What It Takes to Begin Manifesting Successfully: How to Access Your Full Creative Potential

HJ: The primary reason that individuals are not able to successfully manifest in a near instantaneous fashion is that they are unconsciously holding beliefs that are in some way opposed to the very thing they are trying to manifest.  The majority of humanity is not aware in the slightest of the beliefs they hold at a core level and that define their reality.  They have never actually turned their gaze inward and begun to explore and probe the depths of their own consciousness and therefore there are many areas of it that highly influence their reality and thoughts simply operating on autopilot.

Ones beliefs, which define the framework of their reality, operate in the background of ones awareness and it requires some ‘digging’ and conscious introspection and searching to uncover and identify them.  Then one can see where they are holding themselves back not just in terms of manifestation, but in any aspect of their lives.  This is the internal work we are all here to do.  This is the work that truly advances consciousness and takes ones awareness to new levels and it is also the key that unlocks ones ability to manifest.

Those who doubt the law of attraction do not know what they do not know and also cannot see above the level of perception that they are at.  Reality is not what it seems at first glance.  One must look behind the curtain (to use a Wizard of Oz metaphor) to see what is really occurring.  As long as one is hypnotized by the lights and sounds (reality as it appears at first glance) they will not see the man behind the curtain (how reality actually operates).  The vast majority of humanity at this time is hypnotized by the lights and sounds.  The process of becoming conscious and aware is learning to look behind the curtain in every aspect of ones life.  This will unlock your full potential far beyond your wildest dreams.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Question Thank you, Cosmic Awareness. Our next question is from TH. “Do you have to be ultra-positive to have manifestation happen faster vs. being drawn out? Is positivity the most efficient way as a creator being to create reality at hyper-speeds?”

In actuality it is not about being positive or even negative that ensures hyper-speed in manifestation. It is rather whether or not there are any contrary beliefs below the surface that could sabotage the manifestation process. For example, one could be very positive and yet an unconscious belief is that it could never happen. The example that this Awareness wishes to give is that of the positivity around achieving wealth that so many hold and have; that they hold a positive attitude that they will have wealth and abundance in their life, and yet it does not happen. It is because the underlying unconscious belief may be such that it is negative to the purpose and the positivity.

Thus, if one on the surface is positive about one’s ability to manifest wealth and holds it as so, being totally positive, but if the same person holds at the unconscious level that wealth is corrupting, wealth is evil, that those who have wealth are controllers and manipulators, and if this is a strong and unconscious belief, it will cancel altogether the ability to manifest wealth and abundance. It is this subconscious/unconscious belief that creates the problem and prevents manifestation at any speed, and many hold these deep beliefs, these unconscious beliefs. Many do not look deeply within themselves. They feel that simply holding positive attitudes will make all possible.

There is one aspect here that is of worth to note in this. If one holds a positive attitude and affirms this over and over, the affirmation process may eventually change the deeper unconscious beliefs, and this being of a positive nature, thus can be helpful and beneficial. But again, it is not a guarantee that one will be able to manifest quickly, or at all, if one does not deal with the inner unconscious beliefs.

To do this, one must be willing to dig deeply into one’s psyche, go deeply into the subconscious to work out what one’s deepest beliefs are about certain matters, especially matters around the manifestations of what one wishes for in one’s life. If it is so that any level of a negative belief exists, that this negative belief must be exposed, must be faced and must be released so that a reprogramming of the core beliefs can occur that actually are favorable to manifesting. Thus, if one holds at the unconscious/subconscious level that bringing wealth into one’s life will destroy one’s moral character and corrupt the individual, that belief must be fully exposed. Where did it come from? Who passed it on? How did the indoctrination of this belief occur? Once this has been seen and determined, one can then confront it. One can then release it. One can then reprogram, putting a new belief in. For example, when the negative belief is confronted and released, the new belief could be that Spirit is Abundance. Spirit denies no one access to abundance
and wealth. If this new belief, this much more enlightened and positive belief, is firmly established in the subconscious, then manifestation can occur of bringing wealth and abundance into one’s life, for now the positive statement has a positive charge behind it and manifestation can occur.

Question: Cosmic Awareness, this question is from FS. “How does one bring about instant manifestation of thought?”

This question is of importance. It is a difficult question to answer, for as so often is the case, paradox is involved in this matter. Instant manifestation is exactly that which is occurring in all individuals’ lives. All of humanity is instantly manifesting the reality of their experience through what is held by the low self as beliefs, as the indoctrination of beliefs that have affected and influenced the individual and that guide the individual. Thus it is that each individual has an expectation of what life is about.

