June 2015 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom

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Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

  1. Purple IV – The Rebel
  2. Blue 8 – Letting Go
  3. Rainbow 9 – Ripeness
  4. Red 7 – Stress
  5. Purple VII – Awareness

Flight is Inn Motion as the chains that bind are broken. The Light Is Lit, the Flams burn Bright. Somber Inn Truth is the Hand that Inn Letting Go Knows the Way! Only Inn the Depth of Awareness with Inn does the Ripe Fruit come to thy Hand while leaving visible the Fruit to Come Inn Some Time! It is High Time to Cease and Desist Putting on the Show that ‘Occupies’ your Mind Inn this Now Time. Many Bask in the Light of that ‘Show – Off’ as the Juggler Performs Inn Bolden Glow! The String Inn Thy Hand can, must, will Be let Go and Inn the Present Knowing is the Rebels Woe! Make all the Noise that Comes Unaided by the Minds Knowing, Suspecting or Begging, ‘Anything but the Present’! Pray to have Released the Animal Kept on a string ready to Be Summoned Inn to Startling Action? Without Need or Reason they gather around the show that deflects ‘Their’ attention Once Again! Care Knot to Let ‘Them’ See through the Veil of Awareness and you too……

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

  1. Gray 5 – Comparison
  2. Red 10 – Suppression
  3. Purple XV – Conditioning
  4. Gray Prince – Fighting
  5. Rainbow Queen – Flowering
  6. Rainbow Prince – Slowing Down
  7. Gray 9 – Sorrow
  8. Blue 7 – Projections
  9. Blue 8 – Letting Go
  10. Purple III – Creativity
  11. Purple I – Existence

You already know that Being Exhausted Inn part is caused by comparative analysis which wears you out! How does judging yourself Inn relation to another benefit either of you? Whether Judging or Suppressing the Need to Compare is Found Inn the actions of your Childhood Conditioning. Remove the early programing to move beyond the Need to engage in Comparative Analysis! Inn that childhood programing is also the tendency to Fight or to Be prepared to Fight, to Be OK! Because of the Sweet Heart you have cultivated you can now notice the Ghosts of the Past without giving way to them! Slowing Down can do way more for you than you can imagine!

Buried deep is an ancestral Sorrow! Tricky is the Knowing what Is Being Projected from that Time only to have become Real Inn this Now Time! Slowing Down allows you Inn a much easier way to begin to ‘Let Go’ of the Known and Un-known because it is all inn the Mind! Your Creativity has brought you along nicely, keep it up because your curious and creativeness Leads you High Above All Bindings! The Gifts from the Light of the Naked Truth surrounds you Inn the Future!

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

  1. Red Queen – Sharing
  2. Purple XVIII – Past Lives
  3. Purple 0 – The Fool
  4. Purple XV – Conditioning
  5. Rainbow Ace – Maturity

Serving means to Share Your Light which means Sharing that which Feeds Your Heart & Soul! Due to your Past there is somberness, at least at first glance! Then the Blessings from the Good Works of the Past come forth but only when you look outside the bubble! Go deeper and you will Find that you have an un-restrain-able urge to proceed Inn to the Unknown Open Space without Fear, Hesitation or Concern for you safety. Offer Flowers without Thinking and you Free yourself a little more from the Conditioning you carry which leads you into more Maturity! Your facility to Stand up Inn your Truth when being looked at with a magnifying glass or not, comes with Ease! Ease and Comfort Prevails as you Follow You Heart Inn Giving the exact Offering Indicated!

