How to Develop a Spiritually Sound Relationship With Money

HJ: Are you secretly sabotaging yourself in your relationship with money? If you are a highly spiritually inclined and aware individual, you may very well be.  For various reasons, during our lives we pickup limiting beliefs about the world around us and one of the most common in conscious, spiritual individuals is that commanding large sums of money is somehow impure or not necessary.  There is a pervasive belief in our society that money is somehow spiritually impure or that it is not needed for happiness.  Lets examine these individually…

1) Being rich or having large amounts of money is spiritually impure.  This is just not true at all, but is based on the fact that many wealthy people have questionable morals and may be lost in ego dramas.  Money simply magnifies your personality and level of consciousness.  If you are lost in ego drama and spiritually asleep, money will magnify these tendencies.  If you are highly conscious and aware, money will magnify these tendencies.  The fact is that most people in this day in age fall into the former category and so they are proportionally represented in the wealthy as well.  However, don’t be fooled.  Money is neutral and only magnifies ones existing tendencies.

2) You don’t need money to be happy.  It’s true — you don’t need money to be happy… BUT, that doesn’t mean that money can’t help you be happier than you are now and have a better quality of life.  Again, money only magnifies your personal tendencies.  If you are not happy to begin with, no amount of money will do that for you.  However, if you are already happy, then you better believe that money will almost definitely increase it.  Furthermore, the way our society is currently structured, money is necessary to meet our basic needs — food, shelter, clothing, etc.  If these are not properly addressed, then we will feel unfulfilled and it will affect our happiness.  Furthermore, if you constantly are worrying about making ends meet or how you will pay your bills, it will affect your happiness in a major way.  So while you don’t need money to be happy, money can definitely allow you to be happier in many regards.

And finally, we live in an infinitely abundant universe!  Any experienced lack is only a manifestation of the current level of human consciousness and specifically your level of inner awareness. If you choose to release beliefs of lack and replace them with beliefs in abundance — the true state of the universe — then you will see a corresponding shift in your life.  Give it some time and make sure you are not unknowingly holding on to beliefs that contradict abundance.  If you are in alignment, you will experience a massive shift, guaranteed.

– Truth

Energetic Value Exchange… How Energetic Is Your Bank Account?

By Kimberley Simon | Kimberley Simon | Bellesprit

There is great controversy amongst spiritual light and energy workers, creatives, healers, intuitives, and heart-centered innovators around the topic of money, as if money itself is anything but neutral. This dissension can show itself in polarized points of view, the result of our experience of duality; of separation from the divine itself.

When the subject of money arises, it can:

  1. Bring up friction, resulting in arguments or heated debate as it brings up your own personal, internal discomfort and confusion around money (or lack of money).
  2. Stir up a fear and survival-based anxiety that pushes you to do MORE, do it FASTER or SCRAMBLE to come up with cash as soon as possible.
  3. Cause you to choose to silence yourself (or to feel silenced) to avoid the topic and the accompanying friction completely.
  4. Poke something in you to vehemently express your opinions and beliefs in an effort to persuade or convince others that your point of view is the correct one.
  5. Bring up judgment and even self-righteous outrage, about other people who have wealth, as if their abundance is shameful, negative, wrong, or just not used correctly (the way you would use it or think that they should use it).

If EVERYTHING is ENERGY, and many of us recognize that fact with science now even able to support that ancient knowledge, how did we polarize money from everything else and make the decision that it deserves to be excluded from the energetic flow of everything?

Money itself is neutral… our perception, belief, judgment, experience with it, and at the root, our shame and lack of self-worth, had distorted the truth around money. Our own vibration or frequency can lower, thus decreasing our capacity to feel supported financially, due to the many distorted ideas and judgments that we carry within us about money. Some of these internal messages are not even OURS… they are old mass conscious beliefs that we’re immersed in regarding the subject, and they hold us down and back from contributing to others and serving at the degree that our heart longs for.

Just as with any other connection, our frequency or vibration is the key that dictates how we will experience any and every relationship in our lifetime (both personal and professional AND with money itself). Our frequency magnetizes resources, connections, clients, synchronistic offers, unexpected opportunities, and relationships of every kind, INCLUDING that relationship with the spiritual frequency of money itself.

Money does NOT equal happiness, no, absolutely NOT. What money does is allow you to share and serve from a wide open heart without the stress and anxiety around paying bills or taking care of unexpected life events (e.g. the washer broke down, the basement flooded, your pet needs veterinarian care, etc.) In fact, as your heart opens and you recognize the energetic frequencies of ALL that is created as well as all in the world of nature, your frequency and magnetism expands and brightens, your body softens and loosens any constrictions and tension, and life itself opens up to give you what you require to serve from fullness and unconditional love.

There is a movement to simplify and downsize to create a more fulfilled and value-laden life that focuses on what actually matters… relationships, a life of service and the freedom of being unencumbered by belongings and things that have no real meaning. This is one route to reconnecting with frequencies of freedom, peace, expansiveness, and the capacity to share and serve much more widely to reach more people and do more to help and heal others, and ultimately, the planet itself. It occurs naturally when you downsize and simplify with the intention of opening the door to more, to the more that most matters, and with the intention to allow grace and ease to enter your life… to heal the separation between you and the divine.

However, that route is often taken without the spiritually inspired and healing intention discussed above, so it remains clouded and distorted by internal, imposed messages that conflict with grace, and by the old mass conscious frequency that can include the influence of the archetype of martyr, judge or victim, for example. In fact, it is often discussed hand in hand with judgment or criticism of those who do NOT choose to adopt this way of living, which feeds the split between divine abundance in all of its forms, including money itself, and a life of loving service that also feeds us, body, mind and spirit, and allows us to thrive in all energetic fields and in the physical world itself.

