HJ:  The potential for happiness exists in every moment — it’s simply a matter of perspective and how we choose to see ourselves and the world around us.  Often times we unwittingly develop belief systems over the years that keep us locked into ways of seeing that do not recognize the potential for peace and happiness that is imbued into every moment.  In order to be able to consistently find happiness then, we must change these ways of seeing the world that keep us locked into old habitual patterns of stress, negativity, judgement, anger, fear, etc. that prevent our inherent love from shining through.

At our core we are loving and happy, but the trials and tribulations of life can often cause this natural love and happiness to become muted and blocked.  Our job, then, is to remove the blockages to letting our true nature — one of unconditional love and happiness — fully envelop our lives.  It is a process of removing and unlearning.  A process of changing our perspective so that we begin seeing clearly.

It really is that simple — changing your mind and changing how you think.  And, best of all, the author of the article below, Hale Dwoskin, has developed a system to help you effortlessly be able to change those habitual patterns of seeing that prevent happiness and love from shinning through and permeating every aspect of your life.  I encourage you to explore his website and learn more about it, as his method is very powerful and effective, speaking from personal experience.

– Truth

Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think!

By Hale Dwoskin | Trans4Mind | Sedona Method

The following pointers can be used as daily reminders to live and enjoy the happiness that is your birthright:

Look for happiness in the right place
We spend most of our time looking for happiness in all the wrong places. If you simply look within, you can discover the source of unlimited happiness now. Also, if you examine those things that you think make you happy, I think you will find this pattern inside. When you satisfy a particular desire, even temporarily, your mind gets quieter and the happiness that is your natural state is able to shine through a little more. If you allow yourself to catch this process as it unfolds inside of you, you will learn to take happiness directly from it’s source within you and you will enjoy everything that you have or do more fully.

Stop rushing past life
Have the attitude of, “I have all the time in the world,” even when working on a deadline. You will not only feel happier but you will get things done more easily and quickly. If you catch yourself rushing, simply let go of pushing yourself as best you can and allow yourself to take one step or one action at a time.

Let go!
This is the core of the Sedona Method! Most of us spend way too much time holding onto what was. If you let go of what was, and stop dragging it into the present or projecting it into the future, you can enjoy what is now.

Accept what is
When we want to change what is, we suffer. If you just let go of wanting to change what is as best you can, even for a moment, you are immediately happier. Plus, you no longer have to hold onto your problems in order to change them, and they often change or clear up all by themselves.

Give from your heart
The giver is truly blessed. Whenever you give without wanting anything in return, even if it is just an understanding ear, you are instantly happier. The key is in not expecting to get anything from giving. If you want to get something back, you are not truly giving and you miss the blessing of happiness that true giving brings.

Give love instead of trying to get it
If you look for others to give you love, you will often be unhappy. However, if you allow yourself to be as loving as you can for no reason at all, you will instantly feel happier. As Lester Levenson used to say, “Love, love, love and you will always be happy.”

Be present with what is
If you are simply present with whatever you are experiencing now, as opposed to what was or what might be, you will find there is no end to your happiness. As best you can, take breaks from trying to assign meaning and a history to the sounds, sensations and pictures that arise in your awareness. Another way to say this is to welcome whatever arises in your consciousness as best you can.

Live life wide open
Even if there are supposed threats around you, when you close off from your environment, you are only locking in suffering and holding away happiness. The more you simply open inside you let the pain you already have out and you become transparent to the pain that appears to be coming from outside of you. When you are truly open the pain can’t stick to you.

Pick agreements
If you look for things to agree with just as they are, you can find them, even at your darkest hour. Every time you pick an agreement with what is in your experience, you experience more happiness.

Expand your awareness
As you expand your awareness, you expand your ability to feel happy. You can do this quite simply by allowing your awareness to be as contracted as it is and as expanded as it is. The more you embrace both sides, the more you can recognize the vastness that is your basic nature.

Accept the possibility of happiness now
Most of us are waiting for something to change in order to give us an excuse to be happy. If we decide it is possible to be happy, whether or not that something ever changes, we can become happy now.

I hope you enjoy working with these simple principles. I promise that if you allow yourself to be open to exploring any one of them, you will find yourself with a smile on your face, happy to be alive here and now.

From my perspective, you are supporting our world by Releasing (using the Sedona Method) to correct your own problems and gain your own goals. Lester used to say that one person with only love in their heart could do more to right the problems of the world than all the people who were actively trying to fix it. We all have love in our hearts just beneath our imagined limitations and every time that you Release on or about anything you are uncovering more of your basic loving nature. Also, I believe every time we let go we are dissolving limitation out of the mass consciousness not just our own.

When we first started teaching the Method in the mid-seventies I remember people wondering whether or not someone could use the Method to become more destructive to their world. In my experience over the years, no matter where someone may appear to be in their lives when they take the Method, they have a tendency to get only more constructive as they uncover their courageousness, acceptance and peace. The motivation to do things that most of us would consider destructive simply dissolves.

Beyond this natural occurrence as you Release, here are a couple of ways you can apply the Method to support the whole.

Hold the Best in Mind
Most of us, when we think of the world, do not have particularly positive pictures. All you have to do is watch or read the news to see what I mean. In fact I hear from many people that the news is a significant part of their daily stress. Yet most of us feel compelled to watch, read or hear the news so we can know what is going on. I have also noticed that many people simply stop watching the news in order not to be influenced by what they view as its negativity. I do not recommend that you obsess over the news however I also do not recommend that you cut off from it. What I do recommend is that as you hear or see the news allow yourself to let go of the feelings that it stirs up in you. And if there are things in the news that cause you to feel anxious and resistant let go of the resistance and fear and let go of your expectation for those things to happen as best you can.

Allow yourself to picture the world the way you would like it to be and let go of all the feelings inside of you that say it cannot or will not happen. At the same time do your best to accept it as it is by letting go of wanting to change it. The more you can accept the world exactly as it is the more you will be projecting love to the world. By doing this you can stay informed and at the same time you are contributing to the solution even if you do not take any outward action. And if you are going to take action.

Be for the Solution
Many of us, even with the best intentions, find ourselves being “anti” towards what we do not like in the world. Yet if we are “anti” something, we are still holding it in mind, sometimes even more strongly then those who are for it. From my perspective all the anti-war sentiment during the Vietnam War for instance did not bring about a quick end to the conflict, it only prolonged it. Whatever we hold in mind we are sending energy to and are supporting its creation. Here are some practical examples: Instead of being against pollution, be pro-environment. Instead of being against discrimination, be pro-equality. Instead of being against war, be pro-peace. Hold in mind the solution as opposed to the problem and you will get a lot more done with a lot less effort and naturally be more constructive in the process.

The Sedona Method, a simple but powerful tool, shows you how to release the doubts that are clouding the path to your heart, or your inner awareness and spiritual being… Click here to learn more…

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