Evolving Your Intuition: How to Train Your Mind to Listen to the Voice of Your Heart

HJ: When the mind and the heart are working together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.  The mind’s role is to translate the urgings of the heart into reality.  To translate our intuitive guidance into the physical world.  The heart can make the decision, but the mind must execute.  However, we live in a world where the mind has become dominant and the heart almost silent.

In moments of passion, joy or fear, the voice of our heart may come through loudly, but in our day to day lives, it is often barely above a whisper.  That is why we seek these events out — why we love to fall in love… we are feeling junkies!  All of us — it is the natural human state.  We long to feel our way through the world, but have been taught that the this is not the optimal way to live.  We have been taught that the mind rules above all.

And the mind is an amazing thing.  It is truly incredible and can create amazing things.  Just look at the world around you to see evidence of this.  But the mind detached from the heart lacks wisdom.  It is also limited to slight extrapolations from what it already knows.  It derives it’s knowledge and power from the past and is inherently limited in doing so.

The heart does not have these limits.  The heart receives its wisdom from a larger quantum reality that is not bound by time or space and is free from the belief structures of the mind. This is the power of the heart.  To connect us to a source of wisdom far greater than our minds can comprehend…

So, how does one train their mind to listen to the voice of their heart? That is precisely what this article is all about…

– Truth

Spiritual Evolution – Uniting Heart And Mind

By Brandon West | Project Global Awakening

We are all experiencing very specific life cycles, and they are designed specifically for us. They are like a university course designed to teach us a specific set of information, but instead of graduation they ultimately lead to energetic, consciousness, biological, and spiritual evolution (which are all the same thing).

Our life experiences and life cycles are a cosmic education based on experience where one day we will all graduate to new levels of existence regardless of how many times we must repeat the course material.

The fundamental nature of this universe is love, kindness, truth, beauty, bliss, creativity, balance, receptivity, abundance, infinite potential, and spiritual evolution.Anyone who has experience in meditation can tell you the same.

If the universe is indeed based off of these main qualities, then by necessity every experience that we have, regardless of if it appears to be negative, must be infused with these same qualities. Why? Because all of our experiences are designed to help us grow.

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”
– Wayne Dyer

Not always will we be able to see immediately the lesson we are learning, from either a positive or negative experience. But if we learn to trust in the compassionate, and loving nature of the universe, then we will be guided along a path to the specific information that we need for spiritual evolution.

Maybe you won’t believe that your life has been designed specifically for spiritual evolution. Maybe you do not believe that the universe is based on the principles of love, or kindness, or even abundance. But what does that perspective give you? Does it allow you to feel content? Secure? Satisfied? Happy?

I’m not asking you to believe on principle (because I never did either), but I am asking you to consider the possibility that maybe the universe is pure love; maybe you are more powerful and infinite than you currently believe; and maybe your universal nature did design your life for spiritual evolution so that you can awaken to that infinite aspect of yourself. Maybe.

Just consider the possibility that you might not know everything about yourself or your world. Then from that consideration try to trust yourself a little more, and believe in your magnificence, just a little. From that tiny shift opens up the possibility for a new understanding.

In time all of us will be able to comprehend the love and kindness that infused our entire lives from the beginning, and we will feel nothing but gratitude. 

In time, but first, let’s have a little trust.

Trusting The Guidance of The Universe/Our Higher Self

The first step to spiritual evolution is learning how to trust our higher selves, and allow ourselves to be guided throughout life. By accepting that we do not know, and become receptive to knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual evolution instead.

Since our lives are already designed for spiritual evolution there is nothing that we need to do to spiritually evolve, for we are already spiritually evolving. We only need to start doing it consciously by taking responsibility for our lives and opening ourselves to our highest potential, inspiration, and inner truth.

Certain things in our lives make a deep impression on us for a reason. When this occurs it is important that we meditate on it, acknowledge the feeling, and open yourself to the guidance and message behind it. Contemplate it fully before you release it to your subconscious to decode.

There is a quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s from his essay Self-Reliance which eloquently describes this phenomena. He writes:

“The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried. Not for nothing one face, one character, one fact, makes much impression on him, and another none. This sculpture in the memory is not without preestablished harmony. The eye was placed where one ray should fall, that it might testify of that particular ray.”

Everything that inspires us and makes a deep impression on us is of utmost importance in our lives and should be acted upon. The universe speaks to us, and the voice of the divine is found in everything that provokes a feeling of love, bliss, joy, andinspiration within us. Every thought that excites us and makes us feel great; every dream or aspiration that lifts our spirits to new heights and forces us to consider we are more powerful and talented than we previously believed; these are examples of the universe speaking to us.

Whatever it is that Spirit is trying to tell you, listen.

The universe supplies us with exactly what we need and right when we need it in accordance with the specific path that we have chosen for ourselves. The universe is consistently evolving, and the main byproduct of this evolution is change. Do not be afraid to let go of the old so that you can make room for new and brilliant additions to your life.

Opening ourselves to the guidance of the universe is an act of releasing our self-importance and our pride to become aware of new paths and new ways of perceiving everything. It opens a door so to speak, and that door leads back to spirit, our infinite nature, through spiritual evolution. The only way to walk through that door is by living in the moment.

The Power Of The Moment

If we give this moment our undivided attention then not only do we give ourselves the opportunity to witness and learn from the cycles in our lives, but we also give ourselves the opportunity to make new choices, break free of our limitations, and manifest our divinely aligned dreams. That is spiritual evolution.

