIVE SEPERATE TIMES BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Turned out Special Agent for the FBI Tom Colemann was another Israeli MOSSAD SPY. that had infiltrated into the FBI and that SUBVERTED THE INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION OF THE AUSTIN, FBI COMMUNIST ISRAELI MOSSAD AGENT (FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE GERMAN NAZI GESTAPO (

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