HJ:  In order to find happiness no matter what, you must be willing embrace the journey that is life.  Life does not go according to plan — it goes according to what will offer you the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth and advancement.  And, many people grow the most from pain, challenge and suffering.  But this does not mean that you must experience pain and suffering in order to grow or eventually experience happiness — as the saying goes, “suffering is optional.”  You simply need to adjust your perception and beliefs to align with those that consistently produce happiness and this article will show you how.

The irony is that because of the principle of free will, we have the freedom to believe and perceive however we want, but that means that we can also choose to fight the flow and cling to ideas that produce pain and suffering like clockwork, which most people do.  This is typically not a conscious decision, but the solution is to become conscious of the situation and do something about it.  That is what the article below is all about — giving you the tools to find happiness, no matter what.  What you’ll discover is that a simple shift in perception is all you need to permanently let go of suffering and step into the realm of peace and happiness.  It really is that easy — if you don’t fight the process by clinging to old ways of being…

– Truth

“Happiness awaits those who let go of expectation.”

Happiness No Matter What

By Sandra Fecht, M.A. | Sandra Fecht

My wish for you is to be happy, truly happy. No matter what. My hope is that you discover who and what you really are, deep down; to be at peace with yourself, others and the world; to fulfill yourself by walking through life as your authentic self.

I know this can be done. Along with millions of others, I have experienced that blessed state of feeling mostly great, most of the time. I say mostly as no one on earth does this perfectly. This material world, while it is filled with glory, is, at first blush, imperfect and not always easy to understand. It is almost as if it is designed to sink us. However, by being present with ourselves and our lives, we can learn to navigate well in most situations.

Recently I had the opportunity to present at a national conference on Energy Psychology in Toronto, Ontario. I was very excited about this, since I have been working in the field of Energy Psychology for many years and it is wonderful to witness it becoming widely accepted. Medical doctors, academics, therapists of all types were present at the conference. I was delighted to share what I know with people who, until recently, were hesitant about embracing these effective but as yet largely unproven methods. Here was the chance to show the power and efficacy of Energy Psychology.

I arrived in good time and began to get set up for the two-hour presentation. I had no notes and was counting on my PowerPoint outline to back me up. Not all things go as planned. In spite of the best efforts of musician Michael Moon, the patient, kind man who tried to help, the presentation did not materialize. He asked the subject of my presentation. I told him it was about keeping your balance no matter what. He looked at me, smiled gently and said, “like when your presentation doesn’t work?” I smiled back and said, “Yes, like when your presentation doesn’t work!”

I have learned to be calm, to have balance and equanimity in most situations. After a laugh with the audience about the technical problems, I delivered a successful presentation, made some new friends and helped to spread the word further afield. It was not the way I had imagined it. It was what it was.

Even though the reality did not fit my imaginary mental pictures, I had maintained my equanimity and happiness. Happiness does not depend on what the outer world throws at you, but on your response to the circumstance in which you find yourself. At any moment, you have a choice of response. Choose wisely.

To quote a cliché, you are a mystery, inside in a riddle, wrapped in an enigma. You are perfect, in that there is a deep, hidden part of you that dances with the All of creation. Your unique spirit is an eternal spark of energy, indestructible, your true self. It is truly perfect and it is truly you. There is, however, a caveat. To be present for this earthly experience, that sacred part of you is cloaked in an imperfect body. This is the enigma. And while a body is needed to survive here, it requires constant maintenance. This body is filled with all sorts of desires, some very tacky, that are all but impossible to control. Come on now, you know it is true. Think about the last time you craved something sweet, or that impulse buy that now makes you shake your head in wonder. This body is also demanding and requires so much that we need to give it a great deal of attention to be whole and healthy. Bodies need rest, exercise, regular healthy food, shelter, clothing and money to pay for it all. It is rather like having a baby panda for a friend, cuddly, fun and sweet but constantly in need of some sort of care.

Added to this, while in these imperfect bodies, we have to deal with all manner of genuine difficulties: financial, relationship, career, health problems to name a few. No one is granted the perfect life. Most of us have to occasionally deal with a real stress that totally challenges us.

On top of it all, there are the self or societally-imposed challenges that have nothing to do with our real needs but are keeping us from the important things in life. Finding the totally right home, furniture, clothing, and experiences; dealing with drama, failing to accept certain conditions in life, take up a great deal of our resources. Even for those of us who have the good fortune to live in one of the best countries in the world, life, society or we ourselves, just keeps throwing things at us.

No wonder we are caught up in dealing with the physical most of the time, leaving our less obvious mind, emotions and spirit to grow without good management or guidance. However, attending to these aspects is the very thing that will bring about a great life. Taking the time to know who you are, paying attention to how you think and feel and learning new skills to deal with whatever comes your way, is what it is all about. It is as if it is all a big test.

In the end, believe it or not, we can benefit from these trials and come out the better for them. It is the great mystery constantly inviting us to find our true being. There are many ways this happens. We are invited to learn through love, challenge, pain, triumph. Dealing successfully with what is before us helps us to reconcile the enigma, solve the riddle and discover our own true worth.

In these blogs, I share with you how to be truly happy and successful whatever your circumstances. It is not about the transitory type of happiness that we all experience when we find the perfect pair of new shoes, get that promotion, or meet the best lover ever… not that these things aren’t important. This is about being able to sail your unique, personal ship of life through the roughest storms and come through to a safe harbor. It is all about learning how to navigate the rough waters and enjoying the storms as much as the calm. Then, even when your PowerPoint doesn’t work, it is all good.

Sandra Fecht, M.A., is a noted therapist with more than 30 years experience in multi-dimensional healing, as well as trailblazing new methods in the world of energy modalities. Visit her website here: Sandra Fecht

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  1. Ok. How did you make something so splime and perfect sound and look so delicious? Elizabeth strikes again. Even with a flu bug! Really hope that you start feeling much better soon. I’ll gladly have that 5 pound weight loss if you don’t want it. . xo

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