A Simple But Powerful Practice for Creating More Synchronicities in Your Life

By Lori Mariani, LCSW, CYT | Lotus Spiral


“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

~ Carl Jung

I see the world as an intricately woven web of connection from I to you, plant to animal, inanimate to animate – all is one. I try to allow for the organic manifestation of experience through the balance of observation and action. At times, the guides on this path are the synchronistic patterns of life found in the reciprocal nature of sleep and wake states to each and every interaction along the way.

My Dream

A month or so ago, I had this dream where I stood in a circle of people explaining my views of life while holding an onion. An onion, I claimed, “is a reflection of our experience.” I had the sense that my words where clearing the minds of everyone with many approaching me to say, “Yes, the onion! Thank you so much!” The next morning I awoke with this recollection and said out loud “the onion.”

While nestled in the ways of linear time, I moved on with the idea of the onion being a facilitator of conversation during a session with a client but not much more. Yet the onion had other plans as it continuously surfaced in print and conversation. The other day, I laughed out loud as I stumbled over a fresh onion in my path. “Okay fine,” I thought, I will look deeper into the onion…

Symbolism of the Onion

I could take this opportunity to go on and on about the wondrous symbolism brought to us by the onion. How its appearance in my dream is a call to meditation and self-reflection, a message that I too need to go deeper. I could say how the onion is a multifaceted structure with an ability to protect itself by bringing humans to tears upon fracturing its flesh.

I would then layer this knowledge atop challenges in human life as we project our outer layers of identity and personality to protect our inner core of self. Of course then I would say that tears and crying are a natural process that allow for a flushing of hormones elicited by stress. The overall message would be that we must have the courage to move through the tears that come as we peel the false beliefs, personality traits and protective strategies that trap our true selves.

Yes, it offers an important lesson in deed. Yet, I sense it is equally important for this writing to share the majestic ways of synchronicity.

Majestic Experience

In his book entitled Synchronicity, psychologist Carl Jung offered to us this notion of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences which demonstrate the intricate connection of our internal and external worlds. This idea of a random-less reality brings fluidity to our rigid beliefs of cause and effect highlighting the illusory nature of reality.

I see synchronicity as the gift of awareness offering a sense of grounding or connection to all that is beyond the individual experience. For me it is a key, opening up genuine appreciation for everything from the ant carrying a fragment of leaf across the jungle floor to the grand swoops of a red tailed hawk.

Emotional Overdrive

We all go through times where emotions and thoughts try to take over making us see the world through the lens of emotionality. When consumed by emotions it is easy to shut out the world as we settle deeply into our selves, hyper-focused on how “I feel.” Of course it is okay to feel but shutting out the external world will not help us heal or mature.

When we engage in awareness of the external, with openness to the possibility for lessons, the internal woes lose their grip as our perspective shifts. The world offers a reflection of our selves, all we have to do is look. Experience is a teacher not only about the individual but our place within the grand design.

Getting in Touch

So how do we get in touch with the synchronistic ways of life and living? For me, awareness is a first step. Whether in nature or down town Hong Kong, I remain open to all that is through activation of my senses. I look down at my path, up towards the sky, to the plants, animals or objects on my sides and back from where I came. I focus on what I hear and see around me with genuine curiosity and graciousness for life.

Within our deep moments of emotionality the synchronistic offerings help us connect the ‘I’ with the ‘we’. The weaving of nature and experience or the external and internal worlds, allow us to clear our lenses of emotionality anchored in the pull of the past and push of the future.

When we choose to open our eyes, we may not like what we see. Try looking without the binary judgments of good/bad or right/wrong for their definitions have been created for you not by you. Instead take what is presented as information for change.

Call upon your will to do something different by opening up to all that is to discover all you are. Depression resides in a focus on the past, anxiety in the future, freedom is found in the knowledge of present awareness (adapted from a quote by Lao Tzu.)

Lori Mariani, LCSW, CYT is passionate about blending her appreciation for nature and life in her work as a clinical therapist. She calls upon her training in psychology, yoga, Reiki and EMDR to help people form a relationship with themselves beyond the internal battles and external influences. Read more of Lori’s thoughts and offerings on her website and blog, http://www.Lotusspiral.com.

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