Bringing the sacred into the everyday does NOT exclude money in the bank… far from it. Any judgment of the energetic frequency of money and any affinity to struggle is just another indicator of separation from the divine. Until we heal our own internal lack of self-worth and access the unconditional love that we really are as spirit in body on this planet, we are not fully able to heal, thrive, serve, give, and live the adventure of our lives as we were born to do, knowing ALL of who we are at the deepest level with extreme clarity, and allowing our natural abilities and gifts to grow and develop to their full potential, bringing us the joy, peace and freedom that truly allows us to live a life of service and assist others at levels beyond anything we’ve ever known in the past. This truly spirit-driven and inspired life brings the sacred into the everyday… so you can experience small miracles and the momentum that builds as you access the new conscious field of Oneness and unity.

In his book, The Alchemist’s Handbook, John Randolph Price writes, “Money is good. It is a spiritual idea in spiritual form, and therefore is unlimited.” (p 38)

Price also writes, “The Creative Mother… never considers economic situations. All she knows is boundless, unlimited abundance, and by law seeks to manifest infinite riches in the material world.” (p 76)

Price continues, “In Roman times, money was considered a gift from the Goddess, and was considered holy. Even the writers of the Bible recognized that being prosperous was equivalent to a life of beauty, happiness and freedom.

‘Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper.’ (3 John 2)

‘Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.’ (Psalms 1:3)

‘Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.’ (Psalms 122:7)

‘The pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.’ (Isaiah 53:10)

‘So shall my word… prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.’ (Isaiah 55:11)

‘The God of heaven, he will prosper us.’ (Nehemiah 2:20)

‘Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God, for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth.’ (Deuteronomy 8:18)

It was only after the early Christians heard that the pagans equated money with sex (the old masters knew it was based on the same energy) did Paul write ‘money is the root of all evil.’ (1 Timothy, 6:10) The ancient mythological belief was that the essence of silver and gold was the spirit of eroticism, and this obviously bothered Paul and influenced his views on both sexuality and money.

Now, what can you consciously believe is true regarding abundance in your life? You can look through spiritual eyes and see the truth that scarcity cannot exist in your life because it does not exist anywhere in the universe. And neither does the appearance of loss. There is no lack or limitation anywhere. Understand this.

You can also merge in conscious awareness with the Mother-Spirit and realize that you are the infinite Treasure House of Riches, which will help you to polarize in the highest vibration.” (pp. 70-71)

Most of us were raised with the messages, spoken or unspoken, that we must work HARD to succeed, that once we pass over and enter Heaven our suffering ends and we can then experience paradise, or that we’re worthless if we’re not ‘doing’ and ‘productive.’ However, we busy our minds with tasks for the to-do list to feel worthy rather than opening up to what God wants of us. We tend to decide what WE want, where WE want to live, what WE want to be doing, where WE want to work or how WE want to work, etc.

What if we slow down and ask God/the divine/Source what is wanted of us, where God wants us to be, how God wants us to serve? What can open up when we do that, fully trusting that answers will come to us?

What if we just take the action to follow the direction, even if it has to begin with one tiny step in the direction we’ve been given?

What if our faith was so deep that we judge nothing and no one? What if we knew ourselves so deeply that nothing could shake us or topple our connection to the new era of consciousness? This new era is commanding that we recognize that we deserve to experience all the fruit that energetic value brings, in any form, including that of money itself. Why would we choose to remain disconnected from the beauty and truth of that energetic relationship?

If we deeply explore our inner terrain (the energies that have a life of their own right in our body, as well as in other energetic fields that surround us) to recognize what we have denied as well as what we cling to, as if it is written in stone, we can renegotiate old contracts, clear imposed messages that we’re unaware of and heal what is not aligned with who we really are, to open space for the new era of consciousness to transform us, our lives, and our capacity to serve others and the planet.

We buried what was uncomfortable for us… shame, embarrassment, pain… and believed that we dealt with it and do not have to revisit it again, except it rears up now and again at the most unexpected times, and we run away from it and bury it more deeply, yet it won’t stay buried. What we buried in the dark or sludge remains in control of our current choices, decisions and actions. To revisit it by bringing light to it allows us to know ourselves so deeply, with love rather than judgment, but can be terrifying to think about doing.

To access the boundless frequencies that the new era of consciousness is making available to us now and to align with abundance, in its fullness, which includes the energetic frequency of money itself… watch what reaction comes up for you as you consider money as energy, what thoughts arise about the economy and people or organizations who hold wealth. If there is an ever-flowing stream of abundance energy on the planet, what do you need to open to, and heal, to receive of this energy? What holds you back from experiencing flow in all its forms? As we heal, our separation from abundance can heal.

It’s only money! Know that you deserve abundance in all of its forms and feed your spirit in unimaginable ways as you tell your new story and as all that is not in alignment with who you truly are falls away.

If what you’ve read calls to your heart and you’d like help to feel in flow, at peace, find clarity, resolve a challenge, or explore your next step, to be free and heal at deep levels… to tell a new story and experience the adventure of your life, contact Kimberley Simon at  Sign Up for the newsletter, like her on Facebook and rev up your zest for life. See more of her work on Bellesprit

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  1. I’m delighted to see the reprint of the article here in The Healers Journal! Thank you so much. It was originally published in Bellésprit Magazine ( & I am honored that you shared it here, with the valuable & inspirational wisdom you share to guide us through the shadows of the new conscious frequencies… to heal and grow. I appreciate your work and thank you again. I am tickled to be included in your “circle”.

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