HJ: There are four primary states of consciousness — believing that life happens: to me, by me, through me and as me.  Each one one rung higher on the ladder of spiritual awareness. Divine timing begins happening in through me and as me.  This is where you begin to realize that everything in life, intentional or unintentional, is being guided by divine, or rather spiritual principles and therefore is always in perfect harmony and flow, no matter how we may perceive it looking in from our inherently subjective vantage point (good, bad, etc.).  In these states of consciousness, we align ourselves within Divine Timing and Divine Flow.  It is an extremely powerful and profound way to live and this article will give you the necessary framework and understanding to begin doing so.

– Truth

Understanding Divine Timing

By Brandon West | Project Global Awakening


Human beings are creative creatures, and our thoughts and feelings have the power to create reality. Fueled by desire and enthusiasm we have the potential to create anything we can imagine, and our creative potential grows in accordance with the rate of ourdeveloping attention. Yet there is another factor at work as we create reality: divine timing.

Divine timing is directly related to your spiritual growth. Regardless of what you desire, and what you know you can accomplish, creating your reality still requires time and energy in order to hone yourself by undertaking emotional processing so that you can energetically align with the reality you desire to create.

As you empty yourself and come into harmony with the universe, you open yourself to become a channel for divine inspiration – your highest potential. In other words, in order to manifest your dreams and desires onto this plane of reality you must ‘take out the garbage’ within yourself, and remove all the clutter from your energy body, your emotions, and your mind, so that you can make room for change in your life.

Changing your life and manifestation in particular is a spiritual practice whether you call it that or not. For when we desire to change our lives, our most profound desires are always along the lines of increased happiness, love, better relationships, success, and a greater degree of connection of some sort. All of our deepest desires are emotional, which means they are energetic in nature, and energy is just another word for Spirit.

When you look at personal development, manifesting, and changing your life from this perspective, then you will start to see that your life changes when you are ready for it to. Nobody can change their lives through force anymore than you can change a red light to green with your frustration and anger.

The awareness of divine timing takes into account your higher self and your infinite spiritual nature, so instead of undertaking personal growth from the perspective of the ego which already knows what it wants and has a list of desires ready and waiting, you remain open and receptive to spiritual guidance so that you can feel where you are supposed to go even though it may be against your egos goals and self-image.

Maybe there is a better, faster, and more effortless way to get to where you want to go than by stubbornly try to force yourself to achieve goals.

Trusting Divine Timing

Although you may know intuitively exactly what your life purpose is, maybe you just are not ready to fully accept it at this time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Spirit gives us exactly the information that we need at any given time in order to take the next step in our evolutionary process.

We receive exactly what we need, and exactly that which we are able to process and handle at this time.

The opportunities that are available in your life are there specifically for your growth, but you must let go of all previous attachments in order to see them. Once you act on one of the opportunities available you will develop and grow in specific and necessary ways so that you can open up to greater opportunities which are more coherent with your true potential. There is a wonderful quote of Wayne Dyers’ to this effect. It goes,

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself, or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”
– Wayne Dyer

When you can start seeing the obstacles in your life as opportunities for growth and spiritual development, then you can really undertake a truly transformational journey. You may be attached to the preconceptions that you are a victim, or that you can or cannot do certain things, or that obstacles are there to keep you from growing.

But if you can see that everything is a manifestation of Spirit, and that everything that comes into your life is a gift to take your spiritual evolution in exactly the direction you need to go, then you will have begun to understand divine timing. Everything is as it should be, and “all that you desire is on its way.”

Healing internally the aspects of ourselves that are incoherent with our divine desires is the true substance of our journey through life. And as soon as we accept our flaws, limitations, and obstacles as such, we can begin to heal them and overcome them, and step into a “new, great and wonderful world.”

Trusting divine timing is trusting in the spiritual guidance of your higher self. It is about staying absolutely committed and persistent in your constant realignment to the inner truth that you are working towards expressing clearly, trusting your feelings and letting your inspiration guide you through life instead of your thoughts, and then being able to realign yourself whenever you falter to your highest spiritual ideal.

When you are spiritually (emotionally, and mentally) ready to live a certain way, then it will feel effortless. Not in the sense that it will be easy, but in the sense that it will feel natural. Until something feels like it is the right thing to do, then it will not produce the intended results.

You may have known what you really wanted to do all along, but no amount of putting it on your to do list, or forcing yourself to do it will be any good until you are ready to do it. Usually this is only understood after looking backwards and realizing that the whole time you had this goal fixed in your mind that you were stressed out and frustrated by because it wasn’t working out as planned, you were actually learning everything you needed to in order to manifest that dream six months or a year down the road.

This is the essence divine timing.

The universe doesn’t run off of ego-time, and when you try to force it to, then you will meet with frustration, and you will end up only tapping into a tiny sliver of your true power and potential. If you instead recognize that your divinely aligned dreams are completely valid and are in fact on their way, even if you cannot see them in your life yet, then you will start being a little more fluid and flexible by enjoying the journey of growth and learning that you know you’re on, which you also know is preparing you to manifest all your dreams and more.

Divine timing is in accordance with your infinite spiritual nature – your higher self – not your ego. When you are able to cut through the petty desires and preconceptions of your ego, then you will start to see what your higher self is guiding you to do, and what your spirit needs in order to thrive. Then the blockages within you will dissolve, and you will find your light – your highest potential – shining through effortlessly, and naturally.

When this occurs the universe resonates with the higher level of consciousness you have awakened within yourself, and a line of communication opens up between the two, creating a sense of fluidity in your life. This is when you will begin to feel truly calm, at peace, and on purpose.

Only you know exactly what you need to do to get to this state.

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