How to Become a Conscious Co-Creator of Your Reality

HJ: Whether or not you are aware of it, you are co-creating your reality.  The key is to make this process conscious and begin directing the course of your life with awareness.  The article below will guide you on how to take your life off auto-pilot and start living with passion and intention.

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Becoming Conscious Co-Creators of Reality

By Colleen-Joy Page | Trans4Mind | Inner Life Skills

If you choose to become a conscious co-creator of reality, think of this as a guide to your adventure of becoming all that you can be. Many people get stuck with the idea of creating reality because of not having a deeper understanding of the subject. Because it is a subject of such a profound nature, to oversimplify it would be to risk misunderstanding and limitation. As with all things it is best to trust your own inner sense of truth. Question everything, and dig to find your own wisdom. I offer you my understanding, but encourage you to find your own truth.Power
When we talk about the ability to create reality, we are in the realm of power. Reality creation is an issue of power and therefore we need to first understand what power really is. Here is a formula to understand power:

Power = Responsibility + Choice

Your sense of power is proportional to your ability to respond (response-ability, responsibility for your choices) and your awareness of choice. Therefore, to increase your power, you must increase your sense of responsibility and your awareness of choice. We feel powerless when we believe that we have no choice. We are empowered by increasing our awareness of choice.

We tend as humans to move from one extreme of a polarity to another. We do this out of fear. In our fear of powerlessness we move to the opposite extreme of believing that we are all powerful (+ power), in other words we exaggerate our sense of power. In our fear of being all powerful, we move to the extreme of believing that we lack power (-power), in other words we suppress our power. Neither extremes are true we when look from the place of our deeper wisdom. Our deeper wisdom tells us that we are both powerful and powerless, and that we find our place of true peace at the fulcrum, balanced between the two extremes.


By trying to exaggerate your power you take on the belief that you are all powerful and that every aspect of your outer reality is your creation and within your control. This leaves you burdened with other people’s choices and with the weight of the entire earth reality on your shoulders. Following this, if you created it all, you must also be responsible for it all, including other people’s actions and their choices. Other people’s realities are non existent, it’s all you and it’s all your fault. Even winter is your fault if we follow this reasoning. This doesn’t ring true at our deepest place of reason. For example, if you created winter you should be able to un-create it. But thinking “summer” thoughts for the rest of your days will not change the reality of winter. This belief leaves you feeling frustrated and in pain. If you live with this belief, you will carry other people’s burdens, responsibilities and even trying to interfere with their destinies. The healing for this is to accept the opposite polarity of power instead of being afraid of it and to give the reality of “powerlessness” a place. When you accept that there are aspects of reality that you do not create, that belong to the reality of earth (like winter) or are the creation of other people, you find peace. And ironically when you drop fighting the reality of powerlessness by trying to be all-powerful, this place of acceptance gives you more power to bring change in the world.

By trying to suppress your power, out of the fear of it, you will go to place of being in victim consciousness. At this extreme polarity you will hold the belief that you have no power, no choice and no responsibility. You resign from your place as a co-creator of your reality and blame others for what shows up in your world. The result is that you feel like a pawn in your own life. Your potential to grow and learn are severally stunted and you lose touch with your creativity, your ability to bring change, your individuality and your soul. You live in anger or fear of those that you believe have more power than you, or you live trying to steal, bargain, earn, seduce or beg for your resources. When you accept your responsibility for your reality and learn to create choices as well as be aware of the choices already in existence, you regain your power.

Like with most things, the truth is in the middle. At the balance point of the fulcrum of power, we become conscious. We acknowledge and accept where we do have choice, and we claim our power and take responsibility. And in that moment, we claim our peace and our power.

“You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust your sails” —anon.

The Deeper knowledge
We have explored the realm of power and now if we are to explore conscious co-creation at a deeper level, we must look at these two concepts:

  1. Conscious
    To be conscious is to be aware. If you are conscious of something you are aware of it. If you are unconscious, you are unaware. We shape our realities from both our conscious and unconscious aspects of self. For example, you may be trying to build a business and feel frustrated at why it continues to struggle. You may be consciously aware of all your efforts to create abundance and success. But you may not be aware of your unconscious fears and beliefs. These unconscious fears and beliefs have the power to sabotage your creations. Becoming conscious, is about bringing things out of the dark and into the light of your awareness. Getting to know yourself, spending time acknowledging your body’s feelings and exploring the root of your fears will help you to unpack the hidden forces in your life and to transform and heal them.
  2. Creation
    Let’s now make conscious the aspect of ourselves that has the ability to create. Are you creating your future? Can you change your future?

Time and your future timelines
If you are impacting your reality you must in some way be affecting your future. So let’s look at time and the concept of time lines to better understand how we co-create our reality.

