How to Overcome The Limits of the Mind and Connect to the Wisdom of Your Soul

HJ:  The mind is inherently limited.  The soul is, by its very nature, unlimited.  When you integrate this realization and ease off trying to figure everything out, you instantly align yourself with the flow of the universe and life becomes effortless.  Simply by listening to your intuition and trusting your gut feeling you are guided to be in the perfect place at the perfect moment and everything you need finds its way into your life.

It sounds beautiful, right?  And it’s something you can absolutely experience in your life — if and when you stop trying to think everything through and learn to simply trust.  I should know!  I have been on both sides of the coin…

Thinking, by its very nature, is limited because the universe and reality are far too complex to be able to process with the mind, no matter how smart or intelligent we are.  There are just too many variables and unknowns to be able to accurately know what will happen.  Therefore living like this is naive.  However, the soul is not limited by the same constraints as the mind.  In fact, it is unlimited (in scientific terms, it is quantum in nature) and can successfully navigate the complexities of existence in this universe.  It speaks to you via your heart — specifically your feelings.

When you learn to intimately tune into these feelings, you will be effortlessly guided through any challenge, decision or situation you face towards the outcome that is best for your highest good and growth.  Everything you ever need you already have and it comes to you via the voice of your soul.

– Truth

Your Soul Knows

By Colleen-Joy Page | Trans4Mind | Inner Life Skills

“Mommy, why can’t I remember what my soul knows?” my 9-year-old daughter asked me. From the mouths of children comes the deepest and most insightful of questions. My daughter had asked one of the most important questions anyone could ask. “Why can’t we access what our soul knows?”My life’s work has demonstrated to me that we can access what our soul knows and more, but that we need reminding… Firstly we need to remember that we can, and secondly we need to remember how.

What if you are an ancient being, a soul that has travelled far to be here? What if through the process of incarnating into a physical body, that your awareness has become consumed by that of the consciousness of the body, and that as a result you have lost your awareness of your soul (Soul Awareness)?

During the process of physical living, most of us lose our soul awareness. We are so dominated by the information supplied to us by the physical senses, by the physical body’s consciousness that our connection to soul consciousness grows weak. As baby humans, we spend the first few years of our life so focused on learning to walk, communicate and survive, that the voice of the soul is literally drowned out. Like tuning out of “The Discovery Channel” of our soul, we tune in to “Animal Planet” and then we forget that we can change channels. As a consequence, the bulk of the information available to our conscious mind from then on, is from the body.

While facilitating a past life regression, I once asked a hypnotised client who was describing one of his incarnations, specifically his soul’s merger with his current lifetime’s in utero baby body), when his soul’s merger with his body would be complete? “When does the integration of a soul into a physical body stop?” I asked. Most would expect him to answer: “When I am born”, or perhaps after a few years of childhood, but his confident and immediate reply was: “It’s never supposed to stop.”

The soul is meant to continue to integrate with the human body throughout the duration of the human’s lifetime. But the integration does stop. It stops because our conscious awareness soon becomes overwhelmed by the body. In addition, we are often conditioned away from listening to “internal” sources of truth and wisdom. We are taught as children to trust “external authorities” above our own inner authority. The combination of dominant physical sensory information and sourcing our truth in externals leaves us distracted and out of tune with the inner voice of the soul.

The only time we get glimpses of the inner guidance system of the soul is when the “little inner voice” of intuition occasionally whispers to us. But even then, we often ignore it or argue with it. How many times have you said, “I wish I’d listened to my inner voice”?

You have two sources of consciousness, the body consciousness and the soul consciousness. They exist like separate radio stations, where your body is like the radio, the sacred instrument ready to gather information for your human experience. You are mostly “tuned in” to your body consciousness. Body consciousness is different to soul consciousness in that they have different realities and different truths – different information structures.

Your soul exists on many levels. Let us imagine that your physical body is like the pip in a peach. Except that this peach is so refined and of such a high energetic frequency, that it not only surrounds the pip but penetrates right through the pip. Now the pip feels physical and dense and it only knows itself as the dense pip. It does not even consciously know that it is surrounded by and penetrated by a subtle energy that is more of who it is in essence. It also does not realize that if it were not for the peach, the pip would have no higher existence. Your physical body is like the pip. To hear what this less physical more non physical body was feeling and thinking we would move the dial on our radio station up a notch or two, to be in tune with the higher frequency that carries the information of the soul. There are higher and higher levels of soul consciousness, i.e. in our analogy, more and more soul consciousness to connect to.

