The Incredible Beauty of These Sacred Gemstones Will Leave You Speechless

There are literally thousands of different types of crystals and gemstones that exist on the planet. However, most people are only aware of the most popular or common ones such as quartz or the highly sought after (due mainly to price) diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. But there exists equally rare gems that are for whatever reason not as well known — and furthermore, they are much more visually interesting.

Ethiopian Welo Opal

gems 1

According to, Opals are truly magnificent, although not as well known sacred gemstones:

All of Nature’s splendour seems to be reflected in the manifold opulence of fine Opals: fire and lightnings, all the colours of the rainbow and the soft shine of far seas. Australia is the classical country of origin. Almost ninety-five per cent of all fine opals come from the dry and remote outback deserts.

The name Opal was probably derived from Sanskrit “upala“, meaning ”valuable stone“. This was probably the root for the Greek term “opallios”, which translates as “colour change”. In the days of Roman antiquity there existed a so-called “opalus”, or a “stone from several elements”. So the ancient Romans may already have had an inkling why the Opals show such a striking play of colours.

The stones below are so incredibly beautiful that they almost seem fake, but we assure you they are not.  They are simply incredible expressions of the beauty which exists on this planet.

gems 3gems 4gems 7


Fire Opal

gems 9


Lightning Ridge Black Opal

gems 10


Pietersite (A type of Tiger’s Eye)

Pietersite (A type of Tiger’s eye)

Photos courtesy of: Tumblr

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