January 2015 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom


Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

It is just perfect that the Central theme of this months active energy for you Aries is Healing; Healing Inn a Big Way! It is perfect because to the Extent that you know your are Holding On is Significant. Holding On to What You have, as if there were No More Available to you! You are about to learn to accept a partial win which is a significant evolving from the habit of thinking all or nothing. My way or Nothing has left sooooo much on the Table, so to speak. A Compromise is simply witnessing where you are receiving and at the same time where you are giving! What a Concept!!

It is Only because you Aries have learned and are learning to slow down in places Inn which you have habitually pressed on for faster; out of Habit. The cool thing for you Aries is that these coming together of resources and abilities open you hearing/knowing to you Inner Voice. Each time there is a shift in ‘Need’ to have it this way, more clarity comes!

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

As Life Continues to Unfold in this place of Duality, it becomes Clearer and Clearer that ‘Letting Go’ Causes an Up Lift-ment! ‘Letting Go’ means fixed thinking, understanding, beliefs etc. any rigidness in any regard. To Discover where One is Holding on and exactly where the Opportunities are to ‘Let Go’, dive into the place where there is the feeling of Being Isolated by circumstance rather than by Choice. It is because of you ability to be a Friend that a New Kind of Flowering Begins; in that Place of Vulnerability. You already Know this because you Inner Voice is saying Yes, Yes! Turing all that comes into Gratitude and Surrendering All of It, the fulfillment continues to come ‘Moment to Momen’t as you stay Surrendered. The Brightness of Your Very Own Light can Be hard to withstand, accept and to Be with, yet that Brilliance of your Inner Light is Truly the Road Beyond Illusion.

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

It is time for you Gemini to notice the emotional residual created from the practice of Fighting, Arguing, and Insisting on You Way. The good news is that due to you Receptivity most of the heavy lifting is already Inn place. All the effort that is needed is akin to a Fool’s Romantic Journey; seeking the allowing of the Intensity of You Own Light to Just ‘Be’. Already having created the context for this clearing you are naturally Slowing Down and find yourself with less need to push push! The Goal(s) are with Inn Reach and your very Own Readiness to ‘Be’ and Letting Go Completes a Circuit.

The New Vision that is already a part of your Operating System serves you well supporting your staying Receptive when there is Really No-thing that Is Obvious to Receive! Wow!! There is a Flow Coming Inn and all you have to do is ‘Be Ready’ to Receive. A Consistent Refining of your Ability to Receive is a Masterful Practice.

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

Inn the Depth of your Soul there is a Burden that is Perceivable! As you Notice and Accept/Negotiate your Calling can you, will you, must you Gain Some Connection between your Life Purpose with Inn a Universal Perspective. The tests offer teachings to you to Use the Fire in your Mind and Heat to Effectively, Precisely, and Surgically Use you Thunder Inn Some of the circumstances you find yourself Inn. One Moment will call for ‘A’ and the next Moment ‘B’ will be called for. Without care or concern Intuitively Acting Inn the different circumstances applying the Perfect amount of Fire that Is called for – Moment to Moment; as each moment calls to you. Intuitive Right Action is Divine Inspiration.

The Burden is the Gift of the Plodding through the dense smog of duality. The Gift from the Burden can be clearly discerned as you find it easier and easier to find Compromise! As a general rule of thumb and Inn participating fully the unconscious need to Project Response-Ability when experiencing a lessens as you find mutual and familiar ground! The Exhaustion caused by slogging through and with Duality diminished and eventually ceases!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

At some point, like Now, Existence and Beingness is Experientially Understood to be akin to Openness & Receptivity. This is because rising above most of the muck and mire of Duality has been accomplished. You have learned that ‘Letting Go’ is to Win! Whether you know it or not it is the Good & Hard Work that you have already performed that is Delivering you right Now! You are being held and caressed Inn ways that are Beyond Words.

You might say, ‘what is with the Exhaustion & Confusion?” It is due to Efforting that result Inn producing diminishing returns. Being is beyond Efforting and as you Just Let It Be, familiar, the Exhaustion disappears. It is the Beingness that provides a parting of the veils of duality and Enriches the Meaning your Derive from a Deeper Awareness.

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

What a Blessing to Be Able to glide from one Moment to the Next Moment Effortlessly. Notice that this ability has arrived and the ONLY way the Gliding can stop is Inn your Mind. You literally have to pull your gliding apart to make it stop. Sm Example of ‘pulling apart’ is playing the Outsider and longing to be somewhere else! There is tremendous Change available to you right now! That Change presents a perfect balancing ‘Moment to Moment’ which reveals the Depth of the Brightness of Your Very Own Self. You have to pull yourself out of that Light to cause the Gliding to stop. Know that you have Exhausted resources playing this game and as soon as you are ready to Bath in the Light of Your Own Being, Resources replace Exhaustion. This is Obviously a big Healing that is Present and Inn a Moment to Moment Readiness there is a deepening as you Consciously Accept the Brightness of your Light! Sit in the Brightness of Your Own Light and the Souls Eternal Innocence Begins to Be Revealed.