The experience of more soul consciousness running through your body is natural and not complicated. People have some or all of these experiences when more soul consciousness runs through the body:

  • It feels like there is more of you present, you feel more like yourself.
  • You feel expanded and open
  • You feel like there is more fullness of energy in the body – sometimes described as a “warm fuzzy” feeling especially in the abdomen
  • You feel at peace
  • A feeling of unity, being connected to all things
  • A feeling of love (not romantic love) but rather of deep open hearted compassion and yet less involvement in human drama
  • A feeling of presence that fills and radiates from your body

The more soul consciousness present in the body, the more intensely these feelings are felt.Did you know that just as you can bring more soul consciousness (more of you) into your body, that you can evict soul consciousness from your body? When you hold a belief in your body that is NOT TRUE to your soul, the aspect of your soul’s consciousness that KNOWS that truth, is evicted from the body.

For example, you choose to believe that you are not worthy. You hold the belief that you are not worthy in your body. The consequence is that the aspect of your soul’s consciousness that KNOWS that you are worthy (as a part of the soul’s truth) is evicted from your body. Try this, feel the words “I am unworthy” in your body. Allow your body to experience the words and monitor the feelings in your body. You won’t feel the feelings listed above that are associated with more soul presence in the body; you will feel some or all of the opposite listed below, the feelings of soul consciousness being evicted from the body. These include:

  • It feels like there is less of you present, you feel less like yourself.
  • You feel contracted and closed
  • You feel like there is less energy in the body – sometimes described as a empty feeling, especially in the abdomen
  • You do not feel at peace
  • A feeling of separation, being disconnected from all things
  • A feeling of heaviness
  • You feel smaller, as if your presence and aura has shrunk back (which it has)

When you hold a belief in your body that is not true for the soul, the feeling is of some your soul consciousness leaving. This energy, this vital life force can be reintegrated, but it is necessary to bring new perspectives to the body and to assist the body in claiming new understandings of itself. Feel the words “I am worthy” in your body and you will feel a subtle energy filling trying to occur. You may also feel flutters of fear. This is a most interesting and telling example of the power of the body to dominate your experience of yourself and life. Your body decides what it thinks will keep you safe and thriving in the jungle of your life. If it has decided for whatever obscure reason, that knowing that you are worthy is not a good thing, then it will feel FEAR when you try to OWN that you are worthy and reintegrate the aspect of your soul that knows your true worth. So watch for what your body feels fear about and start challenging your body’s fear.Spiritual practices are not necessarily required to integrate more soul into the body – this continued integration occurs naturally when you heal the parts of you that have been suppressed and evicted from your consciousness. Neither are strict diets or fancy meditations required. Meditations are most helpful if they engage the body in the experience of soul integration by continuing the merger that began when you were in the womb.

The difference between an insecure frightened human and a confident, radiant one is the amount of soul presence running through the body. The difference between a twisted human psyche running violent and destructive animal-like behavior and a person who is a vision of peace and powerful gentle presence, (where often light literally seems to be radiating from the person), is the amount of soul being allowed to integrate within the human form.

Only you can determine how much soul is present in your own body – your limiting beliefs about yourself are the single biggest factor in determining how much of your soul’s presence is being allowed in.

You were born to be your full soul self on this physical plane. You were not born to hide in the shadows of the human psyche. There is so much more to who you are, so much wisdom to download, so much presence to BE, so much of your soul to discover.

You have an ancient spiritual heritage, you are a noble soul. Trust your heart, it is the connection to your soul, it will help you to build a bridge to your soul self. If your heart feels full or emotional (though frightened) at the thought of this, then you are feeling a reminder. You are being reminded to rise to the full stature of your being.

You walk two worlds, one physical and one as soul, your soul self is the you that lived before this body and the you that will live beyond this body. You don’t have to wait until you die to remember who you are. You don’t have to die to rediscover what it is to be a soul – you are a soul right now. Your job is to help your body to expand its awareness to remember and integrate the fullness of who you are.

From the office of Colleen-Joy Page, The Academy of Metaphysics. Colleen specializes in training others in powerful tools like intuition and dream work. To find out about her InnerLifeSkills interactive CD and workbook home study course, visit Inner Life Skills.

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