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

  1. Purple IV – The Rebel
  2. Gray Act – Consciousness
  3. Red 4 – Participation
  4. Rainbow 10 – We Are The World
  5. Red 7 – Stress
  6. Blue Prince – Trust
  7. Red Princess – Playfulness

Being the Rebel is the Play you have participated Inn and Given Inn to most of your life and most recently. While the Spirit Produces a Bright Light you have already Broken the chains that Bind! For the Reasons yet to Be Recognized Consciousness acting Protectively Covers Up which is where there is Insight! It is your Relentless Participation that creates a Balancing yet an obligation Is Felt! This Greater Response-Ability Is multi-faceted and ready to Go Inn to Action! The Factors that are Unseen create Stress because your Mind is Engaging Itself! Listening to the Mind is usually a losing proposition unless you take contrary action! It is your ability to ‘Trust’ Inn the Unseen Forces that Lifts you High above the Gravity! Keep it Up and your ability to Soar ONLY Increases! Be at Peace and at Home with the Miracles Inn the Stars, Inn their Light and Inn the Playfulness that Leads you forward because when you are Childlike you are Open, Curious, and Unencumbered by the Past! Play Play Play!!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

  1. Blue 6 – The Dream
  2. Gray Ace – Consciousness
  3. Blue Queen – Receptivity
  4. Blue 7 – Projection
  5. Purple VII – Awareness
  6. Rainbow Ace – Maturity
  7. Blue 3 – Celebration

From the ancient past there are indications, signs, symbols that come from the past present through to this Present! The Dream of Romance Being the Savior continues! You know this already because with Inn the depth of the Void is that Present as it was and it still Is! Being as receptive as you are leads you beyond the obvious inclinations yet the Mind still wants to Project the Dream onto another! Just Notice how this works!

Being Inn Deep Awareness Opens the Veils and as the ‘Veils’ Open the Ghosts step aside automatically. It is your maturity that holds the Beauty of the ‘Sought ‘ Inn a Higher Priority than seeking/believing there is a ‘fix’ possible from/with another. The seeking, desperate or knot, eases as you Celebrate often the incremental successes of your Expanding Awareness!

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

  1. Gray 4 – Postponement
  2. Blue 8 – Letting Go
  3. Purple XI – Breakthrough
  4. Rainbow King – Abundance
  5. Rainbow 8 – Ordinariness
  6. Rainbow 3 – Guidance
  7. Rainbow Queen – Flowering

Very interesting for you Virgos that Inn this Current Time you are Surrounded by many aspects of Prosperity; whether you know the extent of the Prosperity Possibilities or not. And yet there is such a habit of needing to ‘Wait’! This Waiting Habit is Operating with little or NO understanding as to what you are waiting for! Check it Out! You are Blessed Inn that you already are familiar with the practice of ‘Letting Go’! This practice takes on new meaning when applied to ‘Letting go’ of what you know, what you are unaware of and what is to Come! This is a very utilitarian Practical Philosophy! This ‘Letting Go’ absolutely leads to Breakthrough after Breakthrough. You are Blessed by Abundance of Knowledge which can, will, must lead you to an appreciation of the Ordinariness of It All! Due to your Inner Guidance you continue to make progress Inn moving beyond the Need to ‘Wait’ which is Postponing tasting the Sweetness beyond Sweetness! This Flowering of Inner Sweetness comes to you Virgo when you are looking somewhere else and is the result of the practice of ‘Letting Go’ of Surrendering to What is, Inn the Present, which opens the door to the Infinite Field of Possibilities.

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

  1. Blue King – Healing
  2. Gray 3 – Ice-Olation
  3. Purple I – Existence
  4. Red Princess – Playfulness
  5. Gray King – Control
  6. Purple XIII – Transformation
  7. Blue Queen – Receptivity
  8. Purple VIII – Courage
  9. Purple II – Inner Voice

There is a Great Healing for you Libra Inn this Present Time. The connection between your Mind & the Body results Inn a Flowering Inn your Heart of Hearts. Even though the sense of Being Isolated remains, you have valiantly learned to Sit Inn ‘What Is’ which allows you to Rise Above It All! As you are Willing at First, to Be More Playful you will find the Stars Come Out to Play with your Willingness and from that there begins, Inn a quiet way, a Transformation of the Need to Be Inn Control. It is you Receptivity to Just ‘Be’ with what is that expands and quickens your Transformation. You have Exercised great Courage to just ‘Be’ with what I which Nurtures the Seeds that have come your way; regardless of what the Seeds appear to Be! Appearances to the Mind and your Inner Heart’s Knowingness can differ! From Intuitive Knowingness arises a Voice from the Depth of Love!

