St. Germaine: Learn From 11-11-11

St. Germaine via Ute

I AM St. Germain!

Dearest Ones,

After the 11.11.11 High Point, every one seems to withdraw into a space of dis-illusionment. Many hoped to forever escape the 3dimensional realm.
Many hoped that from now on and suddenly your earth and the fundament of human society would be changed, so that you all would wake up to a new world.

There have been channeled and other messages, proclaiming this!

Now, dear Ones, ask yourself, exactly at this very moment, what is the vision in your heart! Is it that peace and detachment from the 3dimensional world rests there? Is it that you see and feel a humanity which is Love and acts as one single body? Do you feel the sun of awakened Divine awareness  rising in your heart and in that of your fellow humans?

If you can answer with a clear “yes”, then your personal wold Is changed already and your experience, and you have been waking up to a world being of a Divine nature.

That you did not wake up to a new world and existence is showing you that you have  still to walk on a path of further awakening. There are so many illusions you still have to recognize and to transcend in order to enter your true path of ascension. You have to become serious in your aspiration and stop dreaming on the wrong path. Escape is not possible, only self-transcendence.

Ascension requires from you what has been taught to you from the ancient masters and teachings, and it has not been changed, just because the universe is evolving. The spiritual teachers of the past have done nothing else but helping their students to enter the path of evolution at a time where others didn’t even dream about it.

The difference now is that this opportunity is not only offered to a few but to all humanity, because the darkness on your planet is vanishing. But only truly if you actively participate in it. The light that has been realized and demonstrated by the Masters of your past by showing and transmitting it to their disciples, this light is now pouring exponentionally increasing onto your earth. It is this light which works as your master, as it is conscious, but it must be your part in this process to consciously allow it  to transform you.

The path of the disciple has not changed, it is the path of  surrender, which is surrender to the light and it’s message which is ultimately Pure God Consciousness. The Light ignites your ancient inheritance and memory of who you are, and which is light itself, Light meeting and uniting with Light.
And this awakens your higher consciousness.

Densities and their levels are equivalent to levels of consciousness. If you enter the Divine Heart above density, even the highest and most subtle one, you are free forever.

There are then – as it is said “many mansions in My House”, and ascension is not just one single level of consciousness, all humanity would share from the beginning. There are levels of awakening, but the feeling heart, the center of your being, is the all-uniting abode which is the Gift of God to you to experience your Oneness.

Dear ones, it is not up to you, to judge and know where others in this process are. Each one follows their own path, but what is important is, that you understand, that the awakening of humanity does not happen in a blink of an eye while you are still sleeping deeply in your dreams of a world of bold illusions.

Without your self-responsibility to awaken to your next level in conscious awareness of yourself, which lifts you above mere thinking into your truly feeling heart and space of awareness, ascension is not a question.

Even if your planet shifts, only those can be aware of this, who have been lifted to higher awareness. Without it there is no ascension and no New World. Without it you continue in the world you know.

You have now been given the time, after much preparation and teachings from masters and more evolved friends from the universes, to take advantage of all of these given means, to change and allow yourself to be lifted up to what you originally are or have been. Without work this will not happen, however.
The  prove has been given to you, that mere hoping and dreaming does not  change your consciousness and the place of your level of evolution.

This is the teaching of this latest event of 11.11.11. Take  this to heart, dear ones, and learn from it!
We are always at your disposal, we are always there to help! Where there is the true disciple, the Master appears.

Love to you, dear ones, and be Blessed on your path!
I AM St. Germain

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions about sharing it, please contact me. Thank you.

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