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Demystifying the Law of Attraction: Understanding the Different Approaches to the Sacred Science of Manifestation

HJ: There are many different philosophies and approaches to working with the law of attraction and this can ultimately be bewildering, especially to someone new to the topic.  In can also cause one…


How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Hurdles to Successfully Manifesting Your Desires

HJ: One of the biggest misconceptions that exist regarding successfully manifesting your desires is that you simply need to shift your thoughts and then everything you want will simply appear in your life….


How Creative Visualization Techniques Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

HJ: Often times people struggle with the various goals they set for themselves in life despite a strong drive to achieve them. The reason for this is frequently because they are not leveraging…


Why You Don’t Need to Work Hard to Earn a Living: How to Manifest Effortlessly By Doing What You Love

HJ: Most people spend their entire lives not pursuing their passions and dreams and find life to be difficult, filled with unending insecurity, drudgery and end up never feeling fulfilled.  They struggle to…


Letting Abundance Flow into Our Lives: How to Shift Your Perception to Prosperity

HJ:  There is a quite beautiful lightness and flow to the article below which in part reflects the qualities that we need to cultivate within ourselves to tap into the abundance that is…


How to Free Yourself From Experiencing Frustration

HJ:  This is a great article that doesn’t need much of an introduction because it really contains just about everything you need to know about feeling frustrated — the how, the why, and…


Consciously Creating Your Life: The Keys to Making the Law of Attraction Work For You

HJ: The universe will bring to you what you focus on and resonate with — it’s that simple.  It works, every time, without fail — however, and this is key, is that it…


Why Some People Manifest Effortlessly and Others Don’t

HJ: First, let us be clear — everyone has the power to manifest effortlessly. The ability to manifest your dreams and desires is not some inborn talent that only a few lucky people…


The Power of Saying ‘Yes’: How to Transcend Your Limits and Step Into the Flow of Abundance

HJ: The universe responds dynamically to our thoughts, perceptions and most importantly, beliefs.  External rebellion is ironic in that it implies both a fundamental lack of understanding of the true nature of reality…


How to Harness The Incredible Manifestation Power Of Your Imagination

HJ: Your imagination holds the key to unlocking many of your manifestation abilities, that is, once it is liberated from the artificial boundaries of perception, limiting beliefs and is finally brought under conscious…

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