Saint Germaine
forest creation

St. Germaine: Learn From 11-11-11

St. Germaine via Ute I AM St. Germain! Dearest Ones, After the 11.11.11 High Point, every one seems to withdraw into a space of dis-illusionment. Many hoped to forever escape the 3dimensional…

whisps of light

Saint Germaine: Prepare Yourselves for Ascension

St. Germain via Ute Dearest Ones, It is time for you, who are desiring to ascend, to seriously prepare yourselves. Ascension is not just a casual matter without your own preparation, – …

tree heart

Saint Germaine: A Message to All Freedom Fighters

  St. Germaine via Zilanthrah / Greetings my Beloved Freedom Fighters! I greet you with magnificent news. The shift of the ages is marching forward and you are at the front lines, my…

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