Manifestation Techniques

Understanding Your Mind: How Your Beliefs Create and Influence Reality

HJ: Many of us make the mistake of believing that the laws of physics and science are supreme laws that govern reality, when, in fact, they are only subsidiary laws of the larger…


How to Manifest Your Destiny With Imagination, Devotion and Courage

HJ: There are certain ‘key traits’ that one needs to develop and cultivate if they truly wish to begin manifesting their destiny and ultimately begin creating their lives according to the larger vision…


What It Takes to Begin Manifesting Successfully: How to Access Your Full Creative Potential

HJ: The primary reason that individuals are not able to successfully manifest in a near instantaneous fashion is that they are unconsciously holding beliefs that are in some way opposed to the very…


Mastering Your Mind: Understanding the Difference Between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

HJ: There is great confusion over the conscious and subconscious mind — where does one end and the other begin? Is there a clear boundary? Which has more influence on our lives? Are…


How to Make Affirmations Work For You, Even If They Haven’t in the Past

HJ: In addition to the advice offered below, I would like to add a few things.  1) When you are repeating your affirmations, be as focused and full of intent as possible. Cut…


Demystifying the Law of Attraction: Understanding the Different Approaches to the Sacred Science of Manifestation

HJ: There are many different philosophies and approaches to working with the law of attraction and this can ultimately be bewildering, especially to someone new to the topic.  In can also cause one…


Understanding The Journey of the Soul: How You Choose Life Experiences and Create Your Reality

HJ: The journey of the soul is one of an increasingly deeper understanding of the self and hence the reality in which one finds themselves.  The irony of this is that you truly…


How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Hurdles to Successfully Manifesting Your Desires

HJ: One of the biggest misconceptions that exist regarding successfully manifesting your desires is that you simply need to shift your thoughts and then everything you want will simply appear in your life….


Why You Don’t Need to Work Hard to Earn a Living: How to Manifest Effortlessly By Doing What You Love

HJ: Most people spend their entire lives not pursuing their passions and dreams and find life to be difficult, filled with unending insecurity, drudgery and end up never feeling fulfilled.  They struggle to…


Letting Abundance Flow into Our Lives: How to Shift Your Perception to Prosperity

HJ:  There is a quite beautiful lightness and flow to the article below which in part reflects the qualities that we need to cultivate within ourselves to tap into the abundance that is…

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