The 5 Spiritual Keys to Wealth and Prosperity

HJ: Wealth and prosperity are like flowers in a garden — they only grow under the right conditions. Those conditions are created through looking inward and seeing where we may still be blocking ourselves from experiencing them in our lives.  Most people make the mistake of focusing outwardly on external factors in their lives — but they do not realize that these external manifestations are only a reflection of their internal state.  Therefore, anyone looking to increase the wealth, prosperity and ‘success’ in their life, would be wise to ignore the impulse to try to change superficial factors in their life and focus on doing the inner work which truly produces lasting, profound change.

– Truth

By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | Ravi Shankar

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but without knowing what success is. Success is an attitude, not a phenomenon. Tough situations come in every business and every organisation, and you need skills to handle them. These skills come from our inner space, what I call the Spiritual Space. There are five things that are needed for success.

A congenial atmosphere

Peace and prosperity are interlinked. Prosperity cannot flourish in a disturbed atmosphere. While working with others, you need to function as a team. Have a sense of respect for all team-members, and do not indulge in blame games. Team leaders need to create an atmosphere of celebration, trust, cooperation and a sense of belonging. Nothing can last if the focus is only on productivity and net result. Creating inspiration from within in people is the only effective tool.

Skill in action

The whole essence of the Bhagwad Gita is to act without being attached to the fruit of the action. If you can manage your mind in a war-like scenario, then you can manage any situation. This skill in action is called yoga. It is this wisdom of yoga that transforms one’s attitude from arrogance to self-confidence, from meekness to humility, from the burden of dependence to the realisation of interdependence, from a limited ownership to oneness with the whole. When performing action, if the attention is only on the end result, then you can’t perform. Just give yourself fully to the task with 100 per cent sincerity and commitment.

Being a lion

There is a saying in Sanskrit that, “Great wealth comes to one who has the courage of a lion and who puts in all his efforts.” Passion and dispassion are complementary like the in-breath and out-breath. You breathe in but you cannot hold the breath too long; you have to breathe out. Similarly, you need to have passion to make things work but also the dispassion to let go. When you don’t crave for abundance, it comes to you.

An atom of luck

If all that is needed for prosperity is one’s own effort, then why are there so many people who put effort but don’t become prosperous? This unknown factor or luck is enhanced by spirituality. The whole material world is run by a world of vibrations which is subtler than all that we see. Spirituality enhances intelligence and intuition. Intuition comes to you when you balance your passion with dispassion, profit with service, and tone down your aggressiveness to get things with compassion to give back to society. Intuition is the right thought at the right time, and is an important component for success in business.


The greater responsibilities and ambitions you have, the greater is the need for you to meditate. In ancient times, meditation was used as a way to find the Self, for enlightenment and to overcome misery and problems. Today’s stress and tension in society also calls for meditation. Stress is too much to do, in too little a time, and with no energy. You obviously can’t reduce your work load, or increase the time, but you can increase your energy level. Meditation not only relieves you of stress and strain, it also enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind, releases toxins from the body and enhances you in every way. We are made up of both matter and spirit. The body has some material needs and our spirit is nourished by spirituality.

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