How to Transform any Frustration or Challenge Into a Powerful State of Gratitude

HJ: Life is always trying to move us squarely towards what we want and need and challenges are an integral part of that journey.  And, in fact, when we transform how we see and experience them by moving into a state of acceptance and gratitude from the incredibly vast wisdom of the universal laws that bring them to us, we can literally catapult ourselves towards creating the reality we truly want to be living.

This is a great little article with some powerful suggestions for transforming your life from a struggle into a blissful expression of gratitude.

– Truth

5 Lenses That Will Shift Your Mood from Pissed To Blissed

By Bob Sima | The Transformational Troubadour


Anger, disappointment, frustration – most of us spend a lot of our days wrapped up in these emotions which dominate our outlook on life. The more we indulge in these negative feelings, the worse our lives become. But what if we can go from pissed to blissed just by taking our cues from music?

As a singer-songwriter who travels the world performing and whose inspiration comes entirely from spirituality, I believe that music can give us new perspectives for transforming our lives. You’ve heard it said that “music is the soundtrack of your life” which means that music can be a teacher in our lives. For example, you might often think that life is piled up against you, but what if it was “Happening for You?” (

Imagine, it’s Monday morning, sun shining, tunes cranked and you are blissfully driving to the airport to go after a new opportunity. As you enter the freeway accelerating, you notice that the car is not quite getting up to speed and you hear the dreaded thump thump thump. No! This is not happening. Yes, it is happening. Flat tire, missed flight, opportunity gone.

It’s in these moments that we lose hope. We feel totally defeated. Why is it so easy for us to get rattled, to go from blissed to pissed, from serenity to insanity? It’s simple. It’s our paradigm, our perspective. We view the events dualistically, as sometimes “good” sometimes “bad.” We feel good or bad depending on the outcome without looking at a much grander view, the bigger picture.

Living this paradigm sets you up for continual disappointment and defeat. It’s time for a new perspective, a brand new set of lenses. I am not talking about framing things to make them look better, like some sort of philosophical Photoshop. There is a much more powerful story connected to the soul’s journey.

Here are some New Lenses for you to view your life experience, based on lyrics from my song “Happening For You.” After reading these lenses, I invite you to download the song so that this teaching is activated and reinforced on each listen.

Lens #1 – It’s Happening For You: Everything happens for you, not to you. And it’s all for your highest good. Try this: take a deep cleansing breath and recall a challenging event in your life. Discern, for a moment, what value this event added to your life and how it actually fed your soul in some perfect way that it needed for ascension. LYRIC: “…this can’t be happening to me tonight. Well, it isn’t my friend. It’s happening for you…”

Lens #2 – Set the Dream, Detach From the Outcome, Everything is a Miracle: As Einstein suggests, there are only two ways to live your life. That is, to see nothing as a miracle or to see everything as a miracle. Choose everything! Events and happenings are one great miracle; the fact that you are here is miraculous, as the chances of being born into a body are 1 in 400 trillion. Try this: take a deep conscious breath and ponder the events that had to take place to create your soul in this body to enter the here and now: the chemical reactions, cells dividing, ancestors, and the myriad of events. LYRIC: “…lifetimes of memories, rushing rushing rushing at you.”

Lens #3 – Pain is the Great Awakener: Pain is the great awakener, so have a listen. A pain in your body is telling you, “Hey look at me. I need some care.” Pain in the emotional body or soul is talking as well, so have a listen. Try this: next time you are triggered, depressed, drained, anxious, angry, or hurt, take a deep cleansing breath when a pain arises and just feel it. Be with it. Listen to what it is telling you. It is there for your highest good with a message for you. Breathe, allow, and listen. LYRIC: “…this pain, this thing is gonna have a talking to you…”

Lens #4 – It’s a Lesson or a Blessing: Label events as lessons or blessings. It’s a win-win. Try this: go back and look at some of the events in your life that may have been traumatic and discern the lesson and/or blessing in each event. This practice will lead to gratitude, which is the virtue among all virtues for creating peace and meaning in your life. LYRIC: “…lessons and blessings disguised as disaster…”

Lens #5 – You Are Here to Grow: Many leading experts in the human potential field firmly believe that our souls are here to grow and to ascend. In fact they are under contract! In truth, it’s all about transformation – soul transformation through the human vessel. With this grander view, step back and see the tapestry of your life taking form within the patterns of behaviors and events. LYRIC: “…to wake you and shake you, break and reshape you, into something else entirely brand new…”

Bob Sima, The Transformational Troubadour, is a uniquely inspiring, musically-infused blog. With each entry, this award-winning singer-songwriter and spiritual teacher weaves a soul-filling inspired message along with a song (stream or download) to bring home the message and leave it forever embedded in your consciousness. The messages are designed to fill the soul, inspire the mind, and open the heart with topics such as personal transformation; purpose and mission; connection; unity and oneness; and awakening and consciousness expansion. Join Bob on this journey of music, wisdom and the path of transformation.

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