How to Use the Powerful Violet Flame Energies for Deep Healing and Rejuvenation of the Mind and Body

HJ: Results always speak loudest. I invite you try the technique outlined by Ian below and experience for yourself just how powerful the violet flame energies can be.  And remember, practice makes perfect.  The more time and energy you spend getting better at calling in and using this energy, the more effective it will be.  And believe me, in this case, it’s well worth the effort…

– Truth

The Violet Flame – What is it and how to use it

By Ian Brown |


Many of us have heard of the Violet Flame to assist with spiritual growth. But what exactly is it and how do we use it?

What is the Violet Flame?

The Violet Flame is a tool that has been gifted to humanity from the higher dimensions and is utilised through visualization and intent. Its purpose, put simply, is to transmute anything to a higher vibration by energizing or purifying it through the focus of the Violet Flame. When anything, including ourselves, is cleansed or purified, the energetic vibration rises and this progresses us on our spiritual path.

Everything that we can see, touch and even think is just energy. We know that our energy goes to what we focus on, so it follows that if we focus positive, transmuting violet energy such as the Violet Flame to an object, place or situation, the energy of that which we focus on will receive the Violet Flame and be transmuted.

Violet is the highest vibration color in the visible spectrum. Of all the colors we can see, violet has the shortest wavelength, and for comparison red is at the other end of the visible light spectrum with the longest wavelength. Violet is also the color of the seventh ray, and the Violet Flame is the ‘spiritual fire’ of this ray. One could just as easily invoke a violet ray or a violet light; however the human mind associates fire with the alchemical process and cleansing, and as such the Violet Flame is a very powerful visualization and this makes it an effective tool.

Where does the Violet Flame come from?

Most people associate the Violet Flame with Saint Germain, the Ascended Master who incarnated for a number of lives including the Comte de Saint-Germain, which is where his name comes from. He is credited with bringing the Violet Flame into the collective consciousness of humanity.

The Violet Flame is also associated with Archangel Zadkiel, the keeper of the Seventh Ray. Each of the seven rays (which correspond in color to the seven chakras) has an archangelic keeper.

How to us the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is put to effect though visualisation. It can be envisaged as emanating from the body, such as through the palms of the hands, the heart or from the third eye; it can be envisaged as just appearing around an object; or it can be envisaged as being delivered by Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel or any other being of purity beyond the veil. It can be sent to a situation, a relationship, an illness, an object or person (with permission if not the self), Mother Earth; basically anything. You can, if you wish to, invoke the Violet Flame in the name of Saint Germain or Archangel Zadkiel. If you do, remember to thank them at the completion of the process.

VIOLET FLAME article graphic

If one wished to use the Violet Flame on themselves, I suggest the following: Imagine you are looking at yourself from a few metres away, in an standing position. Now imagine the Violet Flame starting on the ground, and slowly growing so the flame encompasses the feet. The flame feels slightly coolish and may feel tingly. Imagine the flame growing larger and the violet flames slowly rising up the body, covering the legs, abdomen, chest and arms, then up and over the head. Your body is now totally encompassed by the Violet Flame, but it is not just on the outside – the flame is penetrating and permeating every part of the body, down to the cellular level. While envisioning the Violet Flame in and around the body, the following can be repeated over and over:

“I am a being of Violet Fire. I am the purity God desires”.

When you feel the process is complete, imagine the flames dissipating lower back towards the ground until the flame is no more.

Not everyone resonates with the violet flame, and of course that is fine. It is just one of a number of tools that have been provided to us for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and purity.

Ian Brown is a Complementary Therapist and Ascension Counsellor in Melbourne, Australia and is committed to helping people work through their spiritual awakening. He is Vegan and is passionate about the environment. You can connect with Ian at or

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  1. I am impressed with the amount of helpful tools availabe geared towards spiritual enlightenment

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