Understanding the Advancement of Human Consciousness: Why You Need to Prepare Yourself for Greater Levels of Awareness

HJ:  When we finally reach that point in life where we become firmly committed to bettering ourselves, achieving greater levels of understanding and awareness and ultimately raising our consciousness, we tend to become impatient with our progress at times.  One of the most frequent things I hear from those individuals who seek my counsel and advice is ‘why are things taking so long to manifest?’  I myself have also, at times, felt like things were moving slower than I wanted them to.  There is a reason for this and it is explained below.  Essentially, our mental capacity for intellectual understanding can often exceed our ability in spiritual and practical terms.  If this gap gets too large it can cause imbalance and lead to issues that could be avoided with proper preparation and pacing. This can lead one severely off the path into regression or even into states of despair and depression if not properly understood.  Therefore, we have a built in ‘self-pacing’ mechanism that helps us to maintain balance during the process of raising consciousness and awareness.  It is an interesting concept and one that can help you to better understand where you currently are and why you are there, especially if you find yourself frustrated or confused with your progress at times.

– Truth

The Canal Analogy

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Rainbow Phoenix

Is there an opening message please?

That there is indeed an opening message that this Awareness wishes to present at this time. That it is a message designed to help individuals understand the nature of the personal journey that they are on, by use of an analogy. An analogy that will bring forward the concept of canals that are used for shipping purposes to overcome obstacles. That for those who are familiar with canal systems, that they are designed so that the boats can go through the canals, go along the canals and when they reach a place where the canal is at a higher level, they enter into a canal lock. That this is a two door situation whereby the canal boat or the ship using the canal enters from that which is the lower level and the doors behind are closed and locked. That water is then poured into the lock itself and the ship rises up until it is at the higher level of the canal that runs on the other side of the exiting lock doors. When the two levels are equal, the outer locked doors are opened, and the boat flows out, continuing its journey along the canal, this time at a higher level than when it entered into the lock.
In this way a boat can be raised up and over the heights and it is even possible to lift a boat from sea level so that it can pass over hills and even mountains, if this was the design. hat this example, this analogy can be understood to be very similar to the raising of human consciousness to reach new heights, so that one can proceed on the journey of their lives. That at a lower level, if the level of the higher canal that exists on the opposite side of the lock is opened, then the waters from the higher level would swamp the lock which is still at a lower level and overwhelm the lock and the lower canal system. Therefore safety measures are built into the lock system so that this cannot happen for it is well understood that if the locked doors to the higher levels were opened, that this could be disastrous.

As it is so with the advancement of human consciousness that at lower levels, the opening to the higher levels of consciousness is controlled so that a disastrous flood of waters from the higher level do not overwhelm the vessel at the lower level of water in the lock and the canal that precedes the lock, that comes up to the lock. Furthermore due to the laws of physics, it is much harder to open the lock from the higher level because of the greater pressures of the waters at that higher level.

This is why as people seek to go to higher levels that they cannot simply open the first door and walk through for they would also be overwhelmed. That the pressure against the locked doors from the higher levels is so great that it is difficult to open these doors in an actual canal lock. That this changes radically when the waters are raised in the lock, the vessel brought to the higher level whereupon the doors can more easily be opened since the pressures are now equal. That this allows a safe journey to higher and higher levels and it is the concern of Spirit Itself to prevent this overflow situation from ever occurring for those who are not yet ready for the higher levels of consciousness. Thus it is so for many who would wish to go into higher states but have not done the preparatory work involved, have not raised their general level of consciousness to a level higher that is equal to the energies of consciousness that lie at those higher levels to move forward.

Often individuals have an intellectual curiosity to higher levels of consciousness. That they have read about it, they have studied about it, but there is also, as this Awareness so often has said in the past, work that does need to be done at one’s own basic personal level to raise their general consciousness to that heightened level, whereupon the doors o the new level of consciousness can be fully opened and one can sail their vessel of consciousness forward on the new levels.

That this happens time and time again as the heights are scaled in this perhaps slow and tedious manner, but eventually one does reach a new height, a new pinnacle, whereby one is now at the heightened levels of consciousness and can sail clearly and cleanly onwards.

Therefore this Awareness using this analogy suggests that those who are underway on the journey of a lifetime, on the journey of raising consciousness, be patient with the slow and tedious way that seems to be in effect. That being impatient and simply wishing to be at heightened levels without proper preparation can be quite overwhelming and disastrous for those who are unprepared.

Spirit has great love and great concern for the spiritual adventurer, Spirit understands that you would not put a child, for example, in a situation far beyond its capacity. You would not expect a child to stop the crawling process so that it can stand up and start to haul a heavy cart behind it. There are stages needed before one’s strength, even one’s ability, has reached a level whereby they could perhaps draw a cart behind them, but a child just learning to crawl cannot be expected to do so. Thus patience is required but so is a willingness to do the inner work, even if apparently the inner work does not immediately get results. It is a continuum, a continuous process that is underway and when the heights need to be scaled, do be patient to realize that it does sometimes take a while to fill a lock, to raise one’s level of consciousness whereby their general knowing of things is at a level that they can proceed at these higher levels of consciousness.

That this completes today’s opening message.

Thank you Awareness. This is much appreciated.

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  1. Thank you, HJ, Will and Cosmic Awareness. Of course, a message I need to hear. I am just so excited for this time it is a challenge to pace myself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. What a comprehensive description! So very helpful and supportive. This does indeed enhance my understanding. Thanks, all!

  3. Oh! And just for a wee laugh, try saying “canal analogy” fast 3 times! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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