For example, in the United States of America, it is the indoctrinated belief that all have the right to health and happiness and well-being and financial security and abundance. This could be loosely described as the American Dream, whereby all are able to have a house, to have income to survive on, live on and to purchase the material things of life that are designated as those things that will make one happy. In this matter, they then work to achieve this. They instantly manifest in their lives the circumstances in accordance to the level of their belief, in accordance to how strongly they believe they are entitled to the good life.

Thus it is that there is a personal element in this matter. While they are instantly creating for themselves the beliefs they hold, those very beliefs qualify what they are instantly creating. Therefore, the majority believes that only through hard work, by maintaining status quo, by upholding the government and projecting that they have the right to personal freedom and happiness, can they achieve their goals. Yet there are many variations on this theme, many different expressions of this.

Thus there are many who may believe in the American Dream but also hold personal beliefs that at this time it is difficult to achieve those dreams and to hold to the reality that they wish to believe in. Therefore, it seems to them they are not instantly manifesting what they wish for. For many this involves large amounts of money and the belief that large amounts of money will make it possible for them to be happy, to purchase the stuff of their lives that they are told are important matters, and that they are told will make them happy.

This would therefore seemingly support that one cannot instantly manifest when one wants something. For example, how many are able to instantly manifest a million dollars because they want one million dollars? This is not about instant manifestation, for as this Awareness has said, all human beings instantly manifest their reality around them in accordance to the conscious and unconscious beliefs that they hold, that have been instilled in them, installed in them, and indoctrinated into them.

There is a difference between wishful thinking and the reality of materialization, that which actually occurs. If one could get past the personal objections, those personally sabotaging beliefs that the subconscious holds, if one can truly believe and hold to be true that one can manifest instantly one million dollars, then this could be achieved, but it is simply not realistic for the majority of individuals. The ones who can manifest at that level are extremely rare. There is not an availability at this time to instantly materialize simply because one wants something.

One can begin to understand the rules that govern materialization. One can understand that the Law of Attraction has effect, but one must go beyond the Law of Attraction as that which will bring everything to one, to understand that the Law of Attraction itself is governed by the deeper nature of the psyche, of the low self’s ability to be won over, to totally believe that what is being asked for can be brought forward and will be brought forward. The problem that this Awareness has so often spoken of is that the low self’s programming is such that there are implanted in the programming those beliefs that actually would work against instant manifestation by intent, by focus, and instead create instant manifestation from unconscious levels, thus making it possible for each and every individual to have the physical experience that they are having.

If one would wish to have their wishes granted for them, their desires, then one must be willing to delve deeply into the subconscious, into the programming, and to alter it, to work on it, to release the negative beliefs that underlie the belief system held by each and every individual. This does take work.

Unfortunately, many think that instant manifestation can be achieved only by saying, “I want this! I wish for that!” and not doing the deeper work, not realizing the power of the low self to grant or deny the instant manifestation, more often denying it than achieving it and providing it. Therefore, the nature of this question does lead to the examination of one’s own inner workings, one’s own inner programming, and if one is willing to look deeply and to do the work, to expose the negative and hidden beliefs that are held at the low self level, one can begin to experience instant manifestation at a more active level. Many individuals are doing this now in this period of transition, and many are experiencing
instant manifestation, or at the least, manifestations that are happening quite quickly.

It does take a great deal of trust and belief to truly believe that if one wishes for something, it can manifest instantly in front of the individual. Ultimately, this is the capacity of each human being, each individual, to be able to supersede the laws and rules of 3rd dimensionality that themselves are set against such conscious manifestation and it is possible to instantly materialize something before oneself, but it is not the norm yet.

Work toward creating this in your life, dig deep, work hard, understand that you, the individual has the right to reach this level, but it is not an instant given. It does require responsibility. It does require work. It does require commitment. As one exhibits these qualities and is diligent in their efforts, they will experience a quickening of the powers to manifest, to draw into their lives the positive rewarding factors that so many are seeking. This completes this answer.

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  1. So great to see a New Age writer paying attention to apostrophes – in this case though, (“ones”), it DOES take the apostrophe. One’s beliefs.

    It’s pretty much only “it” that doesn’t take the apostrophe in the possessive.

    Thank you for listening to my pettiness. It’s just that our beliefs are so often ridiculed as being dumb; it does help, in my opinion, to make sure our grammar’s correct.

  2. Yes there usually is a disconnect to what we believe and affirm at a conscious level and what we hold at a subconscious level. I would urge the use of hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious as a faster and easier way to achieve the manifestation of what we want rather than the effort to accomplish by the conscious mind. Also very true that we may find the abundance of our American Dream can be both material and spiritual.
    Gerry feel free to check my grammar and punctuation as like HJ focus on the content not the rules of conscious presentation. Think you need to look within my friend as you struggle getting past the surface. I agree many writers are easy to disregard with poor grammar thus intelligence. Not here. Contribute ideas.

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