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The Keys to Successfully Creating Your Reality

HJ: We often hear spiritual teachers telling us that the world is but an illusion — what they mean is that the illusion is that anything exists independent of the contents of our…


How to Develop a Spiritually Sound Relationship With Money

HJ: Are you secretly sabotaging yourself in your relationship with money? If you are a highly spiritually inclined and aware individual, you may very well be.  For various reasons, during our lives we…


How to Get More Than You Ever Thought Possible From Your Manifestations and Prayers

HJ: We don’t know what we don’t know and most people don’t know that they are unwittingly limiting themselves nearly all the time and, of course, this then spills over into their attempts…


How to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You

HJ: The Law of Attraction is always in effect.  The key is to begin working with it in a way that brings you more of what you want and less of what you dont…


The Metaphysics of Money: How Your Mind and Spirit Control the Flow of Wealth in Your Life

HJ: Money is one of the big three — the other two being sex and religion — which engender the fiercest and most distorted reactions out of any subjects in the realm of human experience….


Are You Focusing on ‘What is Wrong’ or ‘What is Right’ With Your Life?

By Truth | The Healers Journal — One of the biggest challenges I see people facing that keeps them from expressing their full potential and manifesting what they truly desire is constantly focusing on ‘what…


What ‘The Secret’ Failed to Tell You About the Law of Attraction

HJ: The Law of Attraction is at once the most widely known and simultaneously misunderstood of the universal laws, thanks (in large part) to the surprise hit documentary ‘The Secret’.  While The Secret…


The Yoga of Money: How to Apply Your Spiritual Mastery to Cultivate Greater Abundance in Your Life

HJ: Spirituality and money are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, they go hand in hand as money is a natural expression of the abundance that is inherent in this universe.  Money is simply…


The Power of Looking Within For Healing: The Ancient Kahuna Rite of Ho’oponopono

HJ: After reading the first sentence of this article, I was hooked.  What is spoken of below is one of the most profound and powerful concepts in healing and self-awareness.  It is the…


How to Harness Eclipse Energies for Accelerated Emotional Healing and Freedom

HJ: Eclipses are like cosmic amplifiers — they amplify energy, intention, thought, emotion, vibration and manifestation.  If you maintain a vibration of gratitude, this will be amplified substantially and if you choose to…

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