How to Shift Your Brain into The Expanded Gamma Wave State

HJ: The Gamma Wave state is one of the highest and most expanded forms of consciousness, normally only seen in advanced meditators, monks and spiritual masters.  However, there are ways to get into the state without spending years or even decades meditating.  The quickest is to use the Gamma Wave Sound Healing available here: Gamma Wave Sound Healing Download.

Beyond that Meardis article below is a great way to get started.

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Gamma Awakening

By Meardis Wells | The Career Mystic


Life is a series of moments that we experience, judge and then heal. We are all on a life mission to connect with Divine Intelligence and realize a joyful state. We feel the struggle of living in these body’s and some days we find ourselves lost in self-doubt. Not because we lack insight or we are short on faith but because our bodies are conditioned to tend to the distractions of the ego; our mental habituations become too loud to ignore. After all, the dance of duality is what spiritual expansion is all about. The good news is the path to enlightenment doesn’t have to be a mystical conundrum. Our five brain wave patterns can light the way.

We have five measurable brain wave patterns. Brain waves frequencies are measured in Hz cycles per second. In order of their vibrational frequency they are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. The elusive Gamma is considered to be super consciousness. It is the realm where we receive downloads of information from the quantum field. Gamma is rare but achievable. Beta represents our wakeful state. It is the brain wave pattern that we use when learning new things such as reading another great article in the Healers Journal. The next wave pattern is Alpha. We slip into Alpha when we are relaxing or having a pleasant daydream. Alpha leads us to Theta; a deep meditative or a deep sleep wave pattern. From there we drop into Delta which is the realm of unconsciousness. Delta is a dreamless state and our bodies use this wave for growth and immune system repair.

On a good day we typically move through four of the five brain wave patterns in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, our lives are so stressful that we are lucky to even hit three and I’ll explain why later.

Here are the measurements for each brain wave pattern.

  • Beta Waves 14-40 Hz cycles per second. We operate in this wave pattern the majority of our wakeful state. Lower ranges of beta support our ability to focus, learn a new task, set goals, and make quality decisions however high beta creates incoherence and health problems. Living in a constant state of high beta frazzles the nerves. It creates anxiety and confusion. You know when you are operating in high beta when the voice in the head is that of the critic.
  • Alpha Waves 7.45-14 Hz cycles per second. This is a more relaxed wave pattern. It offers the mind a balanced and harmonious state of being. When we slip into a light meditation we enter alpha. This brain wave pattern is conducive for reinventing your life. Great for intentional visualization. The voice of beta is the intuition.
  • Theta Waves 4.5-7 Hz cycles per second. Deep meditation or deep sleep is theta activity. Our inner world is dominate and our outer world disappears. Lucid dreaming is a product of theta. From the ages of two to six we float and dance in dream like theta. The voice of theta is silence; deep listening.
  • Delta Waves 0-5 Hz cycles per second. Delta is the realm of unconsciousness. From birth to two years of age are brains vibrate in delta. We spend our infancy in delta because our bodies are in constant growth and repair. We are like little sponges soaking up anything and everything, unfiltered.
  • Gamma Waves 40-100 Hz cycles per second. Super consciousness. Gamma is a shift in consciousness. Compassion, anticipation, a joy for life and gratitude for all things are the emotions that gamma brain wave patterns offer the body mind unit. Orgasms activate gamma brain waves.

Because we have conditioned ourselves to believe that our external world is more real and more important than our inner world we find ourselves operating in high beta to support our pursuit for material happiness. From the moment our feet hit the floor the noise machine in the head begins to dictate how our day will flow. We begin in low beta but move quickly into high beta after a caffeine fueled commute to work. Our corporate jobs push us into an unnatural state of competition and as the brain wave increases the voice of the critic begins its self-defeating rant. By midday the mind becomes easily distracted. Anxiety kicks in and triggers useless thoughts along with brain fog. The sugary drinks and dead food we fed ourselves at lunch work against us as we begin the long commute back home. Weaving in and out of traffic the mind offers the same thoughts of dread we had the day before of having to wake up and do it all over again. After we arrive home we fix ourselves a cocktail or a smoke to take the edge off the day and pass out in front of the television. This is how we leap from high beta to low beta to delta. This is what I call a high beta ground hog day state of being.

In 2013, while attending a five day aggressive workshop facilitated by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I had the pleasure of having my brain mapped during a 45 minute meditation. I’ve been a student of Dr. Dispenza’s for several years. Prior to attending the workshop I did some light research on brain waves and discovered gamma. In my research I also discovered that Matthieu Ricard, a 66-year old Tibetan monk and geneticist, had his brain mapped to measure the effects that meditation has on the mind. Neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin attached 256 sensors to the monk’s skull to quantify just how a shift in consciousness can produce happiness. The researchers discovered that Mr. Ricard demonstrated an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity.

When he meditated on compassion, the researchers were shocked to see that Ricard’s brain produces a level of gamma waves off the charts.”

The results from my mapping revealed high levels of gamma activity as well. Now I’m no monk. I move through life in the same manner as everyone else. I meditate, not all the time, and on a good day I can feel and see the effects of mindfulness. The data from my mapping was so compelling that they are featured in Dr. Dispenza’s latest best seller, “You Are the Placebo. “

“Meditating is like lifting weights or exercising for the mind”, Ricard told the Daily News. “Anyone can be happy by simply training their brain”, he says.

So how do you initiate gamma brain wave activity? You could sit like a monk for 80,000 sessions of meditation or you can begin to observe and care how you feel. Once you become the observer the body kicks into metacognition. By definition metacognition is the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. The body wants to feel good because feeling good allows it to function properly. It allows the mind to sweep the body looking for areas that are in need of repair. Thought produces emotion and emotion produces a way of being. When you care deeply about how you feel you begin the process of changing those thoughts that push you into high beta. Your external world is a reflection of your inward processing. This life truly is a moment by moment by moment journey. Here’s to your gamma awakening.

Meardis Wells is a master Reiki Master Teacher, Master Healer, Soul Mate Coach for, Certified Career Coach and is featured in best seller, “You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Visit her website: |

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