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

  1. Gray Princess – Mind
  2. Purple V – No-Thingness
  3. Blue Ace – Going with the Flow
  4. Purple XX – Beyond Illusion
  5. Rainbow 6 – Compromise
  6. Blue King – Healing
  7. Rainbow 7 – Patience

While you have cultivated your Mind to Provide you Answers that are helpful in so many regards, you Mind has also failed you! As you Experience the Void the Mind Is Useless and as you insist upon understanding with your Mind all you do is generate Heat, Fire, and Dis-Comfort! The Answer is Out Side of the Mind and is available by Letting Go and Going w the Flow of What Is. The part you get that you get and then discard, then get again, is the Seeking of That that is Beyond Illusion!

From your perspective there is a Decision to Take to Compromise in your Strategy between what you know and how you know that and what you seek! The dawning comes from beyond what you know! Sitting Inn the midst of your Mind, as it whirls and spins, letting go of the insistence that it is important to understand! This Letting Go can Only occur as a Result of Blessings of Healing Grace which support you as you teach your Mind to Calm Down. As your Mind Settles Inn to What Is, there comes an Experiential Knowing that can ONLY occur from the Experience Sought. Patience with the Process comes to you more and more as you Settle Your Mind Down!

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

  1. Gray 6 – The Burden
  2. Rainbow 4 – The Miser
  3. Rainbow King – Abundance
  4. Gray Prince – Fighting
  5. Red Ace – The Source
  6. Red 7 – Stress
  7. Gray Queen – Morality
  8. Purple XX – Beyond Illusion
  9. Rainbow 2 – Moment to Moment
  10. Purple I – Existence
  11. Gray Princess – Mind
  12. Gray 3 – Ice-Olaton
  13. Rainbow 8 – Ordinariness
  14. Red 3- Experiencing
  15. Purple XVII – Silence

The Burden that you Feel has been Accumulated from the Past, is an ingrained habit and way of thinking, reacting and calculating! For instance, holding on to what you have is Fear based and is Lack Orientated. At the Other End mostly unconscious is a huge Body of Knowledge waiting to come forth. Being Ready to Fight is another habit. The Source of Life and Energy Feeds you yet much dissipates by the Readiness to Fight! Another Habit is the Practice of Putting on a Show. There are hidden habits of Moral Principles that interfere with the Source Blessing you due to Judgments that are best left to a higher authority. Seeing what is Beyond Illusion Softens the mechanisms that hold the ingrained habits Inn Place. Try and stay in the Moment, taking Life as it comes, Moment to Moment. Having some practice Inn ‘Just Being’ gives you great support; keep it up.

You will have to Contend with the Minds Infernal Need to Understand before the Experience you Seek Arrives; later you will Laugh. You will go through a sense of Feeling Isolation from Source as you Enter the Void and sooner or later emerge feeling quite Ordinary; meaning less Ego. The Experience Sought turns out to Be way different than what you imagine it to Be. Even as the Supernatural Occurrences Come, retreat Inn to Silence, so that an Empty Glass can be FILLED again!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

  1. Red 10 – Suppression
  2. Rainbow Prince – Slowing Down
  3. Purple VI – The Lovers
  4. Gray 3 – Ice-Olation
  5. Purple XX – Beyond Illuson
  6. Red 6 – Success
  7. Rainbow 4 – The Miser

As you have begun to Slow Down you have noticed the overload. When moving fast the Over Load was less noticeable! What Is Now calls for is some attention to the issues you have been Suppressing! Possibly you were unaware previously about the Suppressed Issues? Inn any event now is the time to take action because you are now Aware! One of the Issues is shifting you attention from outside yourself to looking Inside to Find your Love or Soul Mate! Looking Outside yourself will always fall short of Satisfying your Inner Self! It is Ok to stop isolating yourself from Life, its Joys and Intimacies! That that is Beyond Illusion has been speaking to you which you like. Good Job! However are you really embracing the magnificence of Life? The More you Celebrate the Successes God/Spirit/Consciousness has given you the more you can, will, must receive! Coming Up, You will have to face an aspects of yourself that will be fairly unattractive! This aspect emanates from ‘Lack’ and causes One to hang on to what they have in Fear of Not Having, Coming Up Short, Unforeseen Emergencies which spills over into hanging onto and withholding your Wisdom, Life Experience and Love! Please set in Motion an Intention to Balance all of this!