Each moment is a wonderful opportunity for growth, and because each moment is entirely unique, our responses to each new set of information we perceive must be genuine. Decisions made with our hearts will always lead us true, whereas decisions made with our minds simply do not have enough information to be entirely accurate.

The decisions in our lives should be based off of who we are now, not who we used to be. In every new moment we are different and we must make our decisions according to what our feelings are guiding us towards. If we rely solely on ‘past experiences’ then we will not grow, we will only continue to repeat the same cycles, and the same mistakes.

Our minds will always have a role in our life decisions, but it must be the heart that has the final say in choosing which reality we create.

Our hearts connect us with the rest of the universe, infinite intelligence, and wisdom, therefore without our hearts guidance in our actions then we will not be living in alignment with the universe, and we will not be living our path of spiritual evolution consciously.

Our imaginations give us the power to create reality with our thoughts, any reality, but only when our heart is involved and adds the powerful energies of love, bliss, inspiration, and passion to our thoughts do they become potent.

Emotion does not lie. If you can generate those emotions for a task, aspiration, or dream, then that dream is in alignment with your purpose in life, and it will result in spiritual evolution, happiness, and fulfillment. To always maintain this alignment with Spirit and our highest potential, we must unite our hearts and our minds so they are one.

Uniting The Heart And Mind

The present state of our society is a perfect example of the dichotomy between heart and mind. Many of the decisions that are made in society may seem perfectly logical to the mental intelligence of humankind.

To our minds it makes sense to make money our top priority; to go to school, work hard, and get a job that isn’t necessarily what we are passionate about, but it earns the most money so that we can live the highest quality of life, and provide for those around us. From the mind it makes sense to genetically modify food; to use pesticides and herbicides; to take pharmaceutical drugs for healing; and to seek achievement, success, and recognition in the world, to prove ourselves.

Yet our minds have no sense of balance, and they have no wisdom. Without the heart they have no comprehension of the inter-connectivity of all things, no understanding of beauty, or harmony, and definitely no awareness of our infinite spiritual nature and our connection with the universe.

Our minds alone are only responsible to our egos. Alone they only have the ability to contemplate personal success, power, wealth, superiority, and so on – all those qualities held dear by our egos (what is ego?). It is our hearts which unify us with everything and everyone else, and only with our hearts can we build a society for everyone, and a life truly worth living. Case and point, our current society. It is designed to be prosperous for a select few, and in the short-term only.

Yet the moment that we begin to think with our hearts we can see clearly that the majority of the accepted paradigms of our society are foolish and uninformed. Our minds become more powerful when unified with our hearts because together then they tap into the energy of the universe, and that is spiritual evolution – breaking down the barriers within ourselves and becoming whole again, thus uniting with something greater.

With our hearts we live an inspired life with a sense of beauty, compassion, kindness, and balance. We care for and respect the whole planet in the same way that we care for and respect ourselves. We would not build our societies to become the best, or the richest, we would build them to be the most prosperous, abundant, and harmonious. There is a difference.

From our hearts we can see the wisdom of locally grown, organic, non-gmo food; we can see the wisdom or creating collective and communal community gardens; we can see the wisdom of choosing passion over money, and that the success, happiness, and true power cannot be achieved ‘out there’ in the world because it is an internal state, and a place within ourselves which we live from.

From our hearts we can see how children are God and only with our programming do we make them Man; and we can see that we are equal with all living creatures and that the Earth is perfect and abundant, and if only we would figure out how she works we could take what we need from her to serve 700 people or 7 billion in a way that preserves natural harmony so that all life can thrive equally.

The heart is not superior, nor is the mind. They are both essential aspects of the whole, and in order for the entire system to function at its highest potential, it is important that we learn how to unite and balance all the forces at work within ourselves, beginning and ending with the heart and mind.

There is an important concept in Tai Chi called Yi, which means your mind-eye-heart. When we can activate our Yi, our mind-eye-heart, we can move the energy throughout our bodies and have all our movements originate in the movement of our mind-eye-heart, therefore generating the most power by being in harmony with the universe. The same is true in our lives.

If all our thoughts, actions, and perspectives of the world can originate as a result of the unity of our hearts and minds, we will live a life characterized by inspiration, bliss, balance, abundance  and spiritual evolution because we will be connected perpetually to our source which is Spirit.

By trusting the guidance of our higher self (the universe) we will follow the path of spiritual evolution that is laid out for us. By living in the moment we will act in accordance with our new selves emerging from the depths of infinity. And then by uniting our hearts and minds we will heal the split within us between our egos and universal principles and move consciously forwards as we create a new world infused with Spirit.

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  1. i do not know what exactly is happening but it has been over four years that I have now been divorced. I am very happy living with my kids and being a single mother.
    earlier this year I have started thinking of an old boyfriend who I loved very much. during my marriage I would catch myself thinking of him but would just shrug it off as an old memory. but earlier this year i began having dreams of him more often than usual. i went back to school and started a new job but still could not stop dreaming and thinking of him. lets just put it like this, it has become annoying to me that i think about him this much. i often pray that the lord take these dreams and thoughts away, but they would come back even stronger than ever. I don’t know what i should do, do i get in touch with him. should i look for him.
    my other question is why do i think of him all day and why do i dream of him every night. i cant go to the store with out there being something to remind me
    of him.
    please help what should i do. why after years of being divorced do i have this happening now?

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