Your body is convinced that time is linear. It looks back and sees a single past. It looks forward and sees an unknown future. It presumes that because it sees one past that there is one future. The soul has a very different view of time. It sees multi-dimensionally. In past life regression work for example, people often remember not only reviewing the past life that they did live, but also the timelines of that past life that they didn’t live. In other words, had they made other choices, they would have seen different consequences. The soul can review these unlived timelines from a soul state to gain more learning about their incarnation. Physical things decay, they are born and travel always towards a certain death. Your body models reality on this physical perception. At a soul level time looks very different.

Imagine a sphere with horizontal and vertical lines covering it, in a similar way to our images of an earth with longitude and latitude lines. Now imagine that all of the vertical lines represent linear time and all of the horizontal lines represent choice. As you move along a linear path vertically through your life experience, you can at any point shift along a horizontal “choice” to another vertical life path. Each vertical path has different sets of variables and consequences; it represents a different time line.

The lines are not finite but extend into a circular sphere. The poles are points of multiple time line intersection. Here are the points of Alpha and Omega, where cycles begin and end and yet true to any cycle have no real end and no beginning. The horizontal lines are infinite, going round and round, therefore showing us that there are always an infinite array of choices at every juncture of our life’s progression. We have maximum free will.

Do you create the timelines?
Strictly speaking it may be more true to use the word “choose” rather than create. Imagine that all of the time lines already exist, that every possible potential experience waits dormant before you. Some timelines remain dormant; others are brought to life in response to your ever changing inner reality. Every choice you make, every intention that you fix, every conscious and unconscious motivation, combined with the deeper wisdom and guidance of your soul, brings certain timelines to life and subdues others.

Navigating timelines is not easy, because there are so many variables at play. There is the power of your own inner world: your choices, your intentions, you’re conscious and unconscious motivations, your beliefs, your soul’s intentions for this lifetime; all combined with the power of an external reality that has its own rules. Your external reality is a mix a physicallaws like gravity, other people’s realities, choices and actions, as well as the combined collective timelines built by groups of minds and souls. Each couple family, community and country contributes to the collective reality of life on earth.

All of this happens on the surface of our symbolic timeline sphere. On the surface we direct our consciousness into linear experiences of time, choice and consequence. We navigate our own personal timelines as well as the collective timelines and realities of us all.

The place of ultimate creative power
If you want to find the place of true creative power where a person is able to influence the collective realities and external realities of the planet,you must look deeper than the surface to the center. All the while beneath the surface is a centre that sits in peace and stillness.

We earn our right to operate from this centre of power by operating from within the nature of the consciousness that resides there. The nature of consciousness at the center of the sphere is the truest expression of what it means to be a soul. It is connected to our source, our god consciousness.

On the surface, we are entangled in the extremities of space-time reality; we experience fear because we buy in to the reality of beginnings and endings, and because we buy into the reality of separation. The reality of linear beginnings and endings and separation only exists on the surface of our consciousness. At the centre of our being we know ourselves as one, we experienced unity and timelessness. At the centre we do not operate from a place of fear and survival, we operate from a place of peace, wisdom and love. The power to alter collective and external realities is only acquired from the deepest place of peace wisdom and love. This protects the earth reality from the abuse of this power.

When you are in the centre of the sphere you exit the realm of space-time reality. You sacrifice part of your power to learn from a place of powerlessness and shadow. When moving your point of consciousness away from the centre and onto the grid of timelines, you enter into space time reality, armed with infinite choice to experience your self in various dimensions, to learn, grow and be all things. While incarnated we can learn to become aware of the part of ourselves that exists at the centre, but in doing so we challenge our body’s reality which is anchored in a fear driven linear reality.

Being a human means accepting with humility the external reality that we face until we find true peace, wisdom and love and earn the power to inspire and create change in the world. Fighting reality, instead of accepting it, causes what you are fighting to grow in strength instead of diminishing it. The saying that what you resist persists is relevant here. Acceptance brings the power to transform. We accept when we have wisdom, peace and love.

Future realities are not separate things like roads that lie ahead for you to walk on. The future is the collective reality being built by groups of individuals. It is the path you build each day with each thought, decision and intention and it is the highway we build together as groups in families, countries and on earth.

The power to change winter, or affect collective external reality lies not on the surface where our egos and fear have dominion. The power to change the winter lies in a deep sacred place at the center of all Being, and if you managed even for a moment to be there it is likely that in your wisdom and peace you would not to judge the winter, or fear it. It is likely that instead you would bow to it with respect and reverence. In that moment a bridge is built between the reality of the shadow and the reality of the light. And it only takes one light to illuminate even the darkest of spaces. The conscious co-creator of reality works from the centre of his or her being, in peace, with wisdom and love to build bridges from the shadow to the light.

From the office of Colleen-Joy Page, The Academy of Metaphysics. Colleen specializes in training others in powerful tools like intuition and dream work. To find out about her InnerLifeSkills interactive CD and workbook home study course, visit Inner Life Skills.

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