3 Powerful Methods for Healing Your Past Emotional Wounds and Traumas

HJ: Your past does not equal your future unless you choose to let it have that power over you.  That’s a big statement — so what exactly do I mean by that?  Well, if you believe that past experiences define who you are now and what you can do now, then they absolutely do because your belief in it gives it power over you.  However, if you truly believe that you have unlimited possibility in the now moment despite your past experiences, then this becomes true for you.

But for most people it goes even one layer deeper… Because if you still have unhealed emotional charges and patterns left over from your past, then even if you believe your past does not equal your future, you may still struggle a bit.  In this case, which is extremely common, you must first heal the past emotional wounds and traumas and then your new, empowered beliefs can take full effect.  Your emotional patterns anchor your beliefs in place and no ship can sail with its anchor in the water.

This article is about just that — helping you pull your anchor out of the water and offering 3 powerful techniques for doing so…

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You Can Change Your Past – Here Are 3 Methods

By Simona Rich | Simona Rich

It’s not true that only future is changeable.

Past can be changed too, because it’s nothing more but energy. Time, as you may already know, is only an illusion.

If you know with your heart that the above two statements are correct – that everything is energy and that time is an illusion – it becomes easy to change your past.

Negative childhood events leave the biggest impact on us, and thus influence our present moment and the future in a bigger way than most realize. Therefore, it’s important to delete major negative events of the childhood, so as to avoid our present and future from being negatively impacted by them.

You can try at this very moment to change your past.

To do that, you need to be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes or more.

Think of the most disturbing childhood event that still has a firm grip on your life. Once you know what this event is, you can do any of these three things – read through all three methods and choose the one that resonates with you most.

A note: you should only attempt these exercises if you’re not happy with your present and thus want to change it.

The NLP way to change your past

Recreate the event in your mind as realistically as you can. Become a child again, and see the event through the child’s eyes. Do it now.

Next, again recreate the same event, but now look at it from an observer’s perspective, and thus you will see the child that was you in that experience.

Now, again recreate the event, but see yourself as sitting in a cinema and watching this event as a movie. The next time you should play this movie in black and white, and the next time it should be fast-forwarded.

The last time you should play it backwards, and then you should go behind the scenes, take out the movie tape and burn it.

The event should lose grip on you from now on. If not, repeat this exercise a few more times. When you feel real relief inside, know that this event can no longer impact your life.

Creative thinking to change your past

Remember the negative childhood event the way it happened and play it in your mind once, looking at it as an observer.

Now, imagine the event the way you wanted it to take place. You can make it as perfect and as positive as you want, but it should remain realistic. If you add little things and details to the event, your mind will become more convinced that it’s real.

Play your own version of the event as though you’re observing it at first, and the second time (and other times to follow) you should play the event by looking through the child’s eyes.

Play this version of the past event in bright colors a few more times, until you feel relief and a belief arises in you that this event did take place. You may need to repeat this event in your mind a few more days for the mind to start believing it did take place.

The mind is easy to convince – it gets convinced through repetition. (It’s important to repeat the event in exactly the same way every time.)

Talking to the child you were

The last way to change your past is to play the event in your mind the way it happened, from an observer’s perspective. Then, after the event, call the child that you were in the past over, and explain what happened in a way that the child would not be affected by what happened.

For example, if the child witnessed a heated argument of the parents or even physical violence, you can say to that child that many adults are not that intelligent, and sometimes they behave like small children.

You can explain that some adults only know how to solve problems by violence. You can add that later they will be happy again, but this time they are too involved in the argument to understand how foolish they look.

Say anything that would make the child happier and at ease. Once you feel the child is okay, affirm that the child is loved and that the child is good, and then leave.


It is indeed possible to change your past. However, if you believe that it isn’t going to happen, nothing will change in your life.

Therefore, only those people who firmly know that everything is energy and thus even physical things can be altered, would succeed in changing their past with the three above methods.

If you successfully change the past event, there will be a big change in your life the same day or within a few days. That’s because your life’s plan needs to adjust, since one major event got deleted/altered.

You can change as many negative events this way as you wish in order to get unstuck in life; choose the method out of three which feels best for your situation. Different events may require different methods – experiment to find out which method works for which situation.

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