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

Inn the Midst of Generations of Guilt, the Cherry Blossoms are also there! Guess what? The Stress you manifest is Self-Made and Mostly an Act. It is Hight Time for You to Direct your juggling Skills beyond your current Vision of What Is Needed to Do Life because there is Infinite Unfolding Available! Certainly the habit of Fighting and being prepared to fight is as long standing as is the habit of generating Guilt! It is your commitment to the Light that supports your Slowing Down and Inn that space the ability to Let Go emerges, Wow!! This Completion is part of your Current view and is what you Expect. What is beyond your current Vision is the Ability to Stay Inn the Flow which Requires moving Beyond the Need to Fight and/or laps into Guilt! You have found success in being able to Compromise, congratulations. This ability leads you Deeper into the Totality as a Place of Being.

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

The Face behind the Public Face is also the Face to Know and One is as Real as the Other. It is in the Ordinariness that One begins to Be able to face the Present Opportunity. That that is Projected is the Self in Denial of Itself and or recognizing that very same self in Another One. It is Guilt that keeps you sharp while this strategy provides ample motivation you Scorpio might consider at this time nesting Inn the Depth of Your Aloneness. One of the things you can find is that High Accomplishment can cause caution to become Laziness which would naturally leave you feeling like an Outsider; outside you Natural Ability!

Nesting is a wonderful strategy to provoke the Source to reveal itself as called for from your Lives Purpose. With this practice underway you may be able to let go of the Façade, Stop Juggling Uselessly and Climb Down off the Need to put on a Show. Doing all this consistently will allow you to easily let go of the Past that you are Clinging too with Ease and Comfort.

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

Sagittarius Now is the Time to allow, seek, request Integration; on multiple levels. There is deep Balancing of Dualistic Forces, Energies and Opportunities Present. Feeling like an Outsider has actually kept you from participating in Helpful Ways; now Now there is an Understanding Coming Through without a Pining! Under it all is the Burden from the Past which has kept you moving toward what you think, see, feel has given way to your taking direction from a heaviness that is Now Ripe to Complete it’s nefarious influence; Wow!! In this time your Ability to Glide Moment to Moment without a Heaviness has arrived.

Patience has been your the saving Grace with Inn that has allow you to withstand the Heaviness while allowing the Stage of Your Life to Support the Huge Integration afoot! All of this adds up to a Flowering of Epic Proportion Inn the Near Future. The Flowering will Occur as your Ability to Receive moves Inn to a Complete Flowing!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

Now is the time for you Capricorn to Actually Give of Yourself! This Giving aligned with your ability and means is Expressed Importantly & Meaningfully. Please move beyond the pull Politics have on your Giving. Giving from the Depth of Your Heart is Always the Best; and for some giving without recognition is better. Giving at this time Completes past Obligations and un- met Desires. Interestingly this Giving unleashes an Understanding, appropriate & beneficial Inn the Use of Your Thunder. This means the Use of You Power & How you use your power comes through Divine Inspiration rather than Ego. Wow, do you know that all this taps deeper into a wellspring of available Abundance. It is the Trust Inn the Process that is there rather than Inn your Thinking that Opens You to the Blessings that have already come and can, will, must continue to come your way. Hold On to your britches because all this sets the stage for your Guidance to Come through in a Ways that are Unbelievably Sweet and Filled with Light.

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

The Opportunity has arrived for you Aquarius to step into Greater Awareness, to Part the Veils of Duality and to Refine your Seeing/Knowing/Hearing from your Higher Source/Self. The Healing process your are currently Inn is the result of your past efforts and Grace; which comes Independently from dualistic actions & their parameters. While you have struggled with the need and practice of Fighting and being ready to Fight you have moved much more so into a State of Celebration which mitigates the Energy of the Fight! This Celebration Opens the Transformative Process and sets the Stage for Grace to Arrive in Your Awareness! While you have boxed up soooo much of what you have clung to that continues to Interfer, you are positioned nicely to ‘Let Go’ of the Need to Cling. The Dream that is rooted in a Romantic Notions of Another Is Soon to Be Discoverable With Inn Your Very own Self.

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

It’s a Celebration, Celebrate Celebrate Now!! Look beyond the Noise & Interference and Celebrate your Magnificence. Resist finding the fly in the ointment and notice the Wonder Inn your Very Own Self. This that you do Understand provides the Impetus for you to Lift Off the perch that you have been so very comfortable resting Upon!! Your need to resist and avoid taking action that is viewed as taking a Chance will respond to you Celebrating. You are ready to step out from solid ground and Trust Inn your own Magnificence with Grace. Enter the Space off Solid Ground and Be Inn what Is Beyond Illusion and Beyond traditionally known as safe ground for you!

Your Awareness is Serving you well and it is Ok to Part the Curtains that hold Duality Inn Place. This Parting of the Ways Inn which you show up and how you do Life prepares you to Experience Wonders Beyond what Words can Convey.

Dr. Ron Holman has traveled the world for over 30 years studying the healing practices of indigenous peoples researching the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of disease. He has studied with many many teachers, learned many healing techniques, sat with world famous healers, miracle men, a few charlatans, two black magicians, and well-meaning yet inept teachers before he was gifted from the Lord the ability to see what is behind a person; in other words where they get their juice. In 2010 Dr. Ron went to India where he has been many times to study with Ma Gyaana Suvera who has been teaching Tarot for 40 years. After the first day Ma said to Swaha, ‘you are as good as my students that have been reading for 20 years’. After the second day Ma said, ‘you are as good as me’ and asked Swaha for a reading. It seems that Swaha awakened to 1,000 years of Tarot Wisdom in two days.  Visit his website: www.Discerning-Wisdom.com | Swaha@Discerning-Wisdom.com | 818-298-6100

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