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Why People Behave As They Do: Understanding How the Mind Works and It’s Influence on How We Act

HJ: This is a highly useful article, especially for self-reflection and personal understanding, but it is to be noted that it focuses primarily on maladaptive behaviors we adopt as coping mechanisms to fit…


How to Achieve Your Dreams: Developing the Qualities that Lead to Success and Happiness

HJ: In a general sense, as humans, we all have the same experiences in life uniquely tailored to our own specific situation.  For example, we all experience happiness, frustration, adversity, pain, joy, empathy…


Understanding the Advancement of Human Consciousness: Why You Need to Prepare Yourself for Greater Levels of Awareness

HJ:  When we finally reach that point in life where we become firmly committed to bettering ourselves, achieving greater levels of understanding and awareness and ultimately raising our consciousness, we tend to become…


World Crisis as Opportunity: The Re-Emergence of the Wisdom of Humanity

HJ: Reality is your perception of what is.  Some of you choose to see a world in crisis — one on the brink of disaster and collapse.  Still others choose to see a…

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