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

  1. Rainbow 5 – The Outsider
  2. Rainbow 8 – Ordinariness
  3. Rainbow Prince – Slowing Down
  4. Rainbow 2- Moment to Moment
  5. Gray Ace – Consciousness
  6. Gray 6 – The Burden
  7. Purple XX – Beyond Illusion
  8. Rainbow 7 – Patience
  9. Gray 8 – Guilt
  10. Purple IX – Aloneness
  11. Red King – The Creator

The Preparation of Living a good life is necessary given what is coming your way. Currently there is some sense of Being an Outsider! Do all you can to assess the elements of this feeling because it is something way different than you are Now Thinking! It Is a Huge Accomplishment to Be able to feel just Ordinary iInn the Face of a society that makes to much out of Fame, Money and Power! The Sense of Being Ordinary will Become more, Inn your understanding, as you Slow Down some More which you have done a lot of Inn being able to take life Moment to Moment, by-in-large!

Now, enter the Field of Emptiness, the Vast Void, and Desolation! What to Do! The Heaviness of the Burdens you are carrying weigh a lot! Set It Down Quick! The Gnawing Sense of Unrest is just Guilt which is a culturally useless Feeling! Stop It! Sit Inn ‘Guilt’ and Just Be there! What comes are Blessings that are Beyond Illusion! Blessings Come as your Patience Grows, the Sense of Being Alone Becomes OK and the Creator with Inn Begins to Speak to You Inn New and Profound Ways!

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

  1. Purple XXI – Completion
  2. Gray Queen – Morality
  3. Red 9 – Exhaustion
  4. Purple XI – Breakthrough
  5. Gray 6 – The Burden
  6. Red 6 – Success
  7. Red King – The Creator
  8. Blue Queen – Receptivity
  9. Blue 10 – Harmony

Pisces are Inn for a Completion, a piece fitting Inn nicely! And as you know once a Completion occurs the next leg begins to unfold! You will have to deal with your moral outrage, Now! As you know the exhaustion you ‘feel’ is real, so please consider, justified or not, you are being drained. Once you let go and let G-d/Spirit/Consciousness do what is theirs to do, you will have a Breakthrough, New Energy comes Inn and you are happier. This Burden you carry is very old and ingrained. You may, can, must discover aspects of who you are that are revealed by Examining your Moral Judgments! Possibly you have taken on work that is NOT yours to take on and if so, many parts of your life are touched! Your very willingness to consider taking a look at yourself, Moral Judgments, is the beginning of a Success that leads you to an Interaction with the Creator with Inn that is beyond what you know to Be Possible. It is your Receptivity that supports your ‘taking a look’ that begins the Ball Rolling toward an Inner Harmony Beyond Words.

Dr. Ron Holman has traveled the world for over 30 years studying the healing practices of indigenous peoples researching the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of disease. He has studied with many many teachers, learned many healing techniques, sat with world famous healers, miracle men, a few charlatans, two black magicians, and well-meaning yet inept teachers before he was gifted from the Lord the ability to see what is behind a person; in other words where they get their juice. In 2010 Dr. Ron went to India where he has been many times to study with Ma Gyaana Suvera who has been teaching Tarot for 40 years. After the first day Ma said to Swaha, ‘you are as good as my students that have been reading for 20 years’. After the second day Ma said, ‘you are as good as me’ and asked Swaha for a reading. It seems that Swaha awakened to 1,000 years of Tarot Wisdom in two days.  Visit his website: www.Discerning-Wisdom.com | Swaha@Discerning-Wisdom.com | 818